After hearing Aarav, Minos and his group followed the elder to Julian's faction.

As they moved, Aarav asked Minos. "By the way, Minos, how did you raise your level so much? And from where comes this dragon aura?"

"I was lucky enough to find an inheritance in the Ancient Dragon Spatial Kingdom. I have benefited greatly from it, elder." Minos said without going into details.

"Oh? That was lucky!" Aarav opened his mouth in surprise, not expecting this. "Such a place has been explored for hundreds of thousands of years, but counting the inheritance you got, this is only the 4th heirloom discovered there in all that time!"

"That was really lucky," Nymmas murmured, imagining that if his young masters had found such inheritance before Minos, perhaps the Sky Whale that started the war with the dragons wouldn't have managed to devour one of them.

"In any case, luck favors those who are talented and competent. Inheritance does not guarantee success. Many die when they come into inheritances they can't afford." Aarav shook his head in satisfaction that Minos had managed to absorb a dragon's legacy and become so much stronger. "So that's your merit. Your luck was only in finding it."


"And these four? Are they your wives?" Aarav asked, looking at Isabella, Gloria, Abby, and Ruth but noticing that Emlyn also bore the mark of Minos, though weaker than the four closest to him.

"Yes. I've known Abby and Ruth since I started cultivating." Minos said as he pointed to his two oldest companions.

"Oh? That's good. There's nothing better than growing up with your mates." He commented as he congratulated the group, while inwardly seeing that Minos' women also had super talents.

'It seems that the Central Continent has produced many geniuses in this generation. Is this a sign of difficult times ahead?' He asked himself, not as happy as he seemed on the outside.

Having lived tens of thousands of years, Aarav knew that it wasn't common for such talents to emerge in humble places like the one Minos and his wives came from.

However, when difficult times arose, it was not uncommon for the spiritual and genetic quality of the beings in a given area to improve.

In a way, this was like the reaction of a body that was about to die, and at the last moment, it tried everything to avoid the worst by functioning beyond normal.

In the case of the Spiritual World, when terrible things were about to happen, it was very common for stronger generations to be born even in poor places.

If Aarav hadn't known that these five were from the poor areas of the Central Continent, he wouldn't have found their existence so strange. But since none of them were from a particularly powerful background, he couldn't help but wonder about the significance of their appearance.

'The Central Continent will probably face a greater challenge before anyone else.' He thought before he heard Minos' voice.

"Elder, where is elder Julian?"

"Julian is moving to the west of the continent. There will soon be a great congregation of Spiritual World experts with the elves to deal with the difficult times our world will face." Aarav got right to the point. "A new ice age will begin in less than 20 years."

"Ice age?" Isabella asked, making a terrible face.

For someone with fire-based powers, an ice age would be twice as bad for them!

Someone with ice-based techniques could advance more easily during such an era. In contrast, someone with fire-based powers would find it twice as difficult as other people to advance during such a period.

And a chaotic era was so terrible that even Spatial Kingdoms could be affected.

Thinking about this, the red-haired woman couldn't help but feel a little worried.

"Are you sure about that?" Minos frowned.

"Yes. One of the most powerful seers of the elven tribe recently managed to predict the kind of disaster that will befall us." Aarav replied.

'This is terrible.' Minos clenched his fists, especially at the part about the time left until the catastrophe hit the world.

The elves were usually very accurate in their predictions, so something like this should really happen within that time frame!

'An ice age is terrible. Plants and medicines will take much longer to mature in such an era.' He lamented.

Any chaotic age would somehow disturb the spirituality of the world. But the ice age, in particular, might have a much more terrible effect on the maturation of medicines than other types of chaotic ages.

Not only would medicine be affected, but ordinary crops would also be harmed much more.

That meant there would be a worldwide food shortage, and the hunger problem would hit the weakest and poorest!

'I have to tell the people in the Dry City about this.' Minos thought. 'We need to start building up our food reserves right away!'

The crewmembers of Minos and his wives were also worried when they heard this, wondering how this would affect their respective tribes.

Even the Arctic Whale, who would probably be the least affected by these changes, was worried.

'This is going to be a problem.' He imagined. 'Even if my tribe has a good chance of surviving this period, some of the races essential to our continuity could be harmed to the point where it affects us negatively.'

'Is Minos really right about the threat in the North Sea?' The level 92 Sea Folk woman thought as she looked at him. 'A disaster like that would be enough to destabilize our entire world. Will we face two disasters at the same time?'

Meanwhile, the dragon looked at Minos and thought something else. 'I hope you manage to reach the 10th stage rapidly. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you in the future.' He imagined that his elders' plans would be hindered by the coming ice age.

In any case, he couldn't do anything about it and could only wait to see how things would develop in the next two decades.

Whatever the outcome, there would be problems ahead, and many dangers would still threaten Minos and the intentions of the young emperor's allies.

While everyone pondered this, the group led by Aarav arrived at the headquarters of his and Julian's faction, where other Demigods of the group were already waiting on the outskirts to see Minos again.

Minos had made some promises years ago. Today, they wanted to see how the young man had grown in the meantime!