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"WHAT is it, Brother Ji Yun?" Luo Yan asked.

"Ahm, I- I just made a game. Can you test it and let me know if there's anything I can improve on?" Shen Ji Yun said, his hands clenched tightly as his side.

Luo Yan immediately felt excited when he heard that. "Of course! I'll be more than happy to. Is it a PC game?"

He was actually very surprised to hear that the other made a game. But if one considered Shen Ji Yun's major, it's really not that surprising. Still, Luo Yan was excited to play whatever game the other had made. It's definitely going to be interesting.

"No. It's a mobile game. I- I can send you the App now. If it's okay with you."


Luo Yan took out his phone and Shen Ji Yun did the same. A few seconds later, an App appeared on his phone. He read the name of the game, [Love Guide]. That actually made him raise a brow. What's this? Did Shen Ji Yun make an otome game or something? You know, one of those dating sims and the likes.

So, he just directly asked, "Is this an otome game, Brother Ji Yun?"

The other blushed and then gazed away to hide his embarrassment. "You'll know once you try it."

"Okay," Luo Yan said. "I'll play it now."

"No, wait--!" Shen Ji Yun stopped him. "Ahm, can you wait for 30 minutes before you play it?"

Now, Luo Yan's interest was thoroughly piqued. He wanted to ask 'why' but he held himself back. This was Shen Ji Yun he's talking about. The other was probably preparing for some kind of surprise that's why he asked him to wait. It's most likely an extension of his birthday gift to him. Although he's just making guesses, one thing was still for sure. That this [Love Guide] game played an integral part to it.

And since he loved surprises, he said with no questions asked; "Okay, I promise."

Shen Yi Mu was leaning on the wall. He had already lost track of time. He didn't even dare check it because he didn't want to know just how many hours he'd been waiting here. His stomach had been complaining of hunger. But he couldn't even feel it. He couldn't even feel the dizziness that should have come with it.

He could have left and just come back later the moment he found out that there was no one in the room. But he didn't. What if Ah Yue returned later the moment he did? Then they would miss each other. Or worse, what if Jiang Yue was actually inside and just didn't want to open the door because he didn't want to meet him? Then, all the more reason for him to wait here.

Because that would show Jiang Yue his determination. It didn't matter if he had to wait until morning. He would wait no matter how long.

That's when he heard that familiar soft voice. "Brother Mu?"

Shen Yi Mu turned to the direction of the voice. The moment he saw the man standing just a few steps away from him, he felt his heart jumped to his throat. It was beating so hard and so fast that it almost hurt.

He couldn't say anything. He could only stare at the other. Although he couldn't see his features clearly because of the thick glasses he's wearing, it didn't matter. For him, the other was still as beautiful as he remembered him.

"Ah Yue..."

Jiang Yue was nailed on the spot. Just like Shen Yi Mu, he could only stare. The years didn't really change the other's appearance that much. In fact, he became even more handsome. Or maybe that was just the filter in his eyes talking. Because of that, he could actually feel his own heart beating profusely.

Maybe he would even have a heart attack any second now.

He didn't know exactly how to feel as the two of them stood in front of each other like this. Somehow, he had already expected that something like this would happen. His meeting with Shen Ji Yun guaranteed that. Especially since the other blatantly admitted that he would tell Shen Yi Mu that he saw him here at S City.

Jiang Yue could have run, really. He had all the time in the world to do that. But at the end, he didn't. Maybe it was because of the 'advice' Shen Ji Yun gave him. One thing the other said truly hit him hard. That for one to achieve a semblance of happiness, they should have at least some courage.

That really hit home. Maybe because his life now was a perfect reflection of that. Because of his lacking courage, he couldn't be happy.

That's why he didn't run. But he was still afraid of meeting Shen Yi Mu again. So, he ended up spending the whole day outside. Just walking around and thinking of things. By the time he returned, it was already eight in the evening.

He didn't expect that a surprise would be waiting for him the moment he got out of the elevator.

Now Shen Yi Mu was standing right in front of him and he didn't know what to do next. Should he apologize? Should he quickly explain what happened back then?

Jiang Yue opened his mouth but no words came out. He felt shortness of breath. It's like he was slowly suffocating. If one would remove his glasses right now, they would see the corner of his eyes reddened. As if he was ready to cry at any second.

He wanted to say a lot of things. But at this moment, his brain couldn't form any coherent thoughts. So, all he could do was to stand there and stare at the man he loved more than anyone in the world.

That's when the other suddenly rushed towards him. Before he could react, he was already engulfed inside a pair of warm strong arms.

"I miss you, Ah Yue. So, so much."

And Jiang Yue's tears truly fell at that moment.