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Chapter 592: Apology Gift

All eyes turned towards the entrance of the valley.

A thin figure skipped over, with a humble smile on his face as he lowered his head each time he met people, “Sorry, sorry, I’m a little late, ha-ha-ha…”

Second and seventh elders’ eyes shone with disdain.

[Is this the guy that has the Elite Labor Office in his grip? He might have shown power in the inner sect competition but he won’t get anything done without a backbone. He must be shaking in his boots to resort to such a humiliating banquet.]

Every oldie of the inner sect and even some of their disciples mocked him.

While the Labor Office side’s faces were burning red hot, from shame and remorse of being humiliated with this guy.

Even so, they did find it strikingly odd how the ever decisive and oh-so-wise Steward Zhuo had turned into a sap.

Zhuo Fan sported the same warm smile all the way to the front table and bowed, “Many apologies. I got delayed and ask for your forgiveness.”

“Ha-ha-ha, it’s all good. All that matters is that we’re all here.” Fiend Yang hated Zhuo Fan’s wimpy attitude but still mediated, “One day Elite Labor Office and inner sect shall be the pillars of Demon Scheming Sect. We must put the past behind us.”

[Sure we will.]

Second elder scoffed inside along with the seventh elder and they were both grinning from ear to ear.

Second elder began with his standard humiliation, “Zhuo Fan, you’ve arranged this apology banquet, yet you’re the one coming last. Do you call that being sincere? You better make it up to us or you’ll never hear the end of it.”

“Aren’t we all here? Why are you being so stubborn?”

Venerable Qi banged the table while the two elders bore the same jeering smile.

[He-he-he, they’re about to pop. It’s best if you start the whole mess.]

Seventh elder jived, “Venerable Qi, it is your side that has come up with the apology banquet for the wrongs you’ve done to us. So Elite Labor Office better kowtow with sincerity for their mistakes. Do you have the right attitude? Why can’t I feel an ounce of sincerity from you? We will not stand for this outrage and arrogance and we will go to the Sect Leader with this!”

“Why you…” Venerable Qi gnashed his teeth, ready to come to blows.

Zhuo Fan dismissed the tense mood, “Now now now, Venerable Qi, please settle down. We’re the ones in the wrong. Seventh elder is right, we need to be earnest in our apology. Please sit back down.”

Venerable Qi glared at him and wished to thrash the punk. [Didn’t you say it was their fault? Why is it that you are acting like it was our mistake?]

Those old coots were smug on having a good excuse and now they are after everything. There had never been a case where a grand venerable was shamed by mere elders.

Sighing, Venerable Qi slumped in his chair, while Kui Lang’s group were fuming mad at Zhuo Fan.

[Who’d have thought Steward Zhuo would end up being such a coward in front of the elders.]

Their faith in Zhuo Fan was crushed, with the laborers hanging their heads in shame.

[This is taking the camp by defeating the general, ha-ha-ha…]

The inner sect was laughing inside.

Second elder nodded in appreciation, his grin so bright, “Steward Zhuo, we can feel your sincerity, but the real offenders…”

“Not to worry, they will definitely give the elders a sincere apology.” Zhuo Fan caught on and turned to Kui Lang’s gang, “Don’t just stand there, apologize!”

The four were shaking with outrage.

Second elder grinned inside, [That’s the pigheadedness I wanted to see.] And he made sure to add more fuel to the fire, “Is this how you apologize? Humph, you better knock that forehead, and adulate us too. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll buy it.”

[Adulate your granny, you creep!]

Kui Lang banged the table but Zhuo Fan stopped him from rising.

Zhuo Fan squinted, “Uh, to be honest, it’s all my fault. I should apologize, it is the whole purpose of this banquet. If elders wish for adulation, then that is what I shall offer.”

“Steward Zhuo!” Kui Lang shouted. Zhuo Fan waved him off.

The two elders pondered as smugness festered on their faces.

[Well, he is the top dog of the Elite Labor Office. Getting him on his knees will crush the Labor Office.]

This was way better than making Kui Lang’s group blow out.

[He-he-he, here we are wracking our heads on how to make the punk submit, yet he does it of his own free will. Brilliant!]

[Serves you right for messing with fire!]

The two elders laughed and nodded, “As long as you go all the way, sure. Now say that the Labor Office will never mess with the inner sect and elite area again and we’ll call it even.”

“Sure, just don’t regret it. There are many elders and venerables present.” Zhuo Fan clapped back.

The two elders nodded like winners, “Of course, we are prideful elders who will never pick on laborers.”

“I knew I could trust the elders’ sincerity!” Zhuo Fan switched tunes right then and there. His face took on a heavy look, like kowtowing was an ordeal.

Kui Lang’s side knew he was trapped in this humiliating scene but still shouted.

“Steward Zhuo, I’ll do it for you. Sir is the head of the Labor Office. You can’t lower yourself. What will it make of the rest of us.”

“No, let me! Steward Zhuo saved me and the least I can do is take Steward Zhuo’s shame for myself.”

“No, me! You’ve looked over Yue’er for so long…”

“Yue Ling, why is a woman fighting me over this? I’ll do it!”

All of them were fighting to take Zhuo Fan’s shame. The two elders were sullen though, to find that Zhuo Fan was seen in such high regard after only managing Elite Labor Office for a short amount of time. He could even make these proud talents fight over who was to take this burden.

[Inner sect lost against him in this regard. They only know how to kiss ass.]

[This place must not survive any longer!]

The elders shouted, “Quiet, will you? This is Zhuo Fan’s matter and he must take responsibility for it. I will not rest until I see him banging his head three times!”

The others shook and their hearts sank.

They figured out these two were out to get Zhuo Fan by all means necessary. They couldn’t care less for some disciples.

Zhuo Fan shrugged, “See how much the elders care about me? Now don’t fight any more since I am the one to blame here.”

Zhuo Fan let a snicker slip out as he watched the audience before stopping on the elders with an apologetic smile, “Elders, I deeply regret my actions and ask for your forgiveness. To show my deep sincerity, I’ve prepared a gift and then I shall kowtow!”

[I never knew such a masochistic and spineless fool existed. Wasn’t it our two brats who challenged the Labor Office? How did it turn out in our favor?]

[But if he insists on a gift, we can’t just let his sincerity go to waste. That would be bad manners.]

The elders snickered.

Zhuo Fan’s hand shone and revealed five boxes.

Three he gave to the fiends and bowed, “I hope this will help atone the harm that came to your disciples.”

[We all know who’s to blame here so why must you debase yourself so much?]

Three Fiends of Hell shook their heads and Fiend Yang spoke, “This gift is your promise to us, but we understand more than everyone. You don’t have to apologize, because you represent the entire Elite Labor Office.”

“Ha-ha-ha, I shall bear that in mind.” Zhuo Fan bowed.


Three Fiends of Hell looked at the glorious light spilling out from the boxes, taking in the thick spiritual energy and their eyes bugged out in shock.

Everyone else cried, “9th grade demonic treasures!”