A few weeks later...

At this moment, Minos and his crew, now finally ready to leave the Divine Continent with a total of 40 members, were in the headquarters city of the Pantheon of Honor for the upcoming members' meeting.

With only two months to go before the big meeting, Minos had decided to return to this city after completing his journey through the Grinia Empire, gathering the last members of his group, and seeing some of his companions level up.

Already anxious to return to the Central Continent, he had decided to spend the last few weeks he would have on this continent in seclusion in the city where the meeting of the Pantheon of Honor members would take place.

Aware of what the organization had decided to do about the Gorgons, as well as the recent agreements Sarah and her people had made on the Central Continent, he was at once calm and hasty.

His peace of mind came from the fact that there was unlikely to be anything against him in the coming months, either on the Central Continent or even at sea once he began his journey back to those lands.

But he was also in a hurry, as he had many promises to keep, revenge on his mind, a very dangerous journey ahead of him, and changes of plan to make.

He wanted his journey across the Divine Continent to end soon so that he could leave these lands and return to his home state, where he planned to spend about three years before finally leaving for the North Sea.

He hoped that neither Maxmillian nor Vico would fail in their attempts to advance during these years but also that they wouldn't succeed.

The ideal for him would be that one of them would leave their seclusion with a failure or a victory, and then they would go to the North Sea.

However, since it had been years since they had gone into seclusion to try to reach level 100, their success or defeat could happen at any time.

Worried about this, Minos had this mixed and contradictory feeling in his heart.


That afternoon, while training in a special high-level cultivation room of Julian's faction, Minos received a message from the Pantheon of Honor asking him to go to the organization's temple.

Thinking it must be important, he quickly left his wives alone to train and went to the temple, where Wren was standing by.

"Elder, I was called here." He said when he saw the beautiful white-haired woman.

"Minos, Merritt is waiting for you. Go where he is." She gestured to him.

Following the old white-haired man, Minos soon entered a room that seemed to have no boundaries, where he seemed to be in heaven, surrounded by clouds on all sides.

There, he saw the old Merritt sitting in a lotus position with a black bag containing something in front of him.

"Minos, it's good to see you well. I have something for you." He said, pointing to the bag.

Looking at it, Minos felt what was under the bag and understood what it was just before Merritt took the bag away and revealed the head of a woman who had snakes instead of hair.

"This was the leader of the Gorgons. I'm giving you this head to complete justice for what happened in your state recently."

Minos heard this and clenched his fists, then made a gesture of thanks to Merritt.

"Thank you for your assistance, elder. Without your help, my people would still be in danger." He said in a solemn tone.

"Hmm, don't thank me. It was fair. I'd do the same for any member of your caliber." He said as he pulled the black bag back over his head.

"This is a weapon for low-level people. If you want to give it to someone you trust, that person can turn those below level 90 to stone by opening and closing these eyes." He commented.

Gorgons had extreme powers, and the strongest of them could leave behind features like the one described even after their death.

Minos knew how valuable the head of a high-level Gorgon was and didn't refuse the gift.

"Thank you, elder. I'll do my best to repay you in the future."

"Hmm, anyway, Minos, how are you? Your departure from the Divine Continent is imminent. What will you do next? Any change of plans?" Merritt asked him curiously.

"I will return to my state, and as soon as I reach level 87, I will leave for the North Sea. But I don't intend to do anything other than what I've already told the elders of the council. That is, of course, if nothing else happens until then."

"Okay. That's good." Merritt closed his eyes after handing the Gorgon's head to Minos. "Now go. I'll see you again in two months, so I won't get in your way."

"I will. Thank you again, elder."

Minos soon made his way back to where his wives were, feeling one less weight on his shoulders.

With the leader of the Gorgon tribe dead, the chances of that tribe continuing to attack him would be exponentially reduced.

In any case, even if they still dared, now that Oswald had made a deal with Maximilian's men, the Gorgons in the Central Continent would have one more problem to deal with if they dared to go there again.

After Oswald's encounter with the level 99 beast that Minos already knew about, they reached a cooperation agreement between the Spiritual Church and the Black Plain Empire.

In exchange for food, more space for Church temples in the Black Plain Empire, and the support of Gloria's faction for Maximillian's group, the Church would maintain peace in the northern region against all enemies.

Such an agreement had completely committed the Black Plain Empire to the eastern side in the Central Continent conflict, but this would give the state of Minos further protection, at least until the war on that continent came to an end.

When that happened, everything could change depending on which side was victorious!

However, this was more than Minos and his people could handle at the moment, so they simply waited to see where fate would lead them as they cultivated and strengthened themselves.

And with that, time would pass quickly, and the next few weeks would fly by until the eve of the meeting of the members of the Pantheon of Honor.

After a long journey and years since he had promised to come to the Pantheon Of Honor meeting, it was finally time for Minos to join the members of the organization to decide on their next steps.

The next such event would take place just before the Continental Tournament, at the beginning of the new ice age, so the group of members of this organization had a lot to decide now!