Delicious is Justice [Part 2]



The wooden stick in Joshua’s hands was flung away by the recoil of striking the boulder.

“My grip’s… already at its limit…”

Joshua frowned at the boulder that didn’t even chip in the slightest while rubbing his numb hands.

“You okay, Joshua? Grip strength also matters, but it seems you can’t exert your strength well because you can’t steady your lower body. You should do more core exercises.”

George gave a piece of advice while picking up the wooden stick that got flung away and handing it back to Joshua.

“…A merchant doesn’t need… such muscles…”

I will definitely have sore muscles tomorrow. Joshua complained weakly.

“Hey, don’t be weak like that. What are you going to do if one day, out of a sudden, you come across a monster… for example, a behemoth?”

“I’ll run! Of course there’s no other option but to run away when encountering such a terrifying monster!”

Behemoth… It had a muscular and robust body and horns on its head. It looked a little like a cow.

Although Behemoth wasn’t a widely known monster because of its low appearance rate, Joshua had studied hard, and George could easily remember the monsters he had seen in games he played in his past life, so they both knew a lot about it.


“Do you know?”


Other students couldn’t even imagine what monster that was.

“What are you saying, Joshua?! Running away when seeing a behemoth will be such a waste, okay?”

“Ah… It’s delicious, isn’t it… Behemoth…”

Opposite to the confused students, George and William got excited when talking about Behemoth.

“The meat quality is similar to beef. The ones hunted in winter are especially fatty and juicy. The meat is gamey, but if sliced thinly and smoked, it can be preserved for a long time…”

“Yeah, yeah. Also, Hamburg steaks made with Behemoth minced meat and our family’s secret spices are just the best, right?”

“Fufufu, add a tomato, cheese, and lettuce to that Behemoth Hamburg steak, sandwich them between buns, and you’ll have…”

“ “Behemoth burger!” ”

George and William shouted at the same time.

“With french fries on the side.”

“And don’t forget onion rings.”

The brothers got hungrier the more they talked and smiled wryly at their almost growling stomachs.

“…In your eyes, even that terrible Behemoth is nothing but a food ingredient…”

While other students overheard the sudden food porn and also started feeling hungry, only Joshua shrugged his shoulders as he knew the appearance of that monster. Just the image alone was pretty grotesque.

“You will understand once you eat it, I’m tellin’ you. Behemoth is super duper delicious!”

The rare Behemoth would be brought home and eaten by the hunter who defeated it. It was the most delicious wild game meat that had never appeared on the market.

“A Behemoth burger and onion rings-french fries set is a must-try. Nee-sama said she also likes the hot dog set menu. That is, minced Behemoth meat made into a sausage and sandwiched between bread, added with onion rings and french fries on the side…”

William mentioned something even more grotesque about minced meat and sausage, but Joshua’s face suddenly became lively instead of darkening.

“William-sama! Why are you still chattering idly?! We shall continue training so we can be ready to face a Behemoth anytime!”


“George-sama, how’s my posture? Please tell me how to hunt a Behemoth deliciously! I want to hunt a Behemoth and present it to Emma-sama someday!”

Joshua’s motivation had gone through the roof with one mention of [Nee-sama] from William.

“Y-Yeah. But Joshua, let’s wait until your grip strength recovers…”

“What? Grip strength? What are you talking about? With willpower, that sort of thing won’t matter! First, I have to start with breaking this boulder, right? Leave it to me!”

Everything was a treat for Joshua once he knew it was for Emma’s sake.

“Both of you, can you spare me some of your time during lunch break later? Please tell me in detail the processing method after obtaining the meat, etc. Ah, does Emma-sama have other favorite foods that I don’t know? I thought I knew pretty much all of it, but… oh boy, who could have thought that I, of all people, would have a blind spot in the monster meat category.”


“He really never wavers, or rather, how should I put it…”

Fully fired up… Joshua became the second person after George to break the boulder and surprised everyone.

After that, people would often witness a staff of the Rothschild Company coming out of nowhere whenever a Behemoth appeared in borderland territories and buying the hunted meat at an extremely high price.

“Money is no object. Buy Behemoths as soon as you find them.”

All because of this one remark from Joshua, a highly influential person in the company.

It was human’s nature to want to eat the meat that was rumored to be frantically looked for by the Rothschild Company. Behemoth meat, unknown to everyone before, was upgraded to [the Mythical Ultra High-End Meat] in less than a year.

Joshua used every possible means to monopolize that mythical ultra-high-end meat. And he delivered it to Emma with a nonchalant look.

Behemoth burger…

Behemoth hot dog…

He served those with onion rings and french fries while casually saying, “I happened to get some, so I’m sharing it with Emma-sama.”

“As long as Emma-sama is happy, even 1,000 gold coins is a cheap price.”

Emma happily stuffed the Behemoth burger into her mouth, and Joshua happily gazed at her.

George and William muttered with a forced smile,

“ “We don’t get what you’re saying.” ”