(Planet Caorn- Jasimin Island)

(Mariena Hotel- Penthouse Suite)

"Cleo!" Sophie cried out happily as she rushed over to her girlfriend and wrapped her arms around her tightly.

"Babe... you're... squeezing me..." Cleo wheezed as she tried her best to wriggle out of Sophie's iron- clad grip.

"Oh shit! Sorry!" Sophie exclaimed in shock as she took a step back and loosened her arms.

She may have gotten a bit too excited when she saw her girlfriend enter the room and forgot to control her strength.

"I missed you too," Cleo smiled warmly as she stood on her tip toes and pressed her lips against Sophie's shoulder.

Yeah... this was one of the disadvantages of having a girlfriend that was freakishly tall.

It was impossible to surprise her with a kiss on the lips when your full height couldn't even reach her mouth.

"How was the flight?" Sophie asked curiously as she led her girlfriend over to the bed and sat down on the mattress.

"Quite uneventful... I mainly played cards and virtual reality games with Astrid and Qiana for most of the journey," Cleo replied with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Did you know that Qiana is a horrible gambler? I must have gotten around two thousand Enas before Astrid stopped her from betting more."

"Really? I'll have to keep that in mind," Sophie exclaimed with a hint of disbelief in her voice.

Qiana was normally such a serious person that Sophie found it hard to believe that she enjoyed recklessly gambling during card games.

"Oh, wait I almost forgot... we arrived at the same time as the students from Atlas University, so we were all in the spaceport together," Cleo suddenly spoke up.

"That must have been fun..." Sophie quietly remarked as she exchanged a knowing look with her girlfriend.

"No! No! They were an absolute delight. They totally didn't spend the entire time pretending that we didn't exist," Cleo replied with heavy sarcasm in her tone.

Sophie giggled and stretched out her hand to brush a loose strand of hair from out of her girlfriend's face.

She missed this.

Of course, a week in a five-star hotel was hardly a tortuous ordeal but Sophie still felt slightly lonely all by herself.

She did exchange a few brief words with Jessie when she saw the blind girl around the hotel, but the conversations rarely lasted for more than two minutes.

Ryan avoided her like the plague which suited Sophie just fine since she could not stand the arrogant young noble.

As for Inya... Sophie was pretty sure that the Servie boy had not left his room since the day that she had met him on the beach.

"What's on your mind?" Cleo asked when she saw that her girlfriend's thoughts were drifting off.

"Just thinking about the other representative captains..." Sophie replied truthfully as she nuzzled closer to her girlfriend.

"Yeah, I remember you telling me about them over the communicator.

That Ryan guy sounded like an asshole," Cleo frowned slightly as she spoke.

She didn't like anyone insulting her girlfriend and the words that Ryan spoke to Sophie were very offensive.

"As for the Servie boy... hmm... I know some cultivators have drug habits but... it's strange that Mer University hasn't gotten him help to cure his addiction," Cleo hesitantly said.

"I agree... as far as I can tell he hasn't received any punishment or backlash for basically sleeping through the press conference," Sophie mused thoughtfully.

"Maybe his talents are so good that the university professors basically let him do whatever the hell he wants."

"Still... it's a bit strange... I'll ask Astrid later if there is anything she knows about black magic that isn't available on the Virtual Net," Cleo replied with furrowed brows.

"At least Jessie Ward seems normal," Sophie attempted to lighten the mood by switching focus to the remaining captain.

"The blind girl? She was a bit odd but certainly the most normal compared to the rest..." Cleo muttered quietly.

"Wait... does that include me?" Sophie gasped with a mock offended expression on her face.

"Honey... I love you but... you are certainly not a normal human," Cleo teased softly as she grabbed Sophie's shirt and pulled her head downwards.

This time her lips met Sophie's own, and the pair melted away into a soft lingering kiss that seemed to stretch out for hours.

When Cleo finally broke away from the kiss, her face was completely flushed, and a bright red tinge began to spread across the tips of her ears.

"Babe... how about we..." Sophie's voice trailed off as one of her hands cupped the corner of Cleo's breasts and began to squeeze the soft flesh.

"Have some fun..."

Cleo moaned breathlessly as Sophie's fingers playfully flicked and pinched her nipples beneath the fabric of her dress.

She could feel them harden in response to her girlfriend's naughty touch.

The princess rubbed her thighs together and felt the area between her leg begin to moisten.

"No... we can't... we're meeting... the girls in..." Cleo struggled to speak properly as Sophie began to suck on her neck.

The hybrid girl stuck out her tongue and gently licked up and down the surface of Cleo's skin prompting yet another moan from the princess.

"Please... we need to be in the dining room... in ten minutes..." Cleo fought down her rising urges and pleaded with her girlfriend to stop.

Sophie immediately halted her movements and gave Cleo some time to breathe.

She wanted nothing more than to toss her lover on the bed and spend a couple of passionate hours together but...

She would never force her girlfriend.

"Thanks darling," Cleo whispered quietly as she calmed down her racing heart and shot Sophie a grateful look.

There was a faint pinkish mist creeping up along the edges of Sophie's golden eyes, but the hybrid girl pushed down the urges rising up in her heart.

"Listen... how about when we return to your room later tonight... I'll treat you instead," Cleo seductively purred as she ran her finger down the middle of Sophie's chest.

"Don't tease me... because I'm going to hold you to your word tonight," Sophie darkly growled as she kissed her girlfriend fiercely on the lips.

The pair spent a few moments basking in the warmth of each other's company before Cleo got up from the bed and headed towards the door.

"You coming?" the princess smiled playfully as she beckoned for Sophie to join her.

Sophie got up from the bed and hurriedly walked over. She gently grabbed Cleo's hand and then the pair exited the room.

Astrid and Qiana had left a message around half an hour ago telling them to head to the dining room in the west wing.

The Mariena Hotel was a massive ten story building with enough rooms and amenities for all the students who would be housed here.

However only the students from the Four Great Universities would be placed in this five-star hotel... the rest would have to settle for basic accommodations.

Each university had a separate dining hall for their students located in the east, north, west, and south wings respectively.

This was to prevent any fights or incidents from occurring.

Sophie was gratefully for whoever came up with that idea since she was pretty certain that her encounters with Atlas University students would not go smoothly.

Actually, there was one person who she was on pretty decent terms with.

Sophie made a mental note to herself to say hi to Leona before the tournament begun.