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Chapter 581: Red Herring

Venerable Shi was unphased by their union, “Sect Leader, inner sect is the core of the sect. It has always been this way. Weakening it will weaken the sect. By siding with the Labor Office, Sect Leader neglects his duty and threatens our foundation by paying an impossible price!”

Xie Wuyue admired Venerable Shi for his sound logic.

No matter how run down the inner sect became, it was the root of the sect. Giving it all up in favor of a new one would be paying a heavy price, a price the sect couldn’t afford.

But it wasn’t like the sect was paying for anything, was there? Zhuo Fan waltzed into the sect like a tycoon and left Xie Wuyue free of worry.

He wouldn’t twitch even if he had to build eight new inner sects. He wasn’t the one paying.

“Ha-ha-ha, Venerable Shi you’re too anxious. The rise of the Elite Labor Office is unstoppable, reaching the inner sect’s level in such a short time. Letting it all go would be such a waste. And besides, this is the merit of the Labor Office. I always give laborers a way out. No matter how hard it may be, those that walk it are the cornerstones of our sect.”

Xie Wuyue squinted, “Since we’re all here, I propose we make an exception to the rule and turn laborer Zhuo Fan into an elite, on account of his outstanding contributions. What do you say?”

Venerable Bai nodded, “Zhuo Fan is smart and talented. Becoming an elite for his merits is only just. I also propose that the Labor Office with its strong disciples is entitled to vie for the elite spots. It would be such a waste of talent to leave them there.”

“Yeah, please allow it, Sect Leader!” Venerable Bai’s faction agreed on the spot, all the people who couldn’t get anything back in the inner sect.

Venerable Shi knew about their desires very well, “Ridiculous, as venerables and elders you dare defy the ancestral rule? Sect Leader, the elite area has had clear rules since the dawn of our sect, only the best can enter it, while the Labor Office is filled with hopeless rejects and criminals. Wasn’t the High Venerable, even with his immense glory in coming out of the Labor Office, banned from being an elite as well?”

“The ancestors had made this rule to prevent nepotism and the ruin of the sect. While Zhuo Fan and the rest, be it potential or strength, are among the best in the sect. Everyone can see it, and there’s also the sect’s rule. If anyone gains the approval of the majority of elders and venerables, he can become an elite. Who is against it? “

Venerable Qi and Bai spoke up, “We agree and go with the Sect Leader’s decree.”

“We agree as well.” Labor Office’s side of oldies bowed.

Venerable Shi held his nose knowing this was bound to happen, “The opinions are halved and can’t reach a decision. Laborers do not care for rules, and will sow discord once in the elite area. This decision is not to be made rashly!”

“Yeah, Venerable Shi is right!” Inner sect’s faction bobbed their heads.

But a loud voice cut him off, “Enough of your goddamn blabbering. This here’s a demonic sect! Have you seen any saints around? Or anyone going by the books? Going by your idea, those elites would be holed up in their homes. Those are not elites, but wastrels are more like it! Or getting in through connections.”

A fatty in yellow barked, followed by a beanpole and a scholar, Three Fiends of Hell.

Xie Wuyue frowned, “This is an inner sect meeting. Why are you here?”

“We heard the motion to dissolve the Elite Labor Office and came to see who the hell is butting in and is against such a great place? It’s been ages since the elite area produced anyone decent. And now that we have a good source of seeds, you want to call it off? Who the hell dares?” Fiend Yang pointed at the inner sect’s oldies.

Venerable Shi’s mouth perked up in a twisted smile, he signaled the second elder and he snickered inside too.

Xie Wuyue was puzzled, “Who told you that?”

“It’s all the rage in the elite area. We’d be deaf to not hear it.” Fiend Yang fumed.

Xie Wuyue was curious, [The elite area is talking about it? But they only just mentioned it…]

Noticing Venerable Shi’s cold look, Xie Wuyue was late to stop him from speaking, “Fiend Yang, I proposed it. Representing the High Venerable in managing the inner sect, I must uphold the sect’s rules and honor. You might be thirsty for talents, but no laborer shall ever become an elite. If word got out that we did this, then we’ll be the laughingstock of the world! They’d say no one’s good in our sect.”

“You call this dishonorable? I’ll give you real dishonor!” Fiend Yang shouted, “Going to give someone a beating only to be pummeled instead. Dozens went to the last Double Dragon Gathering yet only four came back. That’s dishonor, when…”

Fiend Yang began recounting the past.

Fiend Gui and Fiend Yin were crestfallen every time they heard it. That time was simply horrible.

Venerable Shi showed a smug look, sending a message to the second elder, “I just knew he’d go on and on about pointless history. This should give us two hours.”

“Ha-ha-ha, brilliant, Venerable Shi. With the High Venerable in seclusion and everyone here, there’s no one watching the Labor Office and those two brats can have a blast!” Second elder snickered.

Venerable Shi’s eyes flashed, while Xie Wuyue was getting more and more suspicious. [What’s the old timer up to? His proposal is useless so why does he still insist on it…]

Meanwhile, at the cemetery’s most popular attraction, a man and a girl appeared. They looked on with disdain and released a dreadful aura.

“Is this the Elite Labor Office that has got the whole sect abuzz? It hasn’t been here for long yet it’s close to ruining the inner sect. They sure seem rich to be able to do it.” A seventeen-year old girl mocked them.

The handsome guy next to her had an evil smile, “Right you are, junior sister Yujuan. They are rich but dare to fight the inner sect. It’s time to teach them some manners and ingrain in their hearts, the right place for laborers. Once here, you can never get out. No one here is worthy of becoming an elite, ever!”

“Right!” Yujuan stuck out her chest, “Where’s their manager? Elites Yujuan and Chi Feng are here to test you wretched laborers and see if you’re worthy of something besides sweeping.”

The trial takers waiting in line for the doors turned around. No matter how rude and foul the couple was, they were elites of the sect.

[Steward Zhuo didn’t lie, he has paved a way for us to reach heaven, out of despair and into a world of glory and promise.]

The crowd rushed the two with excitement, which only made the couple thicken their disdain.

Gui Hu and the rest walked over, “Senior brother Chi Feng, it’s been a while. I heard the elite area will be coming to pick disciples from us but didn’t know it would be you two and not the three venerables. But the elders and venerables of the Labor Office are away and I will have to accommodate you. Please tell me about your choices.”

“Gui Hu, weren’t you Grand Elder’s prized pupil? What are you doing here? Such a shame.” Chi Feng was stunned.

Gui Hu waved his hand, “Just some minor mistake and master threw me here, though calling it a fortunate mistake might be better. Labor Office isn’t what it used to be. It’s filled with opportunities, with now even elites being picked from it. I should make the cut as well, ha-ha-ha…”

The couple only had mockery for him.

[Labor Office with opportunities? Don’t make me laugh. We’ll make sure there won’t be any Labor Office after today!]

The two’s eyes glinted.