Looking into the orange eyes of the white-haired man dressed in battle equipment, Minos felt the depth of such a level 99 creature's soul.

He wasn't the strongest level 99 Demigod the Emperor Stuart had seen on his journey. Still, this individual in front of him would definitely not bow down to any of Minos' acquaintances.

Even Maximilian Flamen would not be enough to make that individual bow his head without a major battle between the parties.

With the power of the phoenixes, one of the most powerful races in the world, that elder was probably one of the 50 strongest beings in the world!

With his special power over flames, he would probably be able to severely burn even dragons and other powerful beings.

In front of this individual, Minos bowed his head respectfully and greeted him as he should.

"Elder, this junior is called Minos Stuart. I met a member of your tribe during the recent Ancient Dragon Spatial Kingdom event and promised to come to this place. Unfortunately, I had no luck and brought trouble to your tribe."

Minos had his pride. But there was no reason for him not to respect these four individuals, especially considering they weren't his enemies.

If they were his enemies, he wouldn't be so respectful as to bow his head. Since this was not the case, he saw no problem in being humble in front of them.

The two women behind the tribe leader heard Minos' words, but they observed the spiritual fluctuation coming from this young man's body.

'What young Nite said wasn't an exaggeration. He really looks like a dragon.' One of them said in mental communication with the other three.

'Impressive! I didn't think an inheritance from a level 100 dragon could do that!' The second man commented with great interest but without showing it on his face.

Level 100 heritages were very rare and were usually found by descendants or beings of the same race as the one who left the heirloom. Therefore, very few people knew about the limitations of level 100 inheritances.

For these four elders, it wasn't obvious that a level 100 inheritance from a dragon would give a human an aura and body as strong as a dragon's. Seeing the young Emperor Stuart in front of them emitting such an aura was a revelation to them all.

Meanwhile, the leader of the tribe, Onyx, was looking at Minos, but he had in his eyes not only Minos but also Abby and Ruth, who were right behind Emperor Stuart and had their own merits.

'The black-haired girl seems to radiate life energy, while the other must be the one who resurrected some of our ancestors earlier.' Onyx thought to himself.

The strongest members of his group didn't know everything that had happened earlier. But they clearly sensed when several long-dead phoenixes temporarily returned to this world with their black flames.

Seeing Minos' group in front of them, they didn't need to hear what had happened from anyone. They knew that Abby had been responsible for it, probably doing it during the battle against the Gorgons.

Precisely because they had felt those spiritual fluctuations from so far away and now saw that this woman was only at level 82, everyone there took this wife of Minos seriously.

Thinking about the pros and cons this group could bring them, Onyx didn't even wait to hear his companions' opinions and said. "Minos Stuart, you don't have to apologize for the way you entered our territory. Desperate times call for desperate measures. It's natural for someone like you to get into trouble.

As much as it will cause us some friction, there's no need for you to act like this. As a friend of my tribe, it's evident that we understand your problems and will help you."

His words were neither strange nor unexpected to the three elders behind Onyx. The times they found themselves in were becoming genuinely desperate. With the unexpected approaching the Spiritual World, they wanted to raise the level of their forces and alliances as much as possible.

For this very reason, forgiving the problem Minos had brought upon them and welcoming him with open arms seemed to be the best course of action for these four old and experienced souls.

Minos had been involved in a high-profile problem with Gorgons? It wasn't as bad as it seemed. After all, the phoenixes had always had problems with such a tribe.

What's more, Minos and at least two of his wives seemed to have a potential unknown even to these elders!

Minos had a strong dragon aura, a compelling innate ability, and unusual fight proficiency that allowed him to fight against people many times stronger than him. Ruth, on the other hand, had a Divine Physique, the only one in the world at the moment.

As for Abby, she could potentially form the most powerful army in the world if she was allowed to grow. Whoever was on her side could gain a lot in the future.

Aware of it, these three saw Minos' group as a chance to make an important ally for the chaotic times to come, perhaps one who could lead their tribe into a future where they would surpass many rival tribes on this continent!

Besides, Minos had actually helped the tribe when he had no obligation to do so. Aware of this, these elders would use this event to hide their interest in being on the side of someone with great potential and would relate to this young man because they saw him as a friend of the tribe.

As grateful as they were to Minos for what he had done, no gratitude in the world would accept high-level problems without changing its mind. What attracted them to help this young man was his potential, not the fact that he had helped a member of the tribe!

But as obvious as all this was to these elders, the people in Minos' group were, for the most part, still impressed by Onyx's words, not expecting them to deal with this encounter so easily.

Minos lifted his head and smiled. "I am grateful for your understanding." He said, relieved that these leaders were smart enough to look into the future when he would become a Demigod.

If they had been more skeptical about him and had considered the losses they would suffer if he fell before reaching the 10th stage, this encounter would have been much more complicated and bad for Minos!

One of the two women behind Onyx stepped forward with a smile. "Minos Stuart, tell us about your party. We'd like to know what you did and what happened before we see what we can do to help you."

With that, it wasn't long before the entire group entered the tent, where they would spend the next hour talking to the leaders of the tribe about their origins, goals, and what they had been through in the last few days.