After everything that had happened in Dry City recently, Sarah was taking all possible measures to deal with the Gorgon problem.

Having already sent messages to the Divine Continent, where her father was, and to the organization that had lost subordinates of its members, she now wanted to deal with the matter within the Central Continent.

Maximilian had made a promise to the Black Plain Empire, threatening anyone who dared to act against Minos' lands in the Central Continent. So she wanted to bring this incident to him and seek positive answers for her people.

Until now, the Black Plain Empire had stayed out of the war in the southern region, neither supporting nor turning away people from either side.

Although the local government was more inclined to side with the Spiritual Church in the war, they were not supporters of Maximilian, nor had they acted in the light of day to show themselves as such during these years of conflict.

However, with Sarah's action, this situation could change very soon!

"Your Highness, if we send people from our state to the headquarters of the Spiritual Church in the Evergreen Empire, we can attract the attention of the western region." Dillian, currently level 80, commented as he stood to Sarah's right.

As much as the western states had sided with Vico in the war against Maximilian, they were not as hostile to Minos and his state as Emperor Travisani. However, that could change if the Black Plain Empire started acting too close to Maximilian.

"We have no choice. We must seek help from as many people as possible. We can't sit on the fence and wait for our problems to solve themselves. It is better to choose a side now than to choose neither and suffer for lack of support." She said, with no intention of going back on her words.

Sarah already knew about the agreements her father had made on the Divine Continent and how much support they would have just before the ice age began and during that time. However, this aid would arrive in the Black Plain Empire in 10 to 15 years.

In the short term, only a few specialists would reach them. However, in a year or two, the Gorgons could wreak havoc if they wanted to!

Not knowing what was in the Gorgon leader's mind or how Minos' allies on the Divine Continent would react to the latest incident, Sarah preferred not to stand idly by.

Dillian knew their difficult situation and how important it was for them to have peace now.

'If we can't manage our plantations in peace, we won't be able to create the food reserve His Majesty promised our new allies.' He considered what the Gorgons might do if they decided to attack his plantations. 'We need all the help we can get, or we're finished!' He clenched his fists in fear.

The position of the Black Plain Empire was currently comfortable, given the agreements made over the years. However, the state was not unshakable!

An enemy who wanted to destroy the empire might be able to do a lot in a short time if they attacked the right points!

"I understand. Our situation is very complicated. But how should we approach Maximilian? He's currently in seclusion. So if we want the support of his subordinates, we'll have to please them somehow." Dillian raised this point.

He believed that if they managed to contact Maximilian, they wouldn't have to do much to get his support. After all, he had told the entire continent that anyone who acted against the state of Minos in these lands would be in trouble with him.

As a matter of honor, he had to protect the empire.

But he was in seclusion, and his men wouldn't do the same things he would!

Sarah then looked at her maternal grandmother and said. "I will rely on you and my grandfather for help, grandmother. Please bargain on my behalf."

Margot, currently level 81, immediately accepted and promised to help her only granddaughter.

"I will do my best." She said.

"I'll go with you, Margot." Oswald, Emperor Stuart's grandfather, currently level 83, said. "I know about Minos' plans, so I'll be able to negotiate alongside you to reach an agreement that won't harm the empire."

"Things will go better that way. But get support as soon as possible. We can't remain vulnerable." Sarah agreed to have her great-grandfather accompany her maternal grandmother and grandfather on this trip to the Evergreen Empire.

With that, this meeting in the imperial throne hall would soon end. Oswald and Margot would make their way to the Flaming Empire, where they would meet up with Joseph Frost, Gloria's father. Together, they would make their way to the Evergreen Empire.

Meanwhile, Dillian would return to his activities in government administration, and Sarah would take a break from her activities to get some rest.

She had stayed behind to enjoy herself, but due to the restrictions her father had left her and her responsibilities, she had been solving many problems lately.

However, Sarah did not regret asking her 'old man' to stay behind. As much as she had been dealing with problems lately, most of the five-plus years that had passed since her parents left had been very good for her.

Leaving the imperial palace, she soon arrived at her favorite spot in the city, a shop owned by a painter who had fled the war to the south, someone she had seen practically every week for the past five years.

Arriving at the private room at the back of the shop, she met a relatively young man with blond hair and level 87 cultivation.

Seeing him, she smiled, then hugged him and followed her lips to his.


After a long, intense kiss, she pulled her lips away from his as she looked into his eyes. "George, everything is so stressful... Now I've made a decision that could hurt us."

The blond man smiled at her and said. "Don't worry about me. Whatever you decide, I'll stand by you. You know I love you no matter what."

"Yes, but what about your family? That is going to cause us problems." She worried.

"We'll sort it out. When the time comes, I'll try to intervene on behalf of your people. Your current decisions are out of self-defense. How can anyone blame you?"

"I hope you're right..."


A few weeks after Sarah's decision, news of what had happened in the Black Plain Empire had already reached the Divine Continent.

Meanwhile, Margot's group, Oswald and Joseph, arrived in the Evergreen Empire, where they would try to drum up high-level support within the continent for their state!