After hearing the dragon's words, Minos' group relaxed a little from the tension that had come over them, but not too much, for the danger was not completely over yet.

Minos also relaxed and finally sat down on the ground, trying to recover a little from what he had done earlier to prevent the worst for his people.

He ate some fruit that he always kept in his spatial ring and began to meditate, causing the spiritual energy around him to focus on him at an impressive level for a level 84 Sage.

Despite being at level 84, Minos was manipulating an amount of spiritual energy during his meditation, similar to the amount manipulated by level 86 Sages.

That meant that he was cultivating faster than any other level 84 Sage!

Noticing it, the dragon saw another part of this human with a dragon aura and realized Minos' talent was even higher than his own.

When the dragon saw some human women approaching Minos, he noticed Ruth sitting behind Emperor Stuart with her two hands on their backs.

'Divine Physique? How is that possible?' Not only the dragon but also his two business partners noticed the quality of Ruth's physique and noticed that not only Minos and Abby had impressive things about them in this crew.

The dragon then looked at Gloria and Isabella, the strongest in the area, who had Minos' scent on their bodies and weren't busy recovering or helping their husband. "Where are you from? Who are you?"

"We're from the Black Plain Empire, Central Continent. That's Minos Stuart over there, the emperor of our state." Gloria said, pointing one by one toward her husband and the harem sisters. "This is Abby Miller, the Empress. On the other side, the one helping our husband is Ruth, his second wife.

The one next to me is Isabella, Princess of the Flaming Empire and the youngest member of our family.

I'm Gloria Frost, a member of the Spiritual Church."


"Spiritual Church? I thought members of the Spiritual Church only married other members of the Church." One of the dragon's two business associates said, finding the situation rather odd.

"Indeed. But the Church made an exception for Minos and me." Gloria replied.

"Is that true? But isn't it strange that you would leave your state without its leaders during a high-profile war on your continent?" The other level 94 beast asked, while the dragon gave Minos a few minutes to recover enough to hold a dialogue without the risk of passing out.

"We are not involved in the war," Isabella replied. "Senior Maximillian Flamen has pledged his protection to the Black Plain Empire, which has given us much peace and freedom to come and go throughout the Spiritual World in recent years."

Everyone there had heard the name of the Spiritual Church revolutionary who had returned to the world of the living after millions of years. After all, he was a level 99 Demigod, someone with extremely relevant cultivation.

"Are you friends of Maximilian?" The dragon asked.

Isabella and Gloria looked at each other momentarily, not knowing what to say.

Then Gloria said. "I don't know if he thinks of us that way. But my husband was the one who freed him from where he was imprisoned. So he has a real reason to protect us from our enemies on the Central Continent."

At that moment, Minos took a deep breath and opened his eyes.

Emperor Stuart was not 100% recovered. It would take him months to regain everything he had used that day to use his supreme weapon. However, with his current abilities and Ruth's help, with just a few minutes of meditation, he had achieved enough to remain conscious in the face of that dragon.

He stood up and said. "Thanks for your help, Ruth. Concentrate on helping Abby now that I'm better."

With that, he looked at the three level 94 creatures, grateful that the dragon had shown him mercy for the moment.

Minos didn't trust that creature blindly. He was sure this dragon had many curiosities about him and would not kill him or allow anyone else to kill him until he had answers.

However, he knew he had to gain the dragon's trust now so that his group wouldn't be in danger once he had answered its questions.

The dragon looked at Minos and said. "My name is Umuss. These are Kian and Alfie."

"Nice to meet you," Minos said sincerely. "Without your help today, my group would have been wiped out. So thank you for what you did, even if it wasn't just to save us."


The two creatures nodded at him while looking at Minos with interest.

But the dragon took their lead and asked as he approached Minos. "Well? Will you explain to me where your aura comes from? I've never seen a being from a race not related to dragons with our aura. What's more, your aura is quite powerful for someone of your level. You must have acquired it through some artificial method, right?"

Minos said in the dragon's mind. 'Senior Umuss, can we talk privately? What I have to tell you has to do with the secret of the dragons. Perhaps it would be better if we could talk alone.'

Umuss immediately became more animated when he heard these words, without doubting Minos.

'Do you know our secret?' He asked, feeling his heart beat faster, for the history of his tribe and its secrets were known only to high-ranking members.

But Minos had such a strong dragon aura that Umuss didn't doubt this level 84 human.

'Yes, I know about the Ancestral God of the dragons and where he is.' Minos said, making Umuss look at him with wide eyes.

"Very well, Minos and I will lead the way. I want you two to bring his group to my tribe. Take them to my men. I'll meet you there later." He told his two partners before grabbing Emperor Stuart with one hand and leaving so quickly that no one had a chance to question his decision.

Minos' wives looked worriedly at where he had gone, as did his group. Meanwhile, the two level 94 Demigods couldn't help but sigh when they saw that they would have to become observers of this group for a while.

However, they had no one to complain to and soon left, leading Minos' group into the dragons' territory.

Meanwhile, Minos and Umuss quickly reached the dragon tribe's territory after crossing a wormhole only 10th-stage dragons could use in this area.