Chapter 688: The harem (21)

“Impudent!” Two delicate yells rang out almost at the same time, and two Saint Qi burst out almost at the same time.

Putting aside the fact that su xiaoxiao and Lin Que were loyal to Ji Changlong and would follow her through life and death, their temperaments and temperaments would not allow Yin Loulan to be so arrogant.

Therefore, they did not hesitate to attack …

The two of them were at Saint origin ninth transformation and eighth transformation respectively, they were undoubtedly the top tier experts in the Saint origin world, so their attacks were naturally extraordinary.

Lin Que’s fingers opened like a lotus, and with a single palm, he blasted out a yellow Magpie-shaped shadow. As for su xiaoxiao, she took out a long spear and exerted her power on it. She raised the spear and charged forward, releasing a huge beast-shaped shadow.

On the surface, the momentum of these two moves didn’t seem as mighty as huowei’s “flowing fire cloud chasing sword,” but in fact, this was a high-quality cultivation technique that had been tempered into one … Compared to those scattered sword Qi, this was a truly terrifying killing move.

However … In the face of such an attack, Yin Loulan only sneered,””Ha … Such a small trick …” As he spoke, he had already flipped his hand …

In the next second, the golden light that enveloped him suddenly shrank and turned into a dazzling pillar of light with a radius of about one meter.

When the two aggressive Saint Qi touched this light pillar, it was like a clay ox entering the sea … Instantly turning into nothingness.

“How is that possible?” Lin Que saw this and cried out in shock.

Su xiaoxiao also said in disbelief,””What did you do?”

“I didn’t do anything …” Yin Loulan replied in a relaxed tone. He raised one finger and pointed at the sky,”I just made my Dharma Treasure … Reveal a part of its ‘original form’.”

Su xiaoxiao and Lin Que’s expressions changed when they heard this. They all knew that the Dharma Treasure Loulan Yin was talking about was the “golden seal of suppression.” However … This item itself was already a high-grade magical treasure. If it still hid the so-called “original form”, wouldn’t it be a Supreme-grade ultimate treasure?

“You’ve guessed it right. ” Before the two of them could speak, Yin Loulan had already understood their doubts by observing their expressions and words. He said,”this is a ‘Supreme treasure’.”

The current Yin Loulan no longer needed to hide his various abilities. He didn’t mind showing off his strength to the world.

“This item is called … The Kongtong seal!” When Yin Loulan said this, she looked up at the sky and shouted.

Before his voice had died away, the golden seal in the air burst out with a five-colored light.

When the light dissipated, the “origin suppressing golden seal” had already changed beyond recognition. It had become a large golden-red Seal: On top of the seal, there were nine Dragon buttons, and on the four sides of the seal, there were five heavenly emperors (East heavenly Emperor taihao Fuxi, South heavenly Emperor Yan Emperor Shennong, West heavenly Emperor Shaohao xuanxiao, North heavenly Emperor Xuanji Gaoyang, central heavenly Emperor Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan). On the bottom of the seal, there were two words,’Xuanji’, which were the talismans of great Dao.

“With the monastic robe in hand, the world is mine!” Yin Loulan nodded and grinned hideously. She glared at su xiaoxiao and Lin Que and said,”Hmph … With your cultivation, you can’t even shake the divine seal’s defense.” He put his hands behind his back and looked like he was ready to be beaten.”I think … You’d better surrender and wait to enter the pity immortal Palace.”

“You’re daydreaming!” How could su xiaoxiao and Lin Que give up the battle just like that? even if they died in battle, they would not be willing to be captured by the other party and used as sex tools.

Two seconds later, the two of them each used their killer moves and launched a fierce attack. However … Just as Yin Loulan had said, such an attack could not break the defensive force field of the Kongtong seal. As long as the light pillar of the deity print still enveloped Yin Loulan’s body, any attack below a certain level would be useless.

“Little sister, what are you still waiting for?” On the other side, Ji Xuanzong spoke again,”could it be that you’re looking forward to … Your two subordinates defeating brother Yin so that they can work together with you to deal with me?” A charming smile bloomed on his face.”Hmph … Then I can tell you clearly that even if I fight against three of you, you have no chance of winning.” He paused and asked again,”or … Are you hesitating whether you should go up and help them?” He shook his head.”As your brother, I have to remind you …” His eyes changed slightly, and he continued,”brother Yin’s cultivation … Is above mine.”

“What …” Ji Fang Long’s heart skipped a beat,”impossible … After his battle with the demonic Swordmaster …”

“Sword Master of the demonic path?” Ji Xuanzong interrupted her and laughed,”ha! He’s just a clown. He’s just a part of brother Yin’s and my plan … Back then, brother Yin was too young, but he was too sharp, which caused a lot of trouble. We feel that … This situation will be detrimental to our future plans. Thus, I suggested for him to challenge the demonic Swordmaster and put on a good show of ‘being plotted against and being injured’… Hehe … After all, the demonic Swordmaster would be completely annihilated, and there would be no witnesses. Brother Yin can say whatever you want. ”

“You guys … How long ago did you guys start planning these conspiracies …?” At this moment, Ji Fang long could no longer guess what kind of person her elder brother was … Ji Xuanzong’s shrewdness was beyond ordinary people’s reach.

“‘Conspiracy’, huh … Hehe … You can call it whatever you want …” Ji Xuanzong replied with a smile.”If you want to ask when we started planning … It should have been when we were 12 years old.” He raised his brows and looked at Yin Loulan.”Actually, ever since we grew up, brother Yin and I have been on par. It’s just that … I’m a descendant of a famous sect, so I don’t have to worry about the problem of ‘too much sharpness’. However, brother Yin … He’s the son of an ordinary villager. His background has made his journey in the pugilistic world a lot more bumpy. ” He stroked his hair, turned around, and said slowly,”Hmph … Everyone says that I’m a genius, but in my opinion … I’m just a little smarter and more hardworking than those fools in the world. In my eyes, the only one who can be called a genius in this world … Is Yin Loulan. ” He patted his chest.”I’ve been living in a carefree environment since I was a child. I learned the six arts of a gentleman, practiced high-quality cultivation techniques, and took elixirs …” He raised his hand and pointed at Loulan Yin. There was a trace of excitement in his voice.”What about brother Yin?” He had been working in the fields since he was five years old. He had never had a day where he had to eat and sleep, and he had never had a day where he had enough sleep before he got up. He can’t even read before he’s twelve, let alone cultivate. ”

After saying that, Ji Xuanzong sighed,”Fortunately … The heavens were kind. When we were 12, we fell off the cliff together and met an expert.” His eyes flashed with joy.”It was that fortuitous encounter that allowed us to obtain the heavenly book and the Kongtong seal. It was also from that moment on that we made a promise … That in the future, we would rule the world together and change this world that was born unequal. ”


While they were talking, the battle on Yin Loulan’s side had already ended.

At this moment, the most spacious and smooth main road in the harem city … Had a huge palm-shaped pit created by the power of Yin Loulan’s palm.

The forty Imperial Guards in front of the carriage … Were all dead. This group of handsome men, whose average cultivation was at least rank three of infinite Saint origin, could not even withstand one move from Yin Loulan.

In the end, only su xiaoxiao and Lin Que, who had lost their Saint Qi and were seriously injured, remained on the rubble. And they could only lean against each other … To barely stand.

“Look, this is an expected result. You’re destined to lose today. I’ve already calculated this twenty … No, two hundred years ago. ” Ji Xuanzong said,”by the way, I’ve already spread the scene that happened here and a portion of the ‘voice'(of course, Ji Xuanzong selectively blocked some of the content, such as his past with Loulan Yin) using the Scryer recording voice transmission technique. Furthermore … My cultivation technique can penetrate barriers and space. ” He spread his arms.”That is to say … At this moment, the entire harem city, including your wives in the pity immortal Palace … Are looking at this place.” He suddenly laughed.”Hehe … Since they love you so much … Seeing how pitiful you are … I think they’ll forgive you even if you run away …”

“I’m going to kill you!” Ji Fang long finally couldn’t bear it anymore. The emotions in her heart were like a collapsing mountain, and burst out in an instant.

She roared in anger and took out her strongest magic treasure, the misty heavenly book bamboo scroll. She then gathered all the power that a Yuan Sage could exert and put it all on one strike.

Ji Fang long knew how terrifying the man in front of her was, so she understood…That she had, and only had this one chance to win.

But unfortunately …

“Little sister, you really have a bad memory.” Ji Xuanzong’s gentle and relaxed voice sounded again,”have you forgotten who gave you this heavenly book?” By the time the second half of his sentence was spoken, the bamboo scroll had already appeared in Ji Xuanzong’s hand.

Before Ji Yi Long’s attack could even be launched, it had already vanished into thin air … Only her frozen figure remained, frozen on the carriage, trembling …

“Give up, you can’t beat me.” Ji Xuanzong continued in a cold tone,”we’re not the same kind of people … I’m pursuing the Imperial ambitions, but you only think about romance. When I gave you the heavenly book, I already knew that … Even if you had this Supreme treasure, you would only use it to do what you like, and would never think of using it to its fullest potential. ” He flicked his sleeves.”After so many years, you still haven’t discovered the ‘master-recognizing seal’ I hid in the heavenly book. This is the best evidence. A person like you … How could you possibly defeat me?”

“Even without the heavenly book …” Ji Fang long gritted her teeth and muttered,”I still want …”


A sharp sound interrupted her. It was the sound of Ji Xuanzong’s flying sword cutting through the air.

By the time Ji Yi Long regained her senses, the flying sword had already pierced a third of her belly button, sealing off her weak spot.

“If you were not my biological sister, you would already be a dead person.” Ji Xuanzong said in a deep voice,”let’s go before I change my mind …” He looked into the distance and sighed.”Go back to the Ji family. That place … Will always be your place.”

“I’m not leaving!” Ji Yi Long’s voice sounded like she was about to cry.”Unless you let go of …”

“How many times do I have to say it before you understand?” Ji Xuanzong didn’t even let her finish her sentence.”I won’t change my plan just because of a few words from you. I won’t satisfy any of your requests because of family or sympathy.” He snorted coldly and said,”do you think that I’ll listen to you just because you refuse to leave and threaten me with your life? Hmph…We’re no longer children. Little sister, your tricks have long since been useless. ” He raised the tomes of arcane and continued,”if you don’t leave, I’ll keep you in the tomes of arcane so that you won’t cause trouble.”

Before he finished his words, he had already activated the heavenly book and was ready to attack.

However, what happened next was beyond Ji Xuanzong’s expectations.

Suddenly, four rays of light burst out from the heavenly book … In the blink of an eye, they turned into four figures, one man and three women, standing around Ji Fang long.

“What?” Ji Xuanzong’s expression changed slightly.”You even locked up people in the heavenly book?”

“It’s not ‘off’… It ‘s’ please ‘…” Feng bujue walked to Ji Xuanzong and corrected him with a smile on his face.”‘ Off ‘sounds like I’ve been caught.”

“Hmph …” Ji Xuanzong sneered and looked at brother Jue with disdain.”Who are you?”

“Good.” Feng bujue placed his hands behind his back and said proudly,”I am the master of Broken Sword chahitsu, Feng bujue.”

“Your … Your Grandpa?” When Ji Xuanzong heard that, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. His eyes scanned brother Jue’s body.”You’re just an ordinary person without any internal energy, but you sure talk big …” He sneered.”Do you know who I am?”

“I know.” As Feng bujue answered, he raised his right hand and pointed at Ji Xuanzong’s face with his index finger.”You, are gay.” As he spoke, he turned his upper body and pointed at Yin Loulan in the distance,”he is your good gay friend.”

After saying that, he paused for two seconds and turned back to look at Ji Xuanzong,””I saw and heard everything that happened in the heavenly book world.” He spread his hands.”To be honest, I agree with 90% of your sexual orientation and actions.” He shook his head.”However … There is a part of your plan that makes me and my companions feel disgusted. Although I’m not a feminist, I can’t allow you to force a girl into prostitution like this. ” He shrugged.”Of course … The most important thing is that I received a very clear system prompt just a minute ago.”

He was telling the truth. The moment he came out of the heavenly book, the system’s voice message [main mission triggered] sounded. The main mission in the mission list was to [stop Yin Loulan and Ji Xuanzong’s plan].

Moreover, a hidden mission was also triggered at the same time: [Kill Yin Loulan and Ji Xuanzong]

“In any case …” Feng bujue revealed a sneaky smile and looked at Ji Xuanzong.”You’re all going to die today.”

“Ha … Hahahaha …” Ji Xuanzong laughed out loud and only stopped after nearly ten seconds.”Ha … This … Master Feng …” He looked at brother Jue and said sarcastically,”there’s a limit to how much you overestimate yourself. You’re a lunatic … Do you understand what you’re saying?”

“What’s wrong? You don’t seem to believe me?” “Okay …” Feng bujue replied.”Perhaps your comprehension is not that good, but don’t worry, I will not look down on your intelligence.” He raised his right hand, stretched out three fingers, and said,”then I’ll explain it to you …” He paused for half a second, smiled, and said,”… It only takes three steps to kill you.” (To be continued.)