"Father... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hide my relationship from the family, but you were away, and I didn't want to say this in a message." Sarah gathered her strength to say these words, trying to show her family that she hadn't intentionally kept them out of everything.

"Oh? And why didn't you tell us this right after we arrived in the city?" Minos asked, seeing that enough time had passed for her to tell him, and yet she hadn't.

He only found out because Gloria realized the problem and called him!

"I was scared," Sarah said, stuttering a little. "Father, George is very good to me. Even though his family sent him to look after us, he really loves me. Please don't do anything against him!"

"Whether he loves you or not is for me to decide." Minos closed his eyes, wanting to hit someone. "Where is that bastard? Why didn't the coward come to me to talk about it?"

"It's not his fault, father! I told him not to come near you!" Sarah said in a louder tone, protecting her man's honor.

That only irritated Minos more and made him dislike George even more.

Gloria saw that her husband was about to explode, and if Sarah said any more words, she would be punished on the spot, something Minos had never done before.

Then the mother said. "I already have his location and men watching him."

As much as Sarah deserved to be punished, Gloria didn't think it was appropriate for Minos to beat their daughter. No matter how big a mistake the girl had made, they couldn't take physical action against her.

"Where is he? I'm going to meet this little spy to see his intentions. If he really used my daughter..." Minos stopped at this part of his speech and looked seriously at Sarah. "I hope you're right. Otherwise, we'll all be in trouble."

Sarah said nothing more, as she had never heard her father speak to her so rigidly before.

Gloria then grabbed one of her daughter's wrists and said. "Let's go see him."

With that, she carried her daughter as she flew alongside Minos towards George's shop.

In the blink of an eye, they appeared in front of a painter's shop, a rustic place, relatively small but with many paintings on display.

Upon entering the shop, Minos immediately caught the attention of the few customers there, but especially George and his two bodyguards.

A level 94 man and a level 93 man immediately decided to move before their leader and appeared in front of Minos, wondering what this was all about.

But George wasn't a coward and also moved, seeing that his relationship with Sarah would no longer be a secret.

Not only that, but Sarah had probably told Minos everything that she couldn't keep to herself, even if she wanted to.

With the special power of the empress of this state, extracting the truth from anyone was a simple matter!

But George himself knew that Abby wouldn't even have to move for Sarah to tell the truth. Being a sincere person who didn't know how to lie, the young redhead with the frightened expression next to her mother would hardly keep the whole truth to herself.

George laughed bitterly in his mind at this situation, seeing no problem with Sarah 'betraying' him, as he had expected something like this to happen sooner or later.

"Your Majesty. It's good to see you again." He said, breaking the terrible silence at the entrance to his shop, as the few customers there fainted from Minos' intense presence.

Even without using the Dragon's Gaze, Minos' mental pressure was enough to knock out those customers and make the three members of the Sista family aware that he was not happy.

Seeing the young Sista heir he had met years ago to discuss the Continental Tournament, Minos clenched his fists, not expecting that this person would be the one to steal his daughter's purity.

"George Sista, do you realize what you have done? My daughter is not just anyone you can have a relationship with without commitment, without my permission, or even outside of my rules. No matter who you are, I won't let you get away with what you've done."

The two Demigods beside George stepped forward, aware that if Minos wanted to, he could kill the heir to their estate in an instant.

Minos saw their movement and gave them an ugly look, making them feel the pressure of a Dragon's Gaze.

'That has nothing to do with you, guards!'

The two guards listened in their minds and realized that even though they had much stronger cultivation than Minos, the young local leader would not be easy for them to deal with.

Then George raised his hands and asked his guards to calm down.

"I am aware, Your Majesty. I truly have good intentions for Sarah. I want to marry her." George got right to the point, making the young redhead look at him and smile, seeing he hadn't lied to her.

"Oh? But are you being honest?" Gloria asked. "George Sista, you have infiltrated our state without our permission. These words of yours are merely the speech of a spy caught red-handed. Why should we believe you?"

George knew it wouldn't be easy to gain the trust of this family and said. "I know that my acting in secret in your state may be suspicious. But I was only here on my mother's orders to observe whether our previous agreement would actually be fulfilled.

We are not enemies, and even after the war in the South began, our family still acted favorably toward the Black Plain Empire. Why would I come here to do something that would jeopardize our relationship?"

"I don't know. Maybe Vico has convinced them that there isn't enough room for all of us." Minos said, looking into George's eyes. "But if that's all, why don't you let me check everything out? You'll still have to make amends even if everything is true."

"I'm willing to do anything." He took a step forward.

"Let my empress use her power on you. If your feelings for Sarah are real and you have not acted for the evil of my state, I will allow you to live." Minos said, making the two strongest men there break into a cold sweat at the threat against George.