As Wren, one of the five level 99 Demigods in the Pantheon of Honor, opened her eyes and looked in Minos' direction, she remembered the day she had tested this young man, who had previously been level 80.

'Level 84, huh? Also, he's half that level and still has an entirely different aura than when he came here... It seems that this young man has had a fortuitous encounter in the past few years.' She got up from where she was sitting, wondering if she should go and see Minos.

She was curious to talk to that young man and find out how he had achieved such a feat!

But as she stood up, she heard the voice of the strongest member of her organization in her head.

'Wren, let Julian take care of Minos Stuart.' The eldest of the six elders of the Pantheon of Honor Council, Merritt, told her, also sensing how much the boy had changed in such a short time.

'But Elder Merritt...' She didn't understand why and asked him.

'Minos Stuart is part of Julian and Aarav's faction. We can't question him unless he's done something that compromises the organization or comes to us. Stay in your position.'

'I understand.' The white-haired woman sighed, realizing her carelessness.

As much as they were all members of the same organization, this group had internal disputes.

As she sat back as a temple observer, Aarav, currently in a cultivation area for high-level Demigods, also noticed Minos' arrival in this city.

But unlike Wren and Merritt, he was a member of Julian and Minos' faction. Sensing that the young Emperor Stuart was completely different from a few years ago, he moved towards the temple's entrance.

At that moment, Minos and his group arrived in front of that organization, in that beautiful huge temple that overlooked the entire metropolis they had just come from.

Arriving there, even Nymmas couldn't help but sigh as he felt several high-level auras coming from inside the temple in front of him.

The Minos women had smiles as they stood in front of such a place, imagining how much support they could get from such an organization.

Even if the Pantheon of Honor didn't want to help them with the Gorgons, they would certainly help them when Minos became stronger and reached a high level of influence.

But while thinking this, they saw a white-haired elder dressed in a white robe appear in front of the temple they were facing.

"Minos..." Aarav commented, attracting the whole group's attention, especially the strongest ones, for they understood better than the others how difficult it was to reach the end of the 10th stage.

Reaching level 99 was extremely difficult, and even beings with talents that could theoretically allow them to reach that level rarely managed to reach the peak!

If there were 10 million beings capable of reaching level 99, less than 200 of them would actually come to it!

As far as Minos knew, there should be less than one hundred level 99 Demigods in the world today.

That was how difficult it was to reach level 99, and that was why there were many beings who had the potential to reach that level but who got stuck at lower levels for various reasons.

For that reason, the level 92 and 93 individuals in Minos' group immediately bowed their heads in the presence of such a man, aware that even if some of them had origins as good or better than Aarav's, they still owed him respect.

Minos looked into Aarav's eyes and smiled. "Elder, it's good to see you again. I'm here for the meeting of the members of the organization."

"Oh? But isn't it a bit early for that? Our meeting is still a few years away." Aarav said, curious about Minos' journey since he last saw him, but hurried on.

As an experienced elder, he knew he would have his chance to hear answers to his questions and didn't rush to question Minos.

"Yes, but I got into trouble on the Continent of Beasts, so I postponed my journey here." Minos laughed bitterly. "I will stay on the Divine Continent until the meeting of the members of the Pantheon of Honor is over. After that, I'll return to my state."

"I see..." Aarav immediately realized why some beings were in Minos' group and understood it must be related to such problems.

"I imagine this group is your crew going to the North Sea, right?" He asked.

Aarav, Julian, and the members of their group knew that Minos intended to go to the North Sea, as he had told them before he left for the Marine Empire.

Seeing so many beings of different races at Minos' side, most of them at the 10th stage, Aarav realized that the young man was succeeding in his plans to create a powerful group.

"Yes, we already have a mighty group," Minos said with a satisfied look. "I intend to look for a few more supporters on the Divine Continent, but we're almost there in terms of numbers. I plan to leave for the North Sea in about five or seven years."

Aarav looked at Minos differently when he heard that, believing now more than ever that the message he had received years ago was true.

But instead of what he had thought years ago, he wasn't so doubtful now about Minos' chances of succeeding in what he was trying to do.

Not only had he gathered a particularly powerful group, but he was also much stronger, not only at level but also with a mighty aura that even such a level 99 Demigod was aware of.

Minos' powers were impressive, but what made this organization's high-level beings and elders consider him important was his future.

No matter how strong he was, no matter how incredible his abilities were, they couldn't make a level 99 elder feel worried about Minos.

However, the aura that Minos was emitting at that moment could do just that!

Even though he was a level 99 Demigod who had been at that level for a long time, Aarav couldn't help but feel the hairs on his body stand up in front of Minos.

His senses were clear. Such a young man was dangerous!

With this feeling, he no longer doubted Minos' plans and the young man's chances of success.

Then he smiled and asked. "What was the trouble that made you run away? Tell me about it. Maybe I can help you."