Three days later...

Near the place where Minos' group had found Titus, a group of 10th-stage serpents, half destroyed by the powers of the Gorgons but also by those who had exterminated them, were investigating the area.

The four snakes, two level 91, one level 92, and one level 94, all in their humanoid forms, looked at that terrain they had just arrived at with ugly expressions on their faces.

"This is worrying." One of the weaker ones said, seeing that the place one of his tribe's juniors had pointed out to them wasn't just where some of his tribe's members had died.

"Yes... If the group that killed our comrades was the same group that fought those Gorgons who died here, then they're more powerful than we thought, or they're crazy." The other level 91 commented, feeling that avenging his tribe members would not be easy.

"Don't be so pessimistic." The strongest of the group sounded as he looked with a terrible face toward the ashes of a campfire.

He clenched his fists and said reluctantly, "What this group has done to our comrades is unforgivable. We will not let them get away with it!"

"But elder, if they are brave enough to challenge the tribe of Gorgons, there may not be much we can do against them..." One of the two weakest members of the group of experts sent to investigate and avenge the death of the previous group of snakes said, somewhat fearful of this revenge.

"Don't be so quick to condemn us for failing to bring justice to our tribe." The level 92 Demigod commented. "It is true that we have little chance of eliminating them on our own. If they dare to attack even the Gorgons, their group may be strong enough to withstand our forces.

However, they have provoked a powerful tribe. They're probably on the run now, afraid of being caught by the terrible warriors who are probably already after them." The elder mischievously smiled.

"This is our chance! We can get our revenge if we use the Gorgons' pursuit!

When they catch up, we can shoot those bastards down while they're trying to fend off the Gorgons!"


The two weaker ones realized that they actually still had a chance to eliminate those who dared to eat the flesh of their precious tribemates.


Meanwhile, in another area of the southern region of the Continent of Beasts'..

In a forested area not far from the city of the Nine-Tailed Fox Tribe, a group of half-human, half-serpent were moving north, following the direction their senses led them.

This group of 10th-stage Gorgons had left their tribe a few days ago when suddenly a whole group of relevant members of their race disappeared, their life signs extinguished.

Immediately after that, the creatures of that small tribe in the south of the Continent of Beasts noticed new enemies, marked by the particular poison of their companions and the trail they had left behind.

The biological marker under the bodies of the three members of that enemy group not only served as a sign of where the members of this race should go to reach their goals. It left subtle signs along the path these individuals took.

Because of this, this group of Gorgons didn't even have to go through the Nine-Tailed Fox tribe, and they followed the traces left by the marker on the bodies of the strongest members of Minos' group, gradually approaching them.

They had a movement disadvantage of about two days. Still, with an average level 94 group, they were getting closer to their targets by the hour!

As they did so, they realized where the enemy group was heading.

"They're heading for the Phoenix Territory." One of the strongest ones there commented after noticing the group's direction.

Not only that but considering that they had passed by the Nine-tailed Fox tribe, it was very likely that they were heading for the friendly territory of that race.

"It seems that our enemies are close to the Phoenix and Nine-tailed Foxes..." One of the strongest women there commented with an ugly expression. "We must do something about this, or it could become an incident without precedent in our history."

"You want us to deal with these foxes?" One of the weaker ones there, level 93, asked.

"No. Not at the moment. I just want to know the relationship between this group and these tribes and the group's composition." The Gorgon said, looking ahead as she and her group moved. "Depending on their situation, we may have to alert the whole tribe!"

They knew that the enemy group had passed through the territory of the Nine-Tailed Foxes and probably had members of that tribe with them. But since they hadn't passed through that place because they were in a hurry to catch up with Minos' group, they still didn't know the full composition of the enemy team.

With this order, the leader of these Gorgons wanted to find out how difficult it would be to eliminate this group if they didn't have the support of the Phoenixes.

But if that happened, things would get complicated, and the tribe would have to send all their specialists to fight them simultaneously before some powerful Phoenix decided to protect them.

They wanted revenge more than anything, so they were willing to try anything!

"Okay. I'll send a message for some of our partners to visit the home of the Nine-Tailed Foxes." One of them said before stopping to send a message to his tribe.

They would be the first to investigate, understand what was happening, and, if possible, act in justice for their tribe. But if necessary, they could ask for reinforcements and more investigators.

Thus, the persecution of Minos' group developed without him or his associates realizing the magnitude of the problem they had become involved in!


Two days later...

Minos and his group were flying at high speed toward the territory of the Phoenix Tribe, which was not far from the territory of the Nine-Tailed Foxes.

Since their group was very strong and could move quickly, they could cross great distances in no time. Even a continent as large as this could be crossed by Demigods in a few weeks, which wasn't very long.

A Spiritual Emperor could take more than a year to make the same journey, even if they traveled in a straight line and did not stop to fight, rest, or for any other purpose!

By not stopping to explore and look for new group members, the group could quickly reach their destination and were not far from the Phoenix domain.

And so, the group was less than two days away from reaching that place!