Two hours later...

Minos' group finally entered the Phoenix territory, passing one of the tribe's elders who was in charge of watching over the area they had come from.

His group had attracted the attention of the elder in charge of this piece of borderland. But with four Nine-Tailed Foxes in his party, including the leader of the tribe, Minos and his people were not stopped by the elder.

'What a strange group...' That guy, in his bestial bird form on a hill, thought as he looked in the direction of those moving individuals, the strongest two levels below him.

Feeling strange but not enough for him to move, this phoenix picked up his communication item with the tribe's headquarters and warned the people in that place about the group heading in that direction.

"Okay, elder Tinder. We'll keep an eye out for this group's arrival."

Someone at the headquarters answered his contact and quickly ended the call.

With that, the large orange bird with flames around his head and wings closed his eyes and went back to scanning his surroundings while meditating.

However, 30 minutes after Minos' group had passed, he suddenly opened his eyes as he sensed eight powerful Gorgon auras.

'What is that?' He looked in the direction where those creatures were passing through the border, taking the same route as the previous group, something totally unusual that had alarmed him much more than Emperor Stuart's strange group.

Strange as it was, Minos' group had allies in it despite the strange presence of a Gorgon among them. But this group was different!

Not only was this group stronger than that elder, but it also consisted of only Gorgons, a sign that it was a group on a mission for their tribe!

"Shit! Something's wrong!" He felt his feathers itch but didn't want to risk facing those creatures.

Those Gorgons could defeat him in the blink of an eye!

Even though he was a member of an elite race, he was alone in this situation, and his enemies had a powerful group. To act now would be tantamount to risking his life for something that might not be a problem for his tribe!

But even though he didn't move to stop them, this large bird with flaming feathers took back his communicator and once again communicated with his tribe's headquarters.

"We have a problem at the southeast border! A group of eight Gorgons between levels 93 and 95 just passed through here behind the group I warned you about earlier! I request that the tribe send observers immediately!"


A few dozen minutes later, the group of Gorgons finally got close enough to Minos' group to see his strange team moving.

The moment they saw the 32 members of this group, the eight Gorgons smiled and didn't hesitate to manipulate space by jumping from their positions to the surroundings of this group.

Feeling a shiver run down his spine, Minos immediately realized that enemies were about to arrive in his vicinity and stopped moving.

Having one of the best senses among his crew, when he felt spatial distortions appearing near his group, he immediately moved his energies and formed his Soul Avatar while raising his cultivation level with the help of Emlyn and Kyla.

He brought them into his Soul Avatar and warned his group to prepare for enemies.


Already knowing that the enemy behind them could only be the group of the Gorgon tribe, which frightened Minos at this level, everyone there immediately became more serious, bearing in mind that they wouldn't be able to look these opponents in the eye when they arrived.

Danyxa felt her entire being shudder at the sight of a level 95 Gorgon appearing there, fearing her own demise.

'Shit! We're dead!' She made a horrible expression as her face turned pale with fear.

The level 89 Nine-Tailed Foxes also felt like they were facing death, and they immediately became more pessimistic about the future of this group.

They hadn't imagined that one of their opponents would be a level 95 Gorgon!


Minos' wives were also shocked, but realizing how drastic the situation was, they quickly formed their Soul Avatars and prepared for battle.

Of all of them, Minos looked at Abby and focused on helping her raise her cultivation level first and foremost.

'It's up to you now, Abby.' He said in her mind as the blue-haired woman felt her cultivation level rise to the peak of level 83, while one of the mercenaries in their group lost a cultivation level for the sake of the temporary advance of the Black Plain Empress.

Before the enemies could even act against her, Abby began to fuse her techniques related to the Goddess of Life!

The other women of Minos and the members of this group already knew that Abby's ability was their last weapon. Therefore, even though many of them still didn't know how strong she could be, as they felt her cultivation increase, they all realized that Emperor Stuart was putting into practice their last alternative.

As a group that had to fight as a team, they had to take a series of measures depending on how serious the situation was. As such, everyone who joined the group soon learned their strategies and what to do in each situation.

"Shit! I hope this works!" One of the mermen shouted, joining the formation around the blue-haired woman, forming a powerful barrier together.

Danyxa also joined the group, finally placing the item over her eyes and seeing a fantastic scene.

Various shields of spiritual energy, barriers, and forms of power appeared around where Abby stood. Everyone there did their best to create solid defenses for her, some on the ground, others floating at different heights.

At the same time, the eight Gorgons that had just appeared didn't flinch when they saw them. As soon as they saw the enemies moving, they all activated their abilities simultaneously.

Their eyes brightly shone as they floated in the air and looked at the enemy group with dreadful smiles while the energy and laws of nature in the environment condensed, forming terrifying figures in the background.

As the only one who could see all this without taking any risks, Danyxa was the most nervous of the group, knowing that once this simultaneous attack hit them, they would have less than 10 seconds to do something about the situation. After that, everyone there would turn to stone!

"Rise from the darkness!"

At that moment of Danyxa's nervousness, Abby suddenly opened her mouth, and the blue energy circulating in her body suddenly exploded, causing a violent earthquake in the area while cracks the size of canyons appeared.

And then, suddenly, a sound came from nearby.

Tu-whit, tu-whoo!