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(Insectoid Empire- Lo'vrean Galaxy)

(Unknown Location- Prison R-812)

"And of course, you cannot only punish your mate... one must give them the occasionally sweetness so that they keep coming back for more."

"The most important part of the training process is to make sure that they always associate your face with happy thoughts or pleasure."

"Now how I accomplished this is by..."

Sophie's face blushed bright red as her mother began to describe her techniques for capturing a mate.

Which to be perfectly honest sounded more like crimes than a romantic pursuit. Sophie felt a strange sense of sympathy for her father.

The hybrid girl floated closer to her mother and looked at her face.

It was definitely strange to see someone who looked like the older version of herself. Still, she was grateful to her mom for passing on her gorgeous looks.

"Are you listening baby? These are very important tips!" Thai'lle warmly spoke.

"Err... mom... my mate... Cleo... she is already mine. We have a pretty strong relationship," Sophie confessed truthfully.

"She?" Thai'lle asked with confusion evident on her face.

"Yeah... Cleo is a girl..." Sophie spoke honestly.

She did feel a bit worried coming out to her mom in their first meeting, but she didn't know when she would see Thai'lle again.

Besides something like this shouldn't be hidden from her mother.

"And this Cleo... who is she?" Thai'lle asked curiously. The former Arachnais princess was a bit taken aback but frankly who was she to judge.

If her daughter liked a human female, then there was nothing she could do about it except...

Make sure that this Cleo never hurt her precious baby.

"She is a member of the Imperial Family. A princess to be exact but the royal offsprings don't exactly have a tremendous amount of power or influence," Sophie replied casually.

"Hmm... one day I have to meet this Cleo character. I have to make sure that she isn't taking advantage of my innocent girl," Thai'lle frowned slightly as she focused on Sophie's face.

"You clearly seemed to have inherited some of your father's kindness and I know that other humans can be very cunning."

"Make sure to always be on your guard!"

Thai'lle voice was filled with a mix of concern and love as she gave Sophie some more advice on how to deal with her enemies.

There was not a single day that went by that Thai'lle did not regret that she did not have the chance to watch her daughter grow up.

There were just so many things that she wanted to teach her. She wanted to be a part of her daughter's life...

"I have always made sure to kill my enemies before they are a threat, if they are too powerful then bid your time and wait until you are ready before you strike," Thai'lle whispered softly.

"Mercy has no place on the battlefield. Kill or be killed. That is the only motto that you should follow."

"Your father to his credit understood that honour means nothing in a fight for survival. When we fought, he used dirty tricks and ambushes to throw me off my guard."

"It didn't work of course... but I knew that I had made the right choice in picking him as my lifelong mate."

Thai'lle lips gently curved upwards as she reminisced on the time, she had spent together with Rokan.

Those months were the happiest period of time in her life. She never expected to fall in love with a human, but she was glad that it was him.

"Mom...I..." Sophie's words were interrupted by a soft rustling noise that came from somewhere outside the cave's entrance.

Both Sophie and Thai'lle's faces turned in the direction of the noise at the same time.

Thai'lle frowned slightly as she got up from the bed and took out her knife from the sheath attached to her hip.

"Sweetie just give me a moment to deal with the trash and I'll be back soon..." Thai'lle spoke nonchalantly as she walked towards the noise.

She walked out of the range of Sophie's outstretched arm, so she was unable to see her daughter once more.

However, Thai'lle could vaguely sense her location due to the connection between the two of them.

Sophie floated slowly after her mother because she was curious about what kind of enemies her mom faced in this strange place.

Thai'lle walked outside and felt a cold breeze brush against her face.

She would usually be upset if someone or something came to bother her at night, but she was still in a good mood after talking to her daughter.

The former princess stepped forward and unleashed the full might of her spiritual aura.

The ground cracked beneath her feet and an intense pressure sent the ambushers in the grass to their knees.

With great difficulty they managed to crawl on their hands and legs out of the nearby bushes and their appearances could be seen under the light of the full moon.

They were Tyrieons.

Beast-like monsters with twisted deformed bodies covered in thick brown hair. The possessed five legs, two heads and jaws filled with razor sharp teeth.

The leader of the pack opened his large mouth and words began to flow out, "Kill... this... place... is... ours... get... out..."

No sooner had the words left his mouth, Thai'lle's figure had already vanished from the spot.

She reappeared behind the leader and two of her bladed appendages shot forward.

The leader collapsed on the ground with blood leaking out of the two horrific wounds in his chest area.

The rest of the pack howled to the sky and rushed forward at Thai'lle with madness burning in their gazes.

Thai'lle looked in the direction where she sensed her daughter and slowly closed her golden eyes. She reopened them and they were now completely crimson.

Bloodlust lurked behind her crimson gaze. Sophie looked at her mother and even she felt a shiver run down her spine.

If Sophie's bloodlust was a river, then her mother's bloodlust was the ocean itself. The aura around Thai'lle's body was as though she was sitting on a mountain of corpses.

She was a reaper.

Death and destruction would follow wherever she went.

The Tyrieons rushing towards the former princess slowed down and began to whimper as they faced such a terrifying foe.

But it was too late...

Thai'lle walked towards them with slow purposeful steps. Even though she seemed to be moving slowly, it was as though time itself had been frozen.

She stretched out her hands and ripped out the creatures' still beating hearts.

The beast-like monsters were so cowed by her aura that they did not resist even as they watched their companions die one by one in horrific ways.

When the last creature fell lifeless to the ground, Thai'lle stood in the middle of the battlefield with a bored expression on her face.

She wanted to show off a bit more in front of her daughter...