Aya's eyes fluttered open, slowly adjusting to the soft glow of morning light that filtered through the lavish curtains of her unfamiliar surroundings. Disorientation washed over her as she realized she was no longer in the comfort of her own home.

Slowly, Aya swung her legs over the edge of the bed, her bare feet touching the cool marble floor. Then Pushing aside her apprehensions, Aya rose from the bed and made her way toward the ornate double doors that led to the dining area. She could hear the faint sounds of clinking silverware and muffled voices, indicating that Fray who was supposed to have breakfast was already there.

As she entered the dining hall, Aya's eyes met Fray's steely gaze. He was an imposing figure, his tall frame, and chiseled features accentuated by a cloak of darkness that seemed to shroud his every move. Fray's presence sent a shiver down Aya's spine,

Then as she turned around, to her surprise, standing by her side, was her personal servant girl, Emma. Emma had been assigned to Aya to assist and support her in the unfamiliar palace. But despite Emma's warm smile and gentle demeanor, Aya couldn't put her trust in her, for Aya, Emma is just another member of the Parada family

With a reassuring nod from Emma, Aya Sighed inwardly the headed to the table where Fray was setting, before taking her place opposite him. The room fell into an uncomfortable silence as the two sat across from each other, their minds swirling with their own personal thoughts.

Actually, Aya isn't very aware of the deal her father made with this man, but her father said that for this marriage the two made a contract one of its condition is that Aya and Fray have to have breakfast with each other every day, and Aya who got a lot of warnings from her father can not violate this contract

A servant approached, placing a tray filled with an assortment of fruits, pastries, and steaming tea before them.

"Good morning, Lady Aya, how was your night? Did you sleep well ?," Breaking the silence Fary said with his usual empty expression.

Aya nodded, her eyes darting away momentarily. "Yes, Thank you. I slept well."

As they began to eat, Aya cautiously studied Fray. He was an enigma, a man with a reputation that preceded him. Tales of his ruthlessness and villainous deeds had spread far and wide, Fray was a feared figure in the whole continent and Aya was very uncomfortable being close to him, but unfortunately, she has no say in the matter

The servants, including Emma, moved about the room with silent efficiency, ensuring that Fray and Aya had everything they needed. Emma, in particular, remained close to Aya, ready to attend to her needs. This treatment was actually unfamiliar to Aya back in the Arezo castle despite being the daughter of the leader, no one had treated her like this before, the Arezo family members are not as nice as they seem, and just like Fray she wasn't grown on love and peace, she always dreamed of a hero saving her from that place, she never thought her destiny will be with the enemy of hero.

"By the way, I heard that you have a previous relationship with some people from the shield union " Suddenly wile with, Fray said as he looked at Aya with an emotionless voice " I hope you will cut off this relationship while you're here "

Aya's heart skipped a beat, a mixture of emotions racing through her body. Was he threatening her? She couldn't help but feel anger welling up within her, fueling her defiance. "And why is that?" she retorted, her voice laced with coldness.

"..." Hearing the angry tone in Aya's voice, Fray took a quick glance at her stiff expression before replying in a cold and detached tone, "These are the rules of the family. As long as you are here, you are obligated to follow the rules. You don't need to know why."

Aya gritted her teeth, a sense of frustration and helplessness washing over her. He was treating her like a prisoner, just as the rumors had warned. With no other viable solution at hand, she lowered her head and answered with a stiff voice, "Alright, Mr. Parada. I will respect the family rules."

"Good" Looking at Aya's sad expression with calm eyes, Fray said "Do you have any plans for today "

"Mr. Parada, I know that I am obligated to have breakfast with you, but the contract didn't say anything about talking. Please, let us eat in silence," Aya replied, her voice firm and cold, a subtle challenge in her eyes.

( Aya Arezo, the one who will gain the power of the witch law, as the novel said, she weak and sensitive, but also can be very brave and challenging sometimes) Fray thought before answering " Alright "

And like this how the breakfast started it ended in deadly silence, until Fray left the room, when Aya stood at the threshold of the grand dining hall, her eyes scanning the opulent surroundings. The sumptuousness of the palace left her breathless, With Emma at her side, Aya embarked on a journey of exploration, her steps cautious yet curious. The mansion seemed to come alive as they moved through its halls, the whispers of its dark history echoing in every shadowed corner.

As they passed by portraits adorning the walls, Aya couldn't help but feel the weight of scrutinizing gazes upon her. The faces of Fray's ancestors, frozen in oil and canvas, bore an unsettling resemblance to him. Their piercing eyes seemed to follow her every move, intensifying her unease.

The occasional encounter with other servants only deepened her discomfort. Their expressions masked secrets, their whispers like haunting echoes in the air. Aya couldn't shake off the feeling that they were part of something sinister, their allegiance veering towards the darkness that surrounded Fray.

Aya's thoughts turned to Fray's family, whose presence within the mansion was shrouded in mystery. They were rarely seen, their presence felt only in the eerie stillness that hung over certain parts of the estate. Rumors of their involvement in dark rituals and their own nefarious pursuits swirled through Aya's mind, casting a shadow over her burgeoning hope for understanding.

With every room she explored, Aya's imagination conjured up images of secret chambers, hidden passageways, and unimaginable horrors lurking just beyond her sight. The mansion seemed like a living entity, each creaking floorboard and rustling curtain whispering tales of a dark past.

As Aya continued her exploration of the mansion, her footsteps echoing through the grand halls, she had an uncanny feeling that she was being watched. It was during one such moment that Aya and Emma turned a corner and came face to face with a beautiful middle-aged woman with black hair and black aues just like Fray. Advancing towards Aya with a maid by her side

"Miss, Aya," Emma whispered, "That is Lady Isabel, the lord's mother."

"..." Aya