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Chapter 595: No One’s Going Anywhere!

“7th grade demonic treasure, Soul Eater!”

Second Elder figured out he was getting the short straw when it came to using his soul to attack, which rendered the Ethereal Stage’s defining ability useless.

Left with no choice, he’d fight the old-fashioned way. There was no way his larger Yuan Qi, thanks to his Ethereal Stage cultivation and the help of the 7th grade demonic treasure, couldn’t chop the punk up.

Fighting with fists against a Radiant Stage cultivator was utterly ridiculous for an Ethereal Stage expert. However, everyone here knew he was forced by circumstances.

But if there was one thing Zhuo Fan prided himself on, it was his body. Coupled with his sturdy Qilin arm that no tool could scratch, that 7th grade toy was nothing but a toothpick.

Grinning from ear to ear, Zhuo Fan said, “Second Elder, allow me to send you off to your grandson. Hi-hi-hi, Ghostly Dragon Claw!”


The draconic roar added to the Qilin’s glowing arm, amplifying the strike.

Suddenly, dozens of wind blades came for Zhuo Fan’s back.

The soul vibe from them spoke volumes. The attacker was an Ethereal Stage expert as well.

Glancing beyond the wind blades at Seventh Elder, Zhuo Fan smirked, uncaring as his claw continued.


The claw and sword clashed, letting out sparks, followed by the sound of the sword cracking.

With a bang, the 7th grade demonic treasure broke like a twig under Zhuo Fan’s attack, and as it reflected in Second Elder’s horrified eyes, it struck home.


A simple groan came as blood and gore spurted from smashing Second Elder into a pulp. The area reeked of blood within seconds, staining the ground and sending a shiver down the audience’s spine.

It was one thing to guess Zhuo Fan’s master plan and another to see it executed with such ease.

[The brat went and frickin’ done it…]


A blaze came from the pile of red goo, flying as fast as it could from here.

Having cooled down, Second Elder knew he’d been duped. Everything Zhuo Fan did was a meticulous effort to take their lives.

It hadn’t even been five exchanges, and he was already down one body. He was filled with regret now for his raging temper.

It only spoke volumes of how insidious and cunning the kid was. Now, his only chance was to get the hell out of here and under Venerable Shi’s wing.

One day, he would have his revenge.

He noticed Zhuo Fan’s cold eye behind, his intent to chase, though the wind blades had to be addressed first.

[He’ll have to choose between getting wounded and chasing me or defending himself.]

Second Elder’s soul regained his confidence, finding the time to monologue, “You haven’t seen the last of me, brat!”

“Oh, but I have.”

Zhuo Fan smirked and fixed his eyes on that red flicker flying away as his right eye shone golden, “Divine Eye of the Void’s 2nd stage, Void Annihilation!”


Second Elder was struck by something invisible, piercing his soul and tearing him apart from the inside. He was gone before he could even announce the agony he was in.

The red flicker was gone from this world.

[Second Elder’s dead!]

Thanks to having formed his soul, Void Annihilation affected the metaphysic as well, soul included.

Zhuo Fan’s pearly white smirk was chilling to the core.


The sounds came from his surroundings as the wind blades found their target. They tore his clothes and were just a hair’s breadth from striking his body.

With Second Elder taking his focus, he had no time to spare the attacks any attention before they were upon him.

Second Elder’s death came as a great surprise for Seventh Elder; of joy.

He used this tactic to attack while the kid was busy with Second Elder so there’d be no way to cope with two sides coming at once. Yet the brat was so vicious he forwent the sneak attack and went to deal with Second Elder for good.

Though in this way left himself open for the soul wind blades. No matter how tough he was, it was bound to hurt him good.

[Second Elder, die knowing you helped me get revenge for you, he-he-he…]

A bit too soon to celebrate however, since Zhuo Fan was still alive. He wasn’t about to let the guy have his way, or the great steward would be ridiculed to no end.

Zhuo Fan spoke, “Blood blade.”


The sharp wind blades and their sharp ringing stabbed him with pain, but then a red light came from his body and crushed the wind blades before they touched him.

It then sped straight for Seventh Elder with impunity.

[What the hell is that?]

The old man was startled by it and sent another wind blade.

Yet it just kept coming.

It entered his body and made him shiver as blood leaked from his mouth.

[This isn’t a soul form, just a Radiant Stage soul attack.]

He never knew such an insidious soul attack existed, so strong it matched his soul form.

[What kind of monster is this kid?]

Seventh Elder was wracked with fear. Zhuo Fan was an abomination shrouded in a thick fog of mystery.

Everything he got from Zhuo Fan till now only scratched the surface, and he bet it was all bait to lure the fools and conceited idiots.

Seventh Elder shook at the sight of Zhuo Fan and ran.

Second Elder got done in like nothing even in the 3rd layer of the Ethereal Stage. He stood no chance only in the 2nd layer.

Without any preamble, Seventh Elder threw away his dignity and bolted, all to save his life.

It always paid to live and die another day. He understood this saying the best, especially now, caring about nothing but fleeing.

Didn’t he just see Second Elder monologuing in his flight only to get cut short? Respect mattered, sure, but even that paled in favor of keeping one’s poor little life.

So he ran.

Though Zhuo Fan was even faster.


Zhuo Fan was barring him in a flash, thanks to a nifty little golden halo in his eye.

“Ha-ha-ha, Seventh Elder, aren’t we fighting? Why are you running away?” Zhuo Fan grinned and struck his chest.

Seventh Elder put up a tough front, “Zhuo Fan, you dare kill an inner sect elder?”

“I got the sect’s rule on my side. Killing you is nothing, so take it like a man! Besides, I already killed one, so what’s one more?” Zhuo Fan sent another Ghostly Dragon Claw to splatter him on the ground.

Seventh Elder learned from Second Elder’s misfortune and knew resistance was futile, so he abandoned his vessel as the attack came. He used his meat suit as a shield to fly away unharmed in soul form…