Minos' haste was justified. As much as he could risk it and wait for his advancement to level 90, it could be pretty dangerous.

Advancing to level 90 wouldn't give Minos supreme powers. It would make him much stronger. He knew that better than anyone. But level 99 Demigods would still be a problem for him to deal with.

If the war ended before he made this breakthrough, or even a little later, he might end up in a situation where he would have more enemies than allies.

Even with the support of the dragons, he wouldn't be able to protect himself from anything that might endanger him.

Would those dragons come to the Central Continent to protect or help him? Hardly. They had their own problems!

A war far worse than the one between Vico and Maximillian, a tribe to lead, and a catastrophe on the horizon.

It would be good for Minos and his allies to have more allies at the high level of the 10th stage as soon as possible!

He would achieve this if he could prove his theories, as he would almost immediately gain the support of the Sanctuary of Visions and the Quinn family. He might even have a chance to convince the Phoenixes and the Pantheon of Honor to join him more closely.

Counting on the dragons and the strength Minos would have built up by then, even if Vico or Maximillian wanted to act against him or the Black Plain Empire, they couldn't.

As dangerous as it was, Minos' plan was the best he had to protect himself in the short term and guarantee his future progress.

"It makes sense." The level 98 dragon looked at his superiors and commented. "Maybe we should send a lower-level Demigod with Minos' group."

"Yes, that might increase his and his group's chances of survival in the North Sea." The man with the fluorescent green eyes agreed.

Argy looked at Umuss and gave the order. "Find a level 93 dragon to accompany Minos on his journey."

"Okay, tribe leader!" Umuss said before disappearing from the area.

Minos clenched his fists in satisfaction after hearing that.

It would help him a lot. A level 93 dragon would be as strong as a level 95 gorgon or a level 96 human!

'That will increase the power of my group exponentially.' He thought, ignoring the pain around his exhausted body.

After such an order, Argy looked at Minos and said. "As for you, you should rest to recover from your current situation, Minos. We'll send one of our doctors and some resources later to increase your recovery rate."

Nevertheless, Minos would soon be taken by a weaker dragon to another area of such a tribe, where there were structures more like human cities, where dragons of this tribe went about their business.

However, this was not a great place. The dragon tribe was not open to the world, and few beings from races not allied with them were allowed to enter the area.

With a population of less than 10,000, the city was tranquil and seemed more like a sect's nucleus than the continent's capital.


A week after encountering the level 94 dragon, Minos' party arrived at the heart of the dragon's territory.

Guided by Umuss's two business partners, Minos's entire party was a little apprehensive about the future, especially the situation of their leader.

But when they arrived in the city where Minos was and noticed his aura in a building for humans in the center of that urban area, everyone in the group felt a little less bad.

They were still in an extremely dangerous place, but the fact that Minos was still alive was a great sign.

Maybe they wouldn't die in such a place!

Minos' wives were the most relieved of all when they arrived at the building where he was and received permission to enter.

In front of his room, a level 93 dragon was guarding the place where Minos was, which was strange to everyone in the group.

But they ignored the dragon for a moment to see how he was doing after everything that had happened.

"Minos! Are you all right? What happened these days?" Abby was the first to question her husband as she knelt beside the bed where Emperor Stuart rested.

Seeing Minos wrapped in dragon scales, with various strange liquids attached to those scales by wires, everyone there was curious to know his actual situation.

"I am sorry to worry you. But everything is going well, guys, I'm being honest. I was lucky enough to make a deal with the dragon tribe, and soon after, they treated my injuries and left me here to rest." Minos said in a much better tone than the women of the Longus family standing next to his wives thought he would have now.

The last time Minos had used the Divine Sword, it had taken him weeks to reach a recovery rate similar to his current one.

Seeing him and feeling his powerful aura, these women could see that he would recover much faster and easier this time!

Minos was more aware of this than anyone else. Not only did he recover with the help of the dragons, but he was also growing stronger!

After receiving the level 100 inheritance, part of his existence had ceased to be that of a talented human. In some ways, he now resembled a prehistoric beast.

With the help of the dragons and their extremely effective dragon resources, he recovered while cultivating his body to a higher level than before.

Minos had sacrificed months of cultivation to use the Divine Sword against the level 96 Gorgon. Still, he felt the lost months could be made up in another month at this place!

"We'll have to stay here for a few weeks to finish my recovery, but soon after that, we can continue our journey north." He said with a smile, but without moving from the bed so as not to lose the benefits of the treatment he was undergoing.

"Is that true?" Isabella asked.

Minos commented. "Yes. Besides, we'll have a new companion when we leave this tribe in a few weeks."


"The dragon outside this room will accompany us until the end of our journey," Minos said, surprising the strongest of his group, who also entered the room he was in.

Sensing the level 93 of that powerful creature, everyone in the group opened their mouths in surprise, not expecting Minos to turn their complicated situation around so much!