"L-LOVER?" Bai Ze blurted out in surprise. "As in lover, lover?"

Shen Yi Mu raised his brow. "Is there another definition of lover I don't know about?"

"Wow," Bai Ze could only say.

He really couldn't say anything more because of how surprised he was. He had known Uncle Yi Mu for years and this was the first time he knew that the other was actually, well, gay.

Of course, that information wouldn't change how he perceived the other as a person. Still, it was something totally unexpected. Or maybe not. Considering how Uncle Yi Mu still hadn't married anyone despite his already marriageable age. It's pretty understandable if this was the reason.

Su Yuqi was much quicker to accept the situation. After the initial surprise, he just took it as something that could happen. Like a weather announcement or something.

Luo Jin, on the other hand, was the most shocked. Not because Shen Yi Mu had a male lover, who consequently just happened to be a faculty in their school, but because he'd been wondering about the possibility of whether the other knew about the relationship between Shen Ji Yun and Luo Yan.

Because wouldn't that mean that he encouraged his nephew to pursue Luo Yan. Remembering how they 'coincidentally' appeared in Chengdu before when their family also happened to be there, Luo Jin's brows couldn't help but furrow.

Although he had already accepted the relationship of his brother and Shen Ji Yun, it was only at the stage of 'it can't be helped' instead of 'I fully accept this'. He couldn't help but think that Luo Yan's situation was like 'boiling a frog in warm water'.

It's like Shen Ji Yun slowly seduced Luo Yan and pulled him into some kind of honey trap. Which his brother now couldn't get out of. And it seemed like one of Shen Ji Yun's biggest helper was this uncle of his.

Just thinking of that, Luo Jin couldn't help but be annoyed once again. But there's nothing he could do about it since he had already given Luo Yan his 'blessing' for this relationship. So, all he could do was to be annoyed by himself.

Besides... He glanced at his brother. The other had been stuck beside Shen Ji Yun since their arrival here. Not to mention, a smile had been plastered on his face since then. How could Luo Jin say anything seeing that?

So, amidst his annoyance, all he could do was sigh.

Bai Ze, who had been starting at Uncle Yi Mu and his partner, couldn't help but feel that he had seen the other somewhere. That's when an image of a certain NPC flashed in his mind.

"No way... You're the king!" He couldn't help but say while looking at this 'Uncle Yue'.

Jiang Yue tilted his head in confusion. "King?"

"Aren't the five of you busy or something?" Shen Yi Mu suddenly said, obviously trying to cut off this topic of conversation.

Jiang Yue glanced at the other with suspicion. It intensified even more after seeing the slight tinge of blush on Shen Yi Mu's cheek.

"No, I want to hear this first," he said, then turned to the friend of Xiao Yun, who spoke just now. "What do you mean by 'king'?"

Bai Ze felt an intense gaze on him, and he started to sweat for no reason. He didn't have to turn his head to know that it was Uncle Yi Mu. He felt like if he answered this question, he would be in trouble or something. So, he decided to ask for help from someone who he knew wouldn't get in trouble even if he answered such a question.

He turned to Luo Yan.

Luo Yan, receiving his cousin's plea for help, decided to help the other. Not because Bai Ze looked pitiful, because he also wanted to see Uncle Yi Mu's reaction.

"It's because Uncle Yue looks exactly like the king of Arcadia," he said, smiling at Uncle Yue. "Uncle Yi Mu must have based the design of that NPC on Uncle Yue. Isn't it sweet?"

Jiang Yue was startled when he heard that. He had never really tried playing Arcadia, despite it being a game made by Shen Yi Mu. Not just because he wasn't interested in playing games, but because it would be too painful to play a game that would remind him of the other. So, he had no idea at all that one of its NPC looked like him.

He turned to Shen Yi Mu and saw that the faint blush on the other's cheeks had now turned into a full on blush. He couldn't help but smile after seeing that. "Is that true, Brother Mu?"

Shen Yi Mu cleared his throat. Instead of answering, he said, "You kids, just go and do whatever you're supposed to do." Then he turned to Jiang Yue. "Ah Yue, let's leave these kids alone."

Before Jiang Yue could respond, he just found himself being pulled by Shen Yi Mu to the second floor of the mansion. He looked at the other, who was still blushing and could only smile helplessly.

"Where are they going?" Bai Ze asked. He felt it's such a waste not to see Uncle Yi Mu's embarrassed face.

"They would probably do something only adults could do," Su Yuqi said meaningfully before walking towards the entertainment room.

Luo Jin quickly followed behind her.

Luo Yan chuckled before turning to Shen Ji Yun and whispering, "Should we also do something that only adults could do?"

Shen Ji Yun blushed, as expected. He pinched Luo Yan's cheek. "Yan Yan, stop teasing me."

Luo Yan only smiled at that, showing that he would continue to do so.

Bai Ze looked at the four who were walking towards the entertainment room, then remembered the two adults who had just left. It felt like being forcefully fed dog food. It's like his single dog ass was being attacked from all sides.

How lonely. Should he also look for a girlfriend?

Then, the image of a certain cat girl suddenly flashed in his mind.