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Chapter 593: Both at Once

[9th grade demonic treasure?!]

The two elders’ eyes twitched with greed and hope. The dazzling light show coming from the boxes blinded them.

They had heard how the Elite Labor Office was filthy rich, but seeing was believing. [This kid took out three 9th grade demonic treasures, and by the looks of it…]

“They are top quality…” The fiends traced the baubles in their hands, astounded.

The elders’ hearts skipped a beat and they turned to Zhuo Fan’s last two boxes.

[The brat can fake kowtowing if it means getting our hands on such priceless demonic treasures. It’s all worth it.]

Zhuo Fan snorted inside and tapped the boxes.

The two elders were dying to know what’s inside those boxes by now. They just had to have those shiny and marvelous trinkets.

Yet Zhuo Fan milked the suspense for all its worth, until they couldn’t even sit straight. Only then did he say, “Elders, I will ask you one last time. If I kowtow and apologize, will you leave this matter be?”

“As elders of the sect, our word is gold. Now hurry up with the gifts!” Second elder didn’t do well with patience.

Seventh elder’s eyes never left the boxes, his brain on the fritz.

Zhuo Fan grinned and offered the boxes, “Ha-ha-ha, then if you would please honor me, elders.”


The two were already eager to open them but what they saw stopped them in their tracks.

Everyone was curious too, while Zhuo Fan shed his humble smile to replace it with a more sinister expression to match the mood.

“What treasures could have them so lost for words?” Fiend Yang asked. Peering over those boxes had him shocked as well.

Now that baffled the audience even more. [Just what divine items are those boxes carrying?]

Fiend Yang stammered, “H-heads… Chi Feng and Yujuan’s heads!”

[Say what?!]

Everyone was floored. Everyone knew those two elites, yet here their heads were served in neat little boxes for their respective grandpas.

[Is he suicidal?]

They turned a stiff gaze towards Zhuo Fan, whose savagery was laid bare.

[He did it on purpose. He is a lunatic and psychotic to taunt the elders so much. And to think we took him for a wimp before, when in fact he has the biggest testicular fortitude of all!]

“Well, elders? Is my gift to your liking?” Zhuo Fan drove it in, like he had done them a favor.

“Zhuo Fan!”

The elders howled like wraiths, their eyes were bloodshot and they exploded with power. The fancy decorations and gourmet food around them was pulverized.

Gui Hu’s side cried out as they were blown away. Venerable Bai and Qi rushed over to Zhuo Fan’s side to shield him while giving him stunned looks.

[What’s wrong with this kid? When he acts, he shakes the world.] Just now they were thinking he was some poor sap, so puny they felt like beating him themselves.

Though that persona was shed in an instant when he slaughtered other’s kin. No elder or venerable of the sect would resort to this madness while he did it in passing.

[Just what is going on in that head of his?]

Everyone lost all contempt for Zhuo Fan, and their hearts were now filled with fear.

[He’s deranged, the worst enemy to have…]

“Now, don’t tell me the elders find my gift short.” Zhuo Fan scratched his nose as he smiled, “After I poured my heart and soul into it. Even went to great lengths for the elders to be able to hug their grandchildren. Or I’d have thrown those heads to the dogs!”


The elders roared, exploding with bloodthirst and desire for revenge.

Fiend Yang intervened before things got more dangerous, “Now hold on, we must first get to the bottom of it.”

He began, “Zhuo Fan, tell me the truth, did you kill them? But they were in the elite area.”

“Yep, what else did you think this apology banquet was for anyway?”

Zhuo Fan chuckled, “I went to the elite area bright and early, snatched a couple of heads, then rushed back here. That’s why I had to apologize to you, venerables. Forgive me for making a scene in your area. But since you’ve forgiven me, all is good. The second reason was to apologize to the elders. Sorry, I wasted your kin, though I do hope you can look past this…”

“Y-you meant to apologize for this?!” Fiend Yang cried.

Everyone was in shock. [You mean to tell me Steward Zhuo ran late to the banquet because he was rampaging in the elite area?]

[And he made it just in time to apologize, I mean taunt.]

[Freaking crazy!]

None could believe their ears that a laborer would go so far…

Zhuo Fan smiled at Fiend Yang, “Ha-ha-ha, venerable, why ask when you know already? Didn’t these brats cause a scene at the Labor Office? It was not our fault so why would we apologize for it? I held this banquet for the sole reason to apologize to everyone. Haven’t I been clear enough already? I’m embarrassed that I had to harm your disciples…”

“But I thought you meant Tie Ying broke Yujuan’s hand…” Fiend Yang was dumbfounded.

Zhuo Fan snickered, “Did I do that? I’ve personally come here to apologize, but since you said there’s no need for it, the elite area matter is now closed. Don’t tell me you’re going back on your word, not with so many elders and venerables around.”

The fiends’ faces twitched and they looked at each other with dumb looks thinking how they had played right into his hand.

This brat challenged their elite area and killed their wards yet now they’ve accepted his apology with smiles on their faces and a few trinkets in their pockets.

“What about them? What apology did you have in mind for them?” Fiend Yang grumbled at Kui Lang’s gang.

Zhuo Fan lied on the spot, “They’re guilty of being weak. The only reason these brats could make a scene was because they weren’t strong enough to stop them. But like I said, their fault is small while I’m the true criminal here. Don’t you listen?”

“Cut the crap!”

Second elder blew a gasket, “You had planned for this all along, mixing both of them to gloss over your actions. Do you think your ridiculous excuse is gonna fly after murdering in broad daylight? I’ll have your head for this!”

“Oh, but you did promise that you’ll let this slide with a few bumps on the floor…”

“As if! I’ll have you torn limb from limb for what you’ve done!” Second elder roared and the seventh elder growled as their power exploded.

Venerable Bai and Qi were on guard, but Zhuo Fan merely shrugged, “Couldn’t be better. Now I don’t have to kneel.”

“Insidious rotten bastard, die!”

Second elder shot for him, with the seventh elder right behind him. The huge amount of power came at him in waves.

Zhuo Fan squinted and put on a calculating smile.

Venerable Qi and Bai interfered and pushed the two back, warning, “You’re forgetting your place, elders. Think about the consequence of breaking the sect’s rule for attacking a disciple.”

“Your granddaughter didn’t die so of course you don’t care!” Second elder glowered, “Do you think you can defend the punk forever?”


Zhuo Fan gave a slow clap as he stepped forward from behind the venerables with his trademark evil smile, “Well put. I feel for the elders’ love for their grandchildren. Why don’t I give you two a shot, as per sect’s rule, a lower status person can attack a higher status person without fearing the consequences. I killed your grandchildren within the purview of the sect’s regulations. Now it’s your turn to be challenged, so if you manage to tear me limb from limb afterwards, no one will get to say a thing.”

The two were stumped and the audience was in shock. A disciple challenging an elder? That has never happened before. No one in their right mind was that suicidal.

Venerable Bai and Qi were floored by Zhuo Fan’s decision.

“Deal!” The two elders agreed before anyone else could interfere.

Zhuo Fan snickered, “Then, both at once…”