The day after their encounter with the level 93 lizard, Minos' party reached the entrance to the Great Hyena Forest.

However, they were not the only ones who reached this area of vast fields and plains in the central part of the Continent of Beasts!

Arriving at this place in the middle of the afternoon, their group continued to fly north, but they didn't fail to notice the other group coming towards them from the south!

After seeing nine Gorgons on the horizon, Minos's face immediately turned ugly as he saw that the enemy group was, as expected, even stronger than the previous team they had faced in the Phoenix territory.

"Shit! Nine mid-level Demigods!" Dunyxa shouted as she looked at the group of elders between levels 94 and 96.

The average level of the group that had chased them before was 94, but this group had an average level of 95, something much worse, even considering the difference of just one level.

One might think this was no big deal since Minos' party had also gained a level and added new companions compared to the time they dealt with the other Gorgons. But things weren't that simple.

The progress made by Minos' group was mainly at the 9th stage and the beginning of the 10th stage. On the other hand, the group that was chasing them had improved their strength regarding the middle of the 10th stage!

The difference in strength between the higher levels was much greater than that between the lower levels. As a result, the enemy group had become much stronger than Minos' team.

Their situation that day was definitely worse than it had been months ago!

"Fuck! What are we going to do?" The new crew member, a Pegasus, asked as he looked back to see the angry Gorgons preparing to cross space and attack them.

"We have no choice! We're going to create wormholes here!" Minos said, feeling that they should try to escape until the last moment they had room to do so.

Abby's fusion had little chance of working this time. That's because her fusion depended a lot on the dead creatures in the area, and even if she managed to summon powerful creatures, there was no guarantee that those creatures would ally themselves with her group.

What had happened to the Phoenix Tribe had been very fortunate for their group and had little chance of being repeated!

Knowing that he couldn't control the stronger beings that Abby could summon and that there was still the risk that they would turn against his group, Minos didn't want to use such a strategy now.

He preferred to try to escape, which had its own dangers but seemed less terrifying than facing those Gorgons.

The big problem with traveling through wormholes was that you could hardly control the situation of the place you arrived at if you went further than the eye could see. This could lead someone using this method to a quiet place or even to the headquarters of a powerful organization that would attack them immediately.

There was also the possibility of arriving at a place where a high-level battle was taking place, which could also mean the end of the party.

In short, wormhole travel was handy, but it was only safe enough in controlled areas. Using it in a chaotic place like this ownerless area of the Continent of Beasts could be the perfect formula for trouble!

However, with such powerful enemies hunting them down with the intention of exterminating them, Minos accepted the risks and, together with some of the strongest Demigods in the group, quickly began to manipulate the space, creating a giant wormhole for the two phoenixes to enter side by side.

"Trying to escape?" The strongest Gorgon in the group chasing them, a peak level 96 being, one of the strongest elders in her tribe, screamed as she sensed this.

Her eyes glowed, and then she shot out powerful flesh energy, causing the spiritual energy in her path to solidify, something extremely terrifying to see.

Even though she was powerful and fast, she could hardly destroy a wormhole created by several Demigods.

When her icy gaze reached that spatial distortion, Minos' group had already broken through the spatial fabric and disappeared from the area.

"Tsk! Don't think that's going to save you!" She shouted as she manipulated her way forward into the closing hole.

"Follow their route. We'll eliminate them before nightfall, whatever it takes!" She shouted to the others in her group, quickly getting her group mates to open wormholes in the same direction as Minos' group.

Meanwhile, she disappeared into the wormhole created by Minos' own group and spotted them in the space tunnel created by the manipulation of some of the group members.

"Shit! She managed to follow us!" Titus shouted in desperation, sensing that they wouldn't escape a fight as they flew through the space tunnel of a wormhole.

The workings of wormholes were far more complex than anyone could imagine. These parts of space were not like portals that took those who could manipulate them from one side of space to the other in an instant.

Some people could do that, but that was not a characteristic of wormholes but of the speed of the person using that spatial possibility.

Wormholes were tunnels. These tunnels greatly reduced the distance between two different points. But there would always be a way to travel between one point and the other, no matter how small that distance was.

However, depending on the speed of the person traveling through the tunnel, one could travel through it so fast that after opening a wormhole, they would reach their destination instantly.

Minos' group wanted to get as far away from the Gorgons as possible, so the space tunnel they had to go through couldn't be traversed that quickly.

It would take them at least 30 seconds to cross all that space and reach the central part of the Great Hyena Forest.

As they flew through the dark tunnel at high speed, surrounded by unstable space walls that could destroy even the bodies of level 99 Demigods, their group faced the big problem that such a strong enemy had appeared there.

"What are we going to do?" Abby asked as she turned pale.

Seeing he had no choice, Minos stepped back and quickly borrowed the cultivation of one of the group's Demigods.

"I'll ensure we have the time to get through the wormhole!" He shouted as he moved his energies into his strongest fusion.

Now, it was all or nothing. He could not hold on any longer!

'It's time for the Divine Sword to show itself to the world again!' He swallowed his saliva and quickly fused the Divine Seal, the Spatial Sword, and Chaotic Gravity.