After Minos' threat, George bitterly laughed at his situation but without despairing.

What gave him confidence in the situation he was in wasn't the two Demigods there to protect him. What gave him confidence was the fact that he hadn't really come to Dry City with nefarious intentions. He'd also been honest about his feelings for Sarah.

When he first came to this place, his goal had been to observe the progress of Minos' children, whom Emperor Stuart had said he would send to the Continental Tournament.

To do that, he would have to get close to Kendrick and Sarah.

Kendrick was more difficult to get close to, as he was always away from Dry City, and even when he was there, he was always busy with family or women.

But Sarah had a more well-developed life locally, being a woman who occasionally strolled around the city and enjoyed the local options, such as theaters, restaurants, etc.

Sarah was also the strongest, which George thought would best reflect the Black Plain Empire's outcome in the Continental Tournament. So he approached her, intending to follow her spiritual progress and even help her if possible and necessary.

Amid his plans, however, George had become more deeply involved with Sarah than he had planned.

Drawn to her, and she to him, the two had developed a relationship over the past five years to the point where they knew exactly how they felt about each other.

George loved Sarah. He knew he wanted her in his life, so he wasn't afraid of Minos' threats, for when his father-in-law saw the truth about him, he was sure that his problems would not be fatal.

With that, he quickly accepted Minos' demand while at the same time asking his bodyguards not to get involved in this problem.

With his answer, Minos, Gloria, and Sarah soon made their way to the imperial palace, where Abby was attending to local matters.

Arriving at the empress' office without delay, Minos soon explained the situation to his wife, which was not entirely surprising since Abby herself, as well as Ruth and Isabella, had already noticed something different about Sarah.

But being on her husband's side, Abby soon used her skills on George, extracting the truth about the interests of this heir of Sista for all those who mattered in the situation to understand his feelings.

Hearing from George how much he loved her, Sarah was on cloud nine, seeing her instincts weren't wrong.

Even happier to have this confirmation, the princess shed tears of joy when she saw Abby finish using her ability on George.

"I told you! George and I love each other!" Sarah said as she ran to the First Prince of Sista's side, looking at her parents in a wronged way.

Minos and Gloria saw that they had been wrong to distrust George, but they didn't regret what they had done. Sarah was their daughter, their responsibility. How could they regret looking out for the welfare of their daughter?

But while Gloria felt less worried, Minos thought the situation couldn't end like that.

Then he said to George. "Very well, you will live. As someone who loves my daughter and hasn't acted for evil in my state, I won't ask too much of you.

But since you have stolen my daughter's purity, you must take her as your wife. George, you have one year to arrange a marriage with Sarah. If it takes longer than that... Well, we'll have problems."

"A year?" The two Demigods looked at each other while Abby and Gloria agreed that a marriage would be necessary.

"I can try. But I'd have to talk to my mother first." George said, aware he might be able to marry Sarah but not so sure that a year would be enough.

Minos continued. "Besides, you must understand that Sarah is my daughter. I won't accept you spending your free time with other women. If you want to be with my daughter, be prepared for her to be your only one."

When they heard this, Gloria and Abby looked at Minos, not expecting him to say such a thing when he had so many wives and partners.

That was especially true for Abby, his first wife and the one who had been the most reluctant to accept the others in the family.

'Funny how you don't do what you say yourself...' Abby closed her eyes and laughed bitterly.

Sarah thought the same and looked at Minos strangely. But she didn't say anything because she didn't want to share her husband with others.

As much as she loved her family, she didn't know if she could live like her mother.

"Your Majesty..." One of the Demigods spoke up, trying to defend George on this point since it was a tradition in Sista for successful men to have several wives.

"This is non-negotiable. Not only do I demand that you not marry anyone other than my daughter, but if I hear that you've been casually sleeping with other women, I will come after you, George." Minos threatened, looking into the blond man's eyes.

He was a womanizer himself. But Sarah was his daughter, and he wanted her to have the best marriage possible.

His marriages to different women had worked out, but cases like this were more rare than common. He had to demand such a thing to protect Sarah from a competitor who wasn't as harmonious as his wives.

George heard this and sighed, realizing he had an overly demanding father-in-law.

He looked at beautiful Sarah and said. "I can do this. I already have everything I want by my side."

"George..." Sarah smiled and blushed.

"Cough! Cough!" Minos closed his eyes, finding hearing and seeing this situation terribly painful.

"Everything I've said is basic and non-negotiable. But if you want my daughter, you'll have to prove it to me somehow." Minos said as he raised his aura, showing his level as he made even the solid walls of the imperial palace tremble.

"George, I challenge you to a duel of will. If you cannot withstand my pressure for even one minute, then forget the whole thing. I will not give my daughter to someone who does not have a will strong enough to endure the worst!"