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Chapter 596: Pep Talk


While Seventh Elder was fleeing, he smacked into something out of the blue.

It was a bloody infant, though the creepy aura and the faded body made him shiver.

[What the hell is this?]

Seventh Elder sent dozens of blue wind blades in response.

A fierce whirlwind formed, one that could rip a soul apart, and it shot for the Blood Infant.

Blood Infant’s only reaction was contempt.


With a burst of creepy laughter, Blood Infant glared back at the incoming attack.


A sharp blood ripple shot forth and crushed the wind blades like they were nothing.

Seventh Elder’s blue soul shook.

[This is the thing that helped Zhuo Fan last time! But what is this thing? How precious must it be to unleash soul attacks? The kid has many tricks up his sleeve.]

Seventh Elder got nowhere in figuring it out as the Blood Infant charged for him.

Blood Infant was as fast as lightning, swallowing him under the shocked eyes of everyone.

He scrambled around Blood Infant’s stomach to get out, but each time he made the skin bulge, it would just return to normal.

Blood Infant was a spirit of this world and capable of unimaginable things. Seventh Elder was now in it, and even as a soul, he had no way out. It was just like a soul prison.

The audience was freaked out.

Some of these demonic cultivators reared their own demonic creatures, but they were all physical beings and unable to harm one’s soul.

But Zhuo Fan’s Blood Infant showed them how mystical demonic creatures could be and what gave him confidence.

It was like having an able partner all the time, with both him and the demonic creature unleashing deadly attacks.

This display earned everyone’s envy. [Just how many gadgets is this guy hiding? How is it he keeps taking out greater and greater things?]

[With a freak like him, the only thing he’d come with is freak demonic creatures…]


Blood Infant flew back to Zhuo Fan, and like a good hunting dog, it spat out Seventh Elder’s soul before going into Zhuo Fan.

Zhuo Fan grabbed the blue glow and snickered, “Run, run as fast as you can. That’s why I let my demonic creature out earlier, to intercept you. So, did you get far even after ditching your body?”

“Steward Zhuo, please let me go. I will never come at you again…”

“Ha-ha-ha, I’m sure you won’t.”

Seventh Elder was at his mercy, and he could do nothing but beg. Though not like it worked on Zhuo Fan.

At the kid’s killer smile, Seventh Elder resorted to threats, “Do this, and you’ll make an enemy of the inner sect!”

“Enemy? Humph, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s you who made an enemy of me!” He paraded the soul before the Labor Office’s people, “This is our turf and this old coot is threatening me with that? Tell me, are we pushovers?”

“No, no, no!”

Venerable Qi and Bai shouted, taken by the mood as all the resentment dripped off them.

The entire Labor Office roared with one purpose, one mind. This was their steward, Steward Zhuo of the Labor Office! A disciple with more testicular fortitude than anyone, killing elders and anyone in his path!

[This is a hero to follow!]

The oldies from the inner sect alternated from blue and green, about to flip against Zhuo Fan. But the sight of the entire Labor Office roaring had them threatened.

Zhuo Fan’s victory brought back the dignity and glory the Labor Office lost. Attacking now when morale was high was suicide.

To say nothing of the devious Zhuo Fan playing by the rules, or more like making sure the rules were on his side.

All they could do was walk away in silence, engulfed in the flood of shouts coming from the Labor Office.

The outer and inner disciples were stumped.

The Labor Office was like a dead fish just now, yet Steward Zhuo injected them with courage with just one win.

They watched Zhuo Fan in awe at how he flounced Seventh Elder’s soul around, a mocking smile on his lips. It was one image they wouldn’t soon forget.

Zhuo Fan faced the soul again, “Seventh Elder, what do you think, is the inner sect reliable? Ha-ha-ha, all of us are selfish. The Labor Office now has enough people to stand up to you all. None of them would stand up to fight for you either. Do you know why? They fear me.”

“Today I challenged you and killed you, and tomorrow I will go for them. I am just a laborer and the rules are on my side. Tell me something, do you think they’ll accept my challenge?”

Zhuo Fan’s smile turned sinister, “Ha-ha-ha, you two were fated to die to make a statement. Now those fools won’t be so jumpy. Inner sect elder is just an empty title, it won’t protect you at all. Once it loses its worth, you’ll be thrown away.”

The blue wisp shuddered and fell in abject despair.

Inner sect elders were respected, but that applied only when alive. They lost everything the instant they died.

At the end of it all, the only one reliable was yourself.

Unable to understand this simple truth, these two were sent to the slaughter. Not that anyone foresaw this apology banquet would turn bloody or that a fresh Radiant Stage laborer would kill them like lambs.

[Demon Transformation Art!]

At the downcast blue wisp, Zhuo Fan knew Seventh Elder had lost all motivation. Zhuo Fan enveloped the wisp in black energy and refined him.

It was then the prismatic heaven dragon in his mind opened its dazzling eyes.

By forming his soul, Zhuo Fan could use Demon Transformation Art on souls to increase his own.

It would speed up his cultivation a lot.

Easing a breath, Zhuo Fan watched his empty palm and revealed a grin. He turned to the Labor Office’s people, “Are you still down now?”

They all shook their heads, bearing excitement on their faces.

“Ha-ha-ha, you’re on my side. Your loss is my loss. And I am one who will get back at them for it.” Zhuo Fan nodded.

The people looked at Zhuo Fan with starry eyes.


Zhuo Fan changed tunes, “You’re weak. You just got challenged once and look at you, crying all over like children. I’ve decided that all laborers shall do what a laborer does, sweep and clean. Don’t think about running, not even the ones from the Elite Labor Office. For god’s sake, you got too cocky after just a few days and forgot who you really are!”


The disciples were startled, but their smiles still remained.

Venerable Bai’s group chuckled.

An expert should know when to retreat, lose, and win. They wouldn’t achieve anything losing their heart after one setback.

Especially now when some of them wanted to leave the Labor Office. It had to be removed and not let it fester.

Zhuo Fan had them learn humility and determination, to not break in the face of adversity. Though it only worked after Zhuo Fan’s pep talk.

No one would’ve listened to him before his win, not even the Elite Labor Office.

The venerables saw the inner and outer disciples watching the thrilled laborers and smiled.

[Zhuo Fan has great charm and is meant to do great things. He will become the next Sect Leader…]