Gorilla VS Bear [Part 1]


George dodged the king’s heavy slash.

“Hmm? Hey, you can’t just dodge, George-kun. Parry my attacks with your sword head-on.”

The king chased after the evading George while laughing. He didn’t soften his subsequent blows and continued to swing his sword vigorously at George.

“No, no, Your Majesty! Woah! My thin katana can’t take on that longsword, I’m tellin’ you!”

‘I can’t let the new katana I painstakingly got in Imperial Japan break on such an occasion.’ George thought while barely avoiding the next coming attack. ‘In the first place, I got too carried away and ended up ordering a reverse-blade katana [1]. That’s why if I fail to counter His Majesty’s sword properly, I will put myself in danger.’

[TN 1: A katana with the cutting edge on the inward curve facing the owner and its blunt side on the outward curve facing the opponent]

“*gulp* Woah… His Majesty has completely gone crazy.”

William, who had no confidence in his physical ability, peeked at the scene while hiding behind a tree to guarantee his own safety.

Splattered in monsters’ blood more than anyone else present, the king was doing whatever he liked.

“*sob* *sniff* EMMAAA!”


“…His Highness Edward is somewhat crying, Arthur-sama doesn’t stop laughing, and His Majesty is like that… The status effect on each person is way too different…”

He understood that everyone was under status effects (ailments) as stated in the data on monsters, but just reading the data alone failed to let him imagine how it would turn into an utter scene of chaos this badly.

You wouldn’t know it until you actually experienced it.

Stealing glances from behind the tree, William gulped. ‘Aren’t they just like nasty drunkards?

Ahh, this has also happened during the drinking parties in my past life.’ Although William felt quite nostalgic, he didn’t find the situation funny because each of those drunkards was carrying a lethal weapon.

The ones who somehow managed to keep their sanity were only George, himself, and the hunters and teachers who had just arrived at the scene. Everyone, including the knights, Lord of Skyte, and hunters, was more or less out of their minds.

“…Is this the scene of hell I’ve always encountered whenever I participate in the third round of drinking party sober…”

William sighed at this desperate situation.

He earlier asked the still sane hunters and Practical Skills of Hunters teacher to call his father and uncle, who went ahead first, to return.

There was no way to cure status effects. They could only wait until it resolved itself over time.

Even though they could only wait, it was impossible to have George alone face the rampaging His Majesty here at this moment. The king was too strong.

“Wuuu, Professor… Please, please return quickly… Before my Nii-sama gets split in half!”

Even if George’s strength was on par with a gorilla, the opponent was the king. Not only were counterattacks not forgiven, but he also had to keep dodging the king’s attacks while checking whether there were any strange moves from the knight and hunters at the same time.

The attacks of the king, who was supposed to always be busy with government affairs, were unbelievably heavy but abnormally fast.

“George nii-sama is a gorilla, but what’s up with His Majesty being as strong as a bear despite being His Majesty…”

In this situation, William could only watch on from the trees’ shadows. ‘I have to at least guarantee my own safety and lessen the burden on my brother.’

Things would be better if George had Violet ride on his head, but unfortunately, the cat and the insect were protecting Emma right now.



The big tree the king cut down fell towards George.

George wouldn’t actually die if he was hit by a big tree, but unluckily, the foothold in the forest was bad. George’s feet got stuck in what most likely be a tree’s root and got stopped in place, unable to move.

Nii-sama, dodge!”

For George, who had been narrowly dodging the attacks until now, to be unable to move was tantamount to giving the opponent a good opening.

The king raised his longsword as if to say this would be the finishing blow.

And George, who had lost his balance, didn’t seem like he would be able to dodge it.