While Minos' group found a place to escape the Gorgon's previous attacks and escaped alive, Dunyxa's expression changed when she saw the change in the situation.

A few moments ago, she felt like she was facing death. But now, seeing the members of her tribe being attacked by many angry phoenixes, she saw hope for her group's survival.

Even though these resurrected creatures probably wouldn't last long, and even though some of them couldn't kill the Gorgons there, she knew that they could make way for her group!

Seeing several of her tribe elders with their backs to her, she smiled maliciously and didn't hesitate to attack the weakest of those creatures with her powers.

"Die, you bitch!" She shouted as her eyes glowed an intense red before turning white and shooting beams of energy at the back of the level 93 Gorgon.

"You traitor!" The Gorgon felt an attack coming at her back, but she couldn't dodge or counterattack as she was currently dealing with the attack of two level 91 phoenixes.

Seeing Dunyxa's actions, Minos didn't hesitate to call out to his group. "Attack! Use everything you have on our enemies!"

They had seconds before most of the phoenixes Abby had revived would perish. If that happened, they would have an angry group of Gorgons to deal with.

With that in mind, Minos didn't hesitate to combine his techniques while encouraging the people in his group to attack the gorgons with more problems.

The sea creatures there heard this and quickly transformed parts of their bodies, not completely into their bestial forms, but enough to attack those beings.

The Arctic Whale leaped into the air as his legs transformed into his rear fin, revealing a massive part of his whale body while using his immense body strength to attack one of the level 93 Gorgons.

The mermen in the group did the same, while the mermaids used their mental abilities to try to affect the mental conditioning of the weaker Gorgons.

The Krakens had no fear of the phoenix flames and used their long, many arms to try to hold the creatures back, pinning the wrists and heels of some of their enemies.

Even the Sea Folk, who weren't there to help Minos fight, moved, knowing that if they didn't eliminate these creatures, they would be in big trouble and be targeted by this tribe of Gorgons!

The three of them moved simultaneously, using their continental abilities to manipulate the laws around them and attack the enemy creatures with lightning and very strong winds capable of cutting through rocks.

All three of them had storm-related abilities, so the weather over the area quickly closed in even more as it began to rain.

Ruth stayed close to Abby and her harem sisters but kept her innate ability activated, helping all her teammates attack the enemies with everything they had while they recovered from their energy expenditure with her help.

Seeing and feeling all this, Titus and Bella continued to stay close to Minos' women along with the Longus family elders, following the group leader's orders to protect them, but both felt less fearful now.

"Maybe we can survive!" Bella said to Titus as the pallor on her face faded, and she saw the Gorgons surrounded by attacks from all sides.

Titus looked at the area, saw an orange glow, and agreed. "But today was close. We almost died here!"

He sighed as he said this but was much more confident of surviving this attack as he could see a powerful phoenix hovering in the air above the area.

Arriving at the place where he had felt the terrible sensation of a dark phoenix, the elder sent to that area hovered in the air as he watched the battle unfold there, paying special attention to the dark phoenixes in that area.

He wasn't shocked that someone had resurrected so many of these creatures. Nor was he impressed by the audacity of the Gorgon tribe members to fight in their tribe's territory. What shocked him was that these creatures, surrounded by black flames, even in their current form, clearly radiated rationality and a sense of duty to the tribe.

The phoenixes had a very special power that allowed them to return to life after death!

When a phoenix passed through Nirvana, if it succeeded, it would return to the world perfectly, but a few levels weaker, with a completely new body. If it failed, however, the creature's body would be consumed by darkness, and it would form what was known in its tribe as the Black Phoenix, a chaotic being capable of using black flames that were even more powerful than the ordinary flames of beings of that race.

According to legend, the black flames of these creatures were special and would not extinguish until they had completely consumed their target!

Seeing those black-flame beings behaving rationally without showing the chaos that those flames usually brought, the elder couldn't help but be impressed as he watched the situation closely.

Meanwhile, more than half of those phoenixes had already perished, along with the level 95 elder, who had completely cracked and exploded after the first attack before disappearing from this world.

But as the legends said, his flames continued even after his departure, causing that level 95 Gorgon to scream in pain as she felt her body being consumed by the most terrifying flames in this world.


Others from the Gorgon group also howled in pain, feeling close to their limits as they suffered from those terrible flames and the many attacks from Minos' group.

At that moment, 28 seconds after Abby's fusion showed results, Minos finished fusing two of his techniques, causing several black holes to appear around his Space and Time Domain.

With this at his disposal, he didn't hesitate to hurl these lightless regions of space towards those Gorgons. He was not at all comforted by the current situation as some of them were in agony from the black flames.

As much as these flames would eliminate them if they couldn't overcome them with something of a higher level, it didn't mean that the Gorgons would become harmless.

With the ability to turn everyone in their party to stone, even in agony, these creatures had to die as soon as possible!

With that in mind, Minos tried to take control of the situation, aware that there was a phoenix there but unsure if such a being would help his group.

So he managed to hit the first of those creatures in agony who were too busy to notice the danger with his black holes!