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Chapter 587: Elites’ Strife

In a quaint pavilion, a girl was pacing around bored and kicked the water when the boredom got the best of her.

It was none other than one of the culprits that had wrecked the Labor Office, Pang Yujuan.

Fiend Yang chewed her out the instant he got back, though he couldn’t do much else, not with a good excuse in place and the elders on their backs.

A mere slap on the wrist.

The fiends didn’t want a blow out and refrained from being harsher, only putting them on house arrest. In Yujuan’s case, she was so bored that she had nothing better to do than to kick water.

“Junior sister Yujuan is so refined and elegant as she plays in the water.”

Yujuan paused mid kick and mocked, “What else is there to do? While I am stuck at home for so long, it’s either this or go stir-crazy!”

With a snicker, Chi Feng walked over and whispered in her ear. She perked up in an instant, “You really brought your grandpa’s halberd?”

“He-he-he, grandpa gave it to me. He figured the three old coots will do something like this and gave me the 7th grade demonic treasure. And this Heaven Piercer can crush any barrier. The old coots might have set one up around the elite area, but we can now just walk out of it.” Chi Feng raised a smug eyebrow.

Yujuan was giddy, jumping all over, “What are we waiting for? Let’s blow this barrier open and go have some real fun!”

“Hey, junior sister, I’m not done talking yet. Why the rush?”

Chi Feng cut her enthusiasm by holding her back as his eyes glinted.

He laughed at her perplexity, “Junior sister, we’re not out on a stroll. Grandpa gave me the Heaven Piercer and a mission. It’s not just to get out of this boredom, but to do something as well.”

“What, tell me! You know we’re like two peas in a pod, your problem is my problem.” She hit her chest with pride.

Chi Feng nodded and smiled, “Nothing hard, just go wilder this time. Do you know why the old coots have gotten us stuck here, or why they’ve forbidden elites from leaving the area? “

“Why?” Batting her big eyes, Yujuan asked, engrossed.

Chi Feng grinned, “You wouldn’t believe even if I told you. After we messed up the Labor Office, they are now holding an apology banquet. Our two grandpas and the old coots represent us in accepting the apology. If we go as well, we’d be sure to humiliate and taunt them until they can’t hold it in. That will give our grandpas the excuse to crush the Labor Office. But the old coots want to avoid it at all costs.”


Yujuan laughed after a moment, “Who the hell is that spineless elder or venerable running Labor Office anyway? He got smacked around the first time and now he turns the other cheek forward. There’s no way such a guy can match the inner sect’s venerables and elders in ploys, hi-hi-hi…”

Chi Feng nodded, “I heard the one leading the Labor Office is just a disciple. No elder or venerable would just bend a knee like this. And the guy is even Sect Leader’s aide, forcing the others to listen to him. But I bet that after this stunt, none of them will ever give him any attention.”

“Aide? Hi-hi-hi, he only cares about elites yet he trusted this important task to someone out of his circle? No way a disciple can match the elders and venerables, and now look at him, bowing down to apologize.” Yujuan giggled with a naughty glint in her eyes. Then she grabbed Chi Feng and ran outside, “What are we waiting for? We have a job to do. I’m dying to see which cowardly disciple thought himself so high and mighty and now is about to get a beating!”

Chi Feng smiled along, “A fool without a doubt. He must’ve got Sect Leader’s favor to lead this job and now he’s in a sorry state from botching the job. All he can do is give up, ha-ha-ha…”

Yujuan giggled as the two went for the barrier.


Just then, a white ribbon shot for their heads.

They panicked and barely dodged it.

The ribbon slammed into a cliff like a sword, right as a gentle lady floated down on it. Her smile was bright, but her eyes were deadly cold, “The elite area is sealed. No one can get in or out, especially you two brats. Did you forget already? ”

“Oh, it’s senior sister Bai Lian. And here I thought it’s someone important.” Yujuan mocked, “Just like how Venerable Bai can’t handle our grandpas, neither can you touch us.”

Bai Lian said, “Grandfather may be a venerable and displeased with some people, but it has nothing to do with me. I have not come here to settle grudges, but to uphold the rules.”


Chi Feng gave his thumbs up, “I do admire senior sister’s civic duty. It’s why I like you. But it’s best that you turn a blind eye today. We’re of the same cultivation and Yujuan is in the 4th layer Radiant Stage. With two on one, senior sister can’t handle us both.”

“Well aren’t you confident.”

Her smooth eyebrow arched in a taunt, “Chi Feng, you’ve not once beaten me. When did you get so cocky?”


Chi Feng laughed, “Senior sister, that is because of my endless and undeniable admiration for you. But now that I have a job to do, I can’t go easy on you any more.”

“So you mean you’ve always held back?”

“Why else? You think some broad like you can ever match me?” Chi Feng sneered.

Bai Lian nodded, “Then let me see what you’re really made of.”

Bai Lian shot for the two as the white ribbon flew in her hand.

The massive Yuan Qi made the couple tense up and dodge away.


What was left behind was a dozens of meter deep crater ruining the place.

Chi Feng was startled while Yujuan paled. He could put up a tough front all he wanted, but he knew fully well that Bai Lian was as strong as him.

Even though he never went all out against her till now, he knew that even if he did that, victory wasn’t certain. Choosing instead to bide his time for the right moment to finish her off.

[He never thought that time would be now.]

“Fire Storm!”

Seeing the hundreds of ribbons coming at them again, Chi Feng swiped with his two fingers and a fire sea exploded forward.

Yujuan got to work as well, holding her palms together and unleashing a tornado into the fire sea to amplify its power.

While weaker, the two made for a good match in skills and increased Chi Feng’s move’s power by 40%.

“Moon’s Wind Embrace!” Yujuan shouted again.

At this point, Bai Lian turned serious. The hundreds of ribbons shot like meteors, absorbing the fire and wind, then smashing into the couple.

Meteor Shower!

Feeling that great power upon them, the two were startled. Even women were capable of incredible feats.

But then a cool breeze made the meteors fizzle out before they could hit them, ending up slumping on the ground.

The grass withered and the earth turned black.