"Well, to put it simply, one of our crew members got involved in something he shouldn't have and ended up attracting Gorgons to us. So as not to leave him or my group in the lurch, I eliminated those chasing him.

That provoked the wrath of such a tribe, and we have now been attacked by them 4 times.

More than a dozen of their mid-level Demigods have already died because of this hunt." Minos tried to summarize the big problem that had caused him to postpone his trip to this place.

"Gorgons?" Aarav looked in Dunyxa's direction, imagining that she was the one who had gotten the whole group into trouble.

He knew Minos' cleverness and didn't ask him why he had gotten into trouble for a single being. If he had done it, there must have been a reason.

Aarav then asked, forming a strange expression as he thought better of what Minos had just said. "Is that true? Then how did you survive to come here?"

Gorgons were powerful. And beings of such a race at the mid-level of the 10th stage should be able to wipe out Minos' entire group!

How did they survive to tell the tale?

Hell, Minos' group had a lot of members! They didn't look like a group that such powerful enemies had hunted!

Minos laughed bitterly and said. "Well, we're lucky and not as weak as we look. I had to use my supreme weapon and other fusions with some of my companions. We also had the help of the Phoenixes and the Dragons."

"These two races helped you?" He understood why members of both races were in the group Minos had formed.

'Did he make a deal with the dragons?' Aarav looked at Nymmas differently.

A level 93 dragon choosing to follow Minos on his own was not so absurd to imagine. But for this tribe to allow him to do so after helping Emperor Stuart deal with the Gorgons was something else entirely, suggesting a greater meaning behind it all.

Sensing that the dragons might be as interested in Minos as his group was, Aarav sighed when he saw how lucky this young man had been.

'Sigh... This isn't bad. At least they saved you. Even if it reduces our future earnings, it's better to earn less than nothing.' Aarav thought as he imagined that if the young man had died, his faction would have lost all their investments in Minos if the dragons hadn't intervened.

"Yes, I was lucky enough to contact the Phoenix Tribe in the Ancient Dragon Spatial Kingdom.

Also, I'm more like dragons than my appearance would suggest." He laughed. "If it hadn't been for that, I probably would have turned to stone on the Continent of Beasts...

Anyway, the Gorgons don't seem interested in stopping coming after me, elder. In the last attack, we managed to kill a few more of them, but we lost companions.

Since they don't seem to accept defeat, I'm ready to take the next step in our hostile relationship!"

"You want to destroy the Gorgons?" Aarav understood Minos' intention.

"Yes. I would like the support of the faction. If that's not possible, I would at least like the organization to ban the Gorgons from entering the Divine Continent for the next few years. I'll deal with them in the future if you can't help me." Minos was direct with his intentions, giving Aarav two options.

There was a third, to do nothing. However, this option meant allowing the Gorgons to act against someone they wanted to evolve. Such an option was somewhat paradoxical, so it was unlikely to be taken.

Aarav was silent momentarily, looking at the level 92 and 93 beings in Minos' group.

'I don't think any of them are actually Minos' subordinates. But since they fight alongside him and have the experience of accompanying someone so talented, it is unlikely that they will completely separate themselves from the Black Plain Empire in the future.

At worst, these beings will be part of Minos' sphere of influence when they return from the North Sea.'

Aarav thought to himself, considering the importance of these people. 'For a Sage to be able to influence so many Demigods means that he will be much more capable than my group had imagined for his eventual advancement to level 90.

Minos will probably be able to influence mid-level Demigods when he advances to level 90. Considering the speed at which he is progressing, he will have such influence in a few decades!'

He smiled because from the moment Emperor Stuart could influence mid-level Demigods, Aarav and Julian's faction would be able to greatly increase their position within the Pantheon of Honor.

From then on, they would benefit much more from their relationship with Minos than the other way around!

Then he said. "I see... Minos, I promise to take this matter to the faction and then to the council of the organization. I cannot guarantee that we will destroy the Gorgons for you, but banning them from entering the Divine Continent won't be that difficult."

"I thank the elder."

Aarav said. "While we decide this, you should stay in this city. No Gorgon will dare move against you here.

Once we've decided what to do, you'll be free to travel the continent in search of more allies for your crew."

Everyone in Minos' group sighed when they heard Aarav's words, realizing that with the help of the Pantheon of Honor, they would have at least another 2.5 years to prepare to deal with the Gorgons.

'I'll probably reach level 84 and Minos level 85 in that time.' Abby thought to herself, imagining that they could take a step further in their fusions and abilities with these advances.

That wouldn't be much against level 95 or 96 Gorgons like the ones chasing them. But it would reduce their chances of dying on the battlefield while increasing the lifespan of the high-level skeletons she could summon.

If they could gain more allies on this continent, they would have another level of options to deal with the enemies that might come after them when they returned to the Central Continent.

'That will be enough.' She concluded, imagining that the empire's forces would advance even without the core of the imperial family from these lands.

Anyway, with Aarav's words, part of the group would soon disperse around the city, and only Minos, his wives, and some of the strongest of the group would be left behind with that level 99 elder.

As someone so strong, he could call meetings with the leaders of his faction or the Pantheon of Honor with his thoughts!

In an instant, he had done so and looked at Minos to report. "Done. Now we just have to wait until later to find out when we can bring your question to the council. In the meantime, let's go to the faction headquarters. We'll be able to talk about your problem with our comrades right away."