As the level 99 whale moved away from Minos' group and the high-ranking cardinals of the Church looked on, Logan said goodbye to Julian and went to join his own group.

At the same time, one of the elves in charge of this meeting saw the tense little encounter between Minos' group and that of the Spiritual Church while they were being watched by the Trevisani family and noticed something strange about the young 9th-stage human.

"That human...' A level 98 elf noticed Minos' dragon aura and Emperor Stuart's connection with the elf who had helped him before he reached the Seraphim's Ancient Sarcophagus.

Minos' destiny was tied to an elf, something any member of that race could easily sense.

'It seems that someone from my tribe has made an excellent deal with this young human.' He smiled discreetly, seeing Minos was not ordinary and his fate would be very valuable to such an elf.

When an elf did well, the whole tribe won. So even though this man was not the one who had Minos' destiny, he was naturally pleased to see that a junior had made a deal with Emperor Stuart.

Therefore, he was curious to know who held the destiny of such a strange human who was clearly connected to the Dragons and the Sea Folk.

'They aren't the Pantheon of Honor members, so they are with that young Sage.' He thought as he watched the female member of the Sea Folk and the Dragon walking very close to Minos.

While the elf thought about the group, a level 97 representative of the Sky Whale tribe glared at Julian, seeing that the Pantheon of Honor dared to come to this meeting with a damned dragon.

'Those bastards call themselves neutral, but in reality, they see no problem in hanging out with a fucking Dragon!' One of the representatives of the strongest tribe in the world thought as he glared at Julian's group.

The Dragons were already there, represented by one of the elders Minos had recently met on the Continent of Beasts.

'I didn't expect to see this young man again so soon...' The level 98 Dragon thought as they stared at Minos' group in silence, surprised that this young human was there.

'He must be here as Julian's escort.'

The leader of the Phoenixes was also there and wasn't surprised that Minos was with Julian since he already knew this young man was part of the Pantheon of Honor.

"Hey, why is everyone looking at the Pantheon Of Honor group?" A young blonde woman, very well dressed, level 94, asked the leader of her group, a level 99 man.

Looking at his niece, that peak expert sighed. "I don't know."

"You don't know?" The woman looked at her uncle, hearing such an answer for the first.

"Your Highness, don't blame the Supreme Elder. We can't possibly know everything." A level 97 man said to the blonde.

The Supreme Elder of one of the three imperial houses on this continent said. "I know that a few years ago, the Pantheon of Honor accepted the first member in its entire history with cultivation below level 90. I'm guessing it's this young man."

"Oh? That's impressive. He must be very talented." She thought. "But that shouldn't be enough for him to attract all the attention, right? Look, the Dragons, Phoenixes, Sky Whales, Elves, Sea Folk, the strongest of the Central Continent, you name it, everyone is looking at him.

Only we from the Divine Continent don't seem to know what's going on here."

The two people standing next to the princess remained silent, understanding her doubt but having no idea what could be behind that unusual situation.

At a meeting of Demigods representing the strongest powers in the world, a Sage had stolen all the attention.

"Perhaps he's someone famous outside our lands, Your Majesty..." The advisor of one of the emperors present said to his leader, who, like the blonde princess, was curious about the situation of Julian's group.

"Find out for me." The old level 99 emperor said to his advisor. "If possible, find a way to bring this young man to me. I'd like to know what this newest member of the Pantheon of Honor is like."

While everyone else seemed to be talking or looking in Minos' direction, the strongest of the elves there, level 99, ignored Julian's group when he saw Sista's representative approaching.

"Senior Agis, where is Senior Aurae?" This level 97 man from the Sista asked, seeking information about the strongest of the elves.

Looking at the human, a white-haired old man not far from the end of his life, the relatively young-looking elf, though much older than the human, said. "Aurae Aegolor is in seclusion."

'Seclusion?' The man sent by Queen Sista thought about it, wondering what that word meant to someone at the absolute peak of the 10th stage.

'Will she try to advance?' He wondered as he felt anxious because the emergence of Gods at this time might change a lot of the current circumstances in the Spiritual World.

Currently, there are no Gods in this world. Therefore, the appearance of one would give the state, tribe, family, or organization that had such a being great power over everyone else.

Of course, this was a bad thing, especially since these were times of crisis, different from normal when one didn't necessarily need to hinder or disrupt the lives of others in order to grow.

But with a God on their side, the elven tribe could gain an unimaginable advantage over the world's other races in a time of chaos!

'This is terrible!' The man thought to himself as he smiled and wished the strongest of the elves good luck. 'I hope His Majesty Vico succeeds in his seclusion. Only he can give us some balance in the difficult times ahead!'

There were currently three level 99 Demigods in seclusion, trying to advance to level 100. In addition, there were rumors among powerful seers that a fourth Divine Medicine would appear after the Continental Tournament, and someone else would have the chance to advance one level in that generation.

Considering how difficult things would be from now on, this man hoped that either everyone would fail in their attempts to advance or beings from different races would achieve such a feat. Only then could the world remain stable in the face of the current chaotic era!

With that in mind, the man returned to his group just before the elf he'd asked that question to stand up to get everyone's attention.

"Since you're all here, it's time to begin..."