Gloria sensed Minos was serious and quickly took her daughter away from George, while the two Demigods of the Sista family saw that the situation would not be resolved by talking alone.

The two Demigos didn't move immediately, seeing that their young master seemed willing to go along with this latest test from his father-in-law.

George raised his spirit and used his cultivation technique to deal with the spiritual pressure of Minos, who didn't wait to attack him, making him feel his knees tremble and almost knocking him down at the beginning of the duel.

George was at level 87, while Minos was at level 85. However, even without Emperor Stuart using his innate ability or Dragon's Gaze, he still got the upper hand in the duel.

At the very beginning of the duel, George began to sweat as he tried to keep his knees from touching the ground, and a shocked expression appeared on his face as he realized Minos' natural power.

Everyone who valued Minos these days did so because of his influence, cultivation speed, and ability to temporarily steal others' cultivation. But when he felt his father-in-law's aura, George realized this was only the surface of Sarah's father.

Even without using the Dragon's Gaze or his innate ability, Minos was still much stronger than him!

The difference was not insignificant, which shocked George, who had Golden-grade talent, Saint-grade Physique, and a complete set of Golden-grade techniques.

If he were ranked among the level 87 Sages of this world, George was confident that he would be among the 30 strongest humans in the world. Yet Minos, at level 85, was stronger than him!

'Is this the true power of Emperor Minos Stuart?' He asked himself as he grimaced, feeling pain as he tried not to make a fool of himself in front of his beloved's family.

'No wonder he's considered a monster! Even though he's at level 85, his spiritual pressure is not a bit lower than that of a level 88 cultivator!'

With the difference in Minos' favor, George soon realized there was no way he could maintain his position for long. Sooner or later, he would lose to his father-in-law, so he tried his best to hold out as long as he could.

With his strong determination, he put his hands over his body, trying to form a barrier over it to protect himself from the pressure coming from all sides.

Meanwhile, Sarah watched her father's display of strength and noticed the message Minos was sending her.

He was still the strongest, the one she could look to for help and protection!

As much as she would have her family with George, Minos would never stop being her father and helping her. As long as she sought his help, he would do his best to help her, even if she left the empire one day and went to live with that man in Sista.

Sarah was impressed by her father's power, seeing he could completely surpass even someone like George, who was a great continental talent.

According to George's own guards, Queen Sista had high expectations for her son, believing he would one day reach level 99.

But still, this man with great prospects ahead of him was practically kowtowing to someone two levels weaker than him!

Minos watched the time pass, and with almost 45 seconds since he had started the test with George, he noticed Sarah's boyfriend was struggling to resist him but still hadn't touched his knees to the ground.

'Tough, huh?' Minos thought as he smiled inwardly. 'Your talent and determination are not bad. I'll let you win this one so I won't humiliate you in front of my daughter, George.'

At this thought, Minos stopped increasing his mental pressure and kept it constant for the next five seconds before it gradually began to decrease, not too much to be obvious, but enough to give George some relief.

While influenced by Abby, George's statement had been enough for Minos to accept this heir of Sista alongside Sarah. His goal was not to make it impossible for Queen Sista's eldest son but to assess the prospects of this person he knew little about.

Even though he loved Sarah, that didn't mean he would be an ideal mate for her. George must have the talent, determination, and strength to defend himself and his family.

Seeing that the blond man in front of him had what it took to accept the current situation with Sarah, Minos decided to give Sista's heir a vote of confidence.

At the end of a minute, Minos stopped pushing him, and George finally felt relieved, but he couldn't stand it any longer and fell to the ground.

Before he fell, his two bodyguards held his body by the arms and prevented him from falling.

But inside, George knew that Minos had made it easy for him in the end.

'Damn it, he didn't use everything he had. He saw that I would lose and let me win.' George closed his eyes as he breathed heavily, feeling bad that Minos had spared him even though he really wanted this victory.

Minos looked at him strangely, and George soon realized this, opening his eyes to see Emperor Stuart's expression.


That look clearly told him not to mention it to Sarah and to continue as agreed.

"Not bad, Sarah. Not bad at all. You didn't make a terrible choice. Very well, I'll give my blessing to your union. Make your preparations quickly. Your wedding must take place within 12 months at the most."

With these words from Minos, he soon disappeared from the area, leaving his two wives next to George's men, this prince and Sarah.

"George, are you all right? Did my father hurt you?" Sarah approached her lover, worried but happy inside that everything had been resolved.

George didn't hesitate to answer. "I'm fine, don't worry. Anyway, we have a wedding to plan now. I guess I'll have to return to my state, Sarah."

He couldn't handle this subject without a face-to-face conversation with his mother. Considering the importance of a wedding between Sarah and him and its many implications, a lot would have to be discussed with the Sista family.

Sarah had already imagined this, as their relationship had always had this problem since she was a princess of the Black Plain Empire and he was the Crown Prince of Sista.

Although it was natural for princes and princesses to marry each other, their states were on opposite sides of a war. Even if their relationship wasn't bad, that could change if Maximilian or Vico won the war.

Whatever the outcome of this conflict, it was almost certain the western states would have some kind of problem with the Black Plain Empire after the war was over!

So, as much as he wanted to marry Sarah, George knew he had to talk to his mother first and make strategic changes with his family to make that possible.

"All right. When are you leaving?" Sarah asked, not wanting to be away from George but even more eager to marry him.

He thought for a moment and said. "I'm leaving in two days. I'll try to return as soon as possible with a result."