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A player on duty said excitedly.

"Are we going to take them home and hang them?"

They have always wanted to do this!

However, the Administrator seemed to have a new idea this time.

"Take them to the abandoned tire factory four kilometers away, where the underground cells they built are," Chu Guang glanced at the captives and said lightly, "Death is too light a punishment for them. They will spend the rest of their lives in the mines of Red River Town."

The mines in Red River Town were not real mines. Most of them were old landfill sites.

Only God knew what would be dug out of it. Even if it was the nuclear waste that had been buried illegally, it would not be surprising.

The slaves working there were all consumables. Few people could live for ten years, or even two or three years.

But who cares?

People were dying in the wasteland every day.

The dozing prisoners were all awakened. More than 20 people were strung by a rope.

There were about a dozen players holding guns next to them, so no one was worried that those people would be running away.

They walked four kilometers along the viaduct out of the city, into a street, and soon arrived at the abandoned tire factory.

Seeing people standing on the fence of the old camp, the faces of these marauders were pale and desperate.

In the camp, the liberated prisoners all stood blankly in the clearing, looking at the marauders returning home, instinctively wanting to run away in fear.

However, after seeing the rope tied to marauders and the warriors holding them down, these poor people became quiet again.

Even if they weren't smart, they weren’t blind.

The owner of this place has changed.

After giving out a high-reward "Garrison Mission", Chu Guang selected ten lucky players who raised their hands first to stay here, and then arranged for those players who were slow to raise their hands to pack the trophies and move the trophies on the carts they brought from the output.

According to his "contract" with Hein, all the spoils belonged to him.

After making these arrangements, Chu Guang went to Hein and looked at the merchant who had done a great job and said. "When are you going to leave?"

Hein said respectfully. "I have already sent Wen back. He should be able to bring back what you want in four days."

Chu Guang asked. "Is he alone?"

"Of course, a single person is the fastest. He carries my token on his body. It doesn't matter whether he is with me or not." This old and cunning merchant may have suddenly thought of something, so he added, "I know what you are worried about, so please rest assured, I am willing to stay here as a hostage. Even if you don’t believe in me, you should believe that I won’t risk my life."

Chu Guang glanced at him with interest.

‘Not bad. He actually knows what I'm worried about.’

‘I don't even know it myself.’

"Whatever you want, I have neither believed in your words nor cared about your tricks. I plan to go back to the outpost in a while. Are you staying here or going back with me?"

He left ten players to guard the base, five people in a group, and divided into two shifts. Basically, two people guard the underground cells, and three people guard the wall and the gate. It was more than enough to watch the prisoners.

These trophies couldn't be moved back in one trip, and more trips would need to be made during the day.

So all the players would be busy tomorrow all day.

"I'll go back with you," Hein made a judgment in just a second and said immediately, "I don't want to stay here for a second longer."

Marauders usually wouldn't pay much attention to hygiene. There was a rotting stench in the camp. Normal people wouldn't stay, as only rats and cockroaches would like it.

Chu Guang nodded without saying anything and gestured to the players who were pulling the carts.

"Let's go."

"Bring our spoils."

"Let's go home!"


It was four o'clock in the morning when they returned to the outpost.

Looking into the distance through the gap in the forest, a few faint shadows could already be seen.

Except for the guards standing guard on the wall and a few Life Profession players in the industrial zone, there were basically few people in the base.

But after a while, there would be more people.

Chu Guang randomly found two empty rooms in the nursing home main building and lent them to Hein and his female bodyguard.

Then Chu Guang asked Luca, who had just woken up, to keep an eye on them, and then returned to the shelter with Little Seven in his arms.

After putting Little Seven in the corner to charge, Chu Guang asked it to ask Xia Yan to get up to work on time tomorrow, reminding it to not let her disturb his rest, and then went back to his room.

The door closed.

Chu Guang sat on the soft bed and took out a yellowed note from his pocket.

This was the collection he found in Bear's room.

Because there was a bloody handprint on the cover of the notebook, Chu Guang thought that this should be some kind of token of the Bloodhand Clan, so he curiously stuffed it into his pocket.

However, what Chu Guang didn't expect was that when he opened the front page of the notes, he found that inside was not a list of strange customs or traditions he had imagined, but just a simple diary.

[January 2, 2129]

"The war ended at the end of 2128, 2129... In other words, this diary was written in the first year of the Wasteland Era?"

Chu Guang was very sensitive to numbers and would never forget anything after reading it once.

Speaking of which, in all the information he had collected so far, there was no information about that war.

‘Maybe this diary can give me a clue.’

With a hint of curiosity to search for historical sites, Chu Guang looked at the first line under the date label with the soft light in the room.

That was a very intriguing sentence.

[... That day, I survived. ]

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