Hours later, Minos' group would finally reach the core of the Phoenix Tribe's territory, where they would no longer be in danger of being overtaken by the Gorgons.

Even though the Gorgon Tribe had high-level Demigods, they were not as strong as the Phoenix Tribe. They would never try to operate within the core of this territory.

Therefore, even though their situation was temporary, the group was safe!

When they reached the core of this territory, the group was much lighter as they enjoyed the journey to Demi and the tribe's leadership.

As they flew alongside the level 96 elder toward the Phoenix City, Minos asked. "Elder Norton, I heard that your tribe is hosting a meeting with several representatives of friendly tribes. Is that where we're going?"

"Yes. The tribe is already aware of the problems the Spiritual World will face in a short time, and we are preparing with our allies for the difficult times ahead." Norton said as he saw a large camp not far from them. "Demi and Nite are there. You'll be able to see them in a few moments." He pointed toward that place as he began to slow his speed and altitude.

After seeing the camp not far from the tribe's headquarters, Minos and his group realized how many races were represented in that camp, which must have had around 10,000 individuals there by now.

The camp looked like a small tent city!

The Phoenix tribe had many allies and subordinates from other races. With each group having between 5 and 20 members, if one counted the Phoenixes there, 10,000 individuals weren't much.

Minos saw this from a distance and liked what he saw. With so many beings of different races in that place, this would be an excellent opportunity for him and his group to make new friends.

Minos had no intention of inviting any more Spiritual Sages to join his crew. From now on, he would only look for Demigods to join the group going to the North Sea in a few years.

However, his empire could greatly benefit from friendships with beast tribes capable of reaching the 9th stage. Even if the Black Plain Empire had many Demigods one day, high-level Sages would still be important.

Therefore, making friends with these people and possibly attracting some of them to the state could be very advantageous for the Stuart family.

Thinking ahead, Minos couldn't help but look at the place ahead of him with interest.

But while he looked at the camp and thought about how he could make friends with as many of the people there as possible, Norton continued to speak.

"... Anyway, before you meet these two, you should accompany me to the leaders of the tribe. They're in this camp as well."

"Oh? All right." Minos didn't mind.

Seeing how calm this human was, Norton remained silent as he watched him. But not only Minos was under his gaze, but also Abby.

'These two... Are they worth helping? If they don't survive their escape from this continent, all the problems we might face because of them will be too heavy even for us.' He thought, not knowing what would be most worthwhile in this situation.

But as someone with 'only' level 96, he didn't decide anything in this tribe and naturally only led Minos' group to the leaders of his race, those who had the real power to decide.

Since they were already very close to the camp, they would land there in less than 15 minutes, where they would quickly make their way to the main tent in the area.

On their way to the tent, they naturally attracted the attention of all the unoccupied people around the camp at the beginning of the night.

There were allies of the phoenix among the members of Minos' group, but there were also non-allies and even a Gorgon. In short, it was a very strange group.

Passing through the narrow corridors between the tents of various sizes and types in the vicinity, where many individuals sold their services and food, the group soon arrived at the place where the strongest auras in the area originated.

Arriving in front of a ten-meter-high tent that covered an area of about 300 square meters, the members of Minos' group stopped talking to each other. They paid attention to the entrance of this tent, where four high-ranking Demigods were.

Of the four, three were level 98 elders, and the last was the strongest, the level 99 leader of the tribe!

Each of them had a terrifyingly powerful aura, and the heat emanating from them was enough to make everyone feel warm in the middle of this cold night.

The heat these beings passively emitted was so strong that even the climate in this area of the Continent of Beasts was affected by their presence.

If it weren't for this tribe living in this area, the climate would be freezing, and there would even be blizzards at certain times of the year. However, due to the presence of these beings, this place had a warm climate all year round.

The Arctic Whale of the group was the one who felt it the most when he entered this camp and began to sweat even more intensely than he had since the level 96 elder started leading their group.

'These beings are terrible! Even without exercising themselves, they can release so much heat!' The whale thought as he used his spiritual energy to cool himself down.

Meanwhile, Minos stood in front of the tent next to Norton, one step ahead of his group.

'Even though this camp is an excellent opportunity for me, I must ensure those phoenixes are on my side.' He considered, 'With the support of such a strong tribe, it will be easy for me to make more alliances in the Spiritual World.'

As he thought about that, Norton bowed his head and announced.

"Tribe leaders, I'm here with Minos Stuart from the Central Continent. I found his group facing Gorgons in our territory and brought them here for you to decide their future."

As he said these words, the guards around the tent looked at Minos and his group with different eyes, some impressed, others with doubt in their expressions.

All of them were in their humanoid forms. After all, this was a camp with several beings of different species, and it would be difficult to accommodate them all if they were in their natural forms.

So when four individuals in their humanoid forms, two men and two women, left the tent, no one in Minos' group was surprised.

"So you're Minos Stuart?" The oldest man in the group said as he stepped forward and looked at Emperor Stuart with a neutral gaze.