Quickly crossing the wormhole space tunnel that connected the main city of the Snow area with Dry City, Minos and his group were soon back in the empire's capital.

Arriving at one of the satellite cities of the capital of the Black Plain Empire, their entire group saw that strange human area, which couldn't be found anywhere else in the Spiritual World.

On one side of the place where they arrived, there was a huge ring-shaped city surrounded by almost endless agricultural fields on the outside, while on the inside of the metropolitan ring, there was another area of plantations. In the center of this area was a space completely devoid of light, dark to the limit, something that emits crackling sensations even to mid-level Demigods.

"Is this the capital of the state of Minos?" One of the mermaids in the group wondered as she sensed the strange spiritual fluctuations in the area.

However, even though their group was basically made up of Demigods, none of them thought that Dry City was poor in spiritual energy. On the contrary, this city was currently as good as the most spiritual energy-rich places on the Central Continent!

It still lost out to the city where the Pantheon of Honor temple was located, as well as the headquarters of the dragons, elves, phoenixes, and sea folk. However, the difference between these places and Dry City was not significant.

You would only feel such a difference if you spent thousands of years in Dry City instead of one of these places!

Therefore, the group couldn't help but be surprised when they compared the sensation they felt when they arrived at this place with the stories they had heard before and even during their journey here.

Minos had elevated a poor area in the north of the central continent to a high level, a place that could even host high-level Demigods without embarrassment!

Forrest saw and heard the reactions of these beings for the first time in this city, and he agreed with them about what they thought of this place and of Minos.

As he did so, he saw their confidence grow, even though they would soon leave for the dangerous North Sea.

Seeing how capable Minos, the commander of their crew, gave everyone more confidence that they would survive such a voyage.

Forrest himself felt less doubtful than a moment ago, feeling once again the richness of this city, which not so long ago had been nothing like the current reality.

'Minos really is someone who can work miracles... Perhaps he can return from the North Sea.'

What worried Forrest the most was that Minos would not return, and he would be left alone with his faction members within the Spiritual Church. Even though young Stuart was still nothing compared to Maximilian, that could change soon, and this Cardinal very much wanted the brown-haired man next to him to be able to face Maximilian together with him.

Then he sighed and said. "Minos, I hope you will be successful on your journey. The Black Plain Empire, our allies, and my faction depend on your return from this journey.

When will you leave?"

"In a few years. I'll go into seclusion now, and when I reach level 87, I'll leave."

'Level 87, huh? That would temporarily make you level 89 when you use your innate ability.' Forrest thought as he flew with the group between the ring of cities and the dome of Dry City.

"Well, the stronger you are before the journey, the better. But I think that will be your limit. In no more than a decade, either Maximillian or Vico will show results from their seclusion." He said as everyone forgot Dry City to look at the black-haired man again.

"Let us hope they both fail in their advances. But if one of them succeeds, the war in the south of the continent will be over in a decade at the most. That's how long we have to prepare for the consequences if one of the two sides wins the war."

"That's enough," Minos said, thinking about the time he would take to get to and from the North Sea but also about the deals he had recently made that would bring many experts to his state in the coming years.

"It will take me six months to get to and from the North Sea. I'll try to explore the area in less than three years and then return. That should be enough for me to be in my city before the end of the war."

"Hmm, yes, that would be enough. But be careful. Your plans won't work out the way you think. The North Sea forces even Demigods to do things out of plan." Forrest advised.

"I know. Don't worry, we'll try to get back before that interval you mentioned." He looked into Forrest's eyes. "Do you expect to reach level 95 by then?"

"It is hard to say. It is much harder to advance at the 10th stage than on the 9th." Forrest commented without much hope.

A Demigod who could advance one level every 20 years could be considered extremely fast in their cultivation, a genius rarely seen in the world!

Forrest had only reached level 94 a few years ago. Therefore, he didn't know if he could advance to level 95 by the time of the Continental Tournament.

It wasn't impossible to advance before then, but the probability was very low.

"I see... Well, I'll try to get to level 89 by then. My state will also improve a lot in the meantime." Minos said confidently, knowing he had to improve a lot in the next few years.

Forrest didn't doubt Emperor Stuart's words. Before going to the east coast of the continent to await the arrival of Minos and his family, he had been to Dry City.

There were currently a few dozen Demigods there, many of them friends and allies of Minos, but some were soldiers of the Black Plain Empire.

Many of the high-level Sages that Minos had left in his state five or six years ago had improved their levels to the peak of their stage, and some had advanced to the 10th stage.

Even though many others were still stuck at level 89, most could advance in the next 10 years, which would give the Black Plain Empire more than 30 Demigods.

Considering the resources Minos had, Forrest didn't doubt that one or two level 90 Demigods from the local forces could advance to level 91 in the meantime. As difficult as it was to advance within the 10th stage, the first few levels were generally the easiest for cultivators to advance.

Since Minos had always worked wonders, Forrest didn't want to underestimate his ally!

Trusting his ally's words, they entered the dome of Dry City and quickly made their way to the imperial palace, where several of the Demigods currently in the area were.