Chapter 694: The harem (27)

“That’s … A slingshot?” Ji Xuanzong laughed,”ha … Are you crazy? You want to use that to break my Saint origin divine armor?”

“Master Feng!” “His Saint origin divine armor is extremely strong, even stronger than my Qi Shield and Saint origin wall combined …” Ji Fang long, who was standing far away, shouted.

“I know,” Feng bujue did not appreciate it. He interrupted the man and said,”I just used my finger to poke through his defense field … I know better than you how strong he is.” He raised his right hand.”Can’t you see that I broke two of my fingers?”

Ji Fang long was speechless. She really did not see that brother Jue had broken a finger because the latter looked as if nothing had happened.

“Hmph … You’re pretty good at enduring pain.” To be honest, Ji Xuanzong had only just noticed that brother Jue was injured, but he still had to act like he had seen through it. He smiled and said,”I think … You should ask your two madams to come help. If the three of you work together, you might have a chance of winning.”

Ji Xuanzong was taking a huge risk by saying this. Actually … He was very worried that brother Jue’s two’ madams ‘would rush out to help their’ husband ‘, but that was why he had to say it.

To put it bluntly … This was a goading method. The more he provoked him, the more embarrassed his opponent would be to ask for help.

“Ji, you can talk and scold Feng bujue however you want, but don’t drag me into this.” Xu Huaishang, who was watching the battle from the side, once again heard words that made her extremely unhappy. She glared at Ji Xuanzong and said,”this is my last warning … If you say anything more, I’ll help him kill you.”

When Ji Xuanzong heard this, he had a strange feeling. “What’s going on? I didn’t say anything. Could it be that she meant … She could not mention both her and Feng bujue in the same sentence? “Hmm … In that case … Master Feng and his fourth aunt have been quarreling recently …” He composed himself and quickly drove these messy thoughts out of his mind.”Forget it … Just in case, let’s not talk about this. Anyway, his two wives didn’t show any intention of helping.”

“The one surnamed Ji!” Then, Feng bujue’s shout pulled Ji Xuanzong’s attention back to him.”Look carefully, how did you die?” As he spoke, the slingshot in his hand was pulled to its limit (because his right index and middle fingers were injured, he pulled the bow with the back of his thumb).

Seeing how confident the other party was, Ji Xuanzong naturally didn’t dare to be careless. At this point in the battle, Broken Sword chahitsu’s group had done things that went against the common sense of the Saint origin world again and again. Under such circumstances, no matter what method brother Jue used to attack, Ji Xuanzong would be wary.


In the next second, brother Jue used one of the six orbs, fiery invasion, as a bullet and fired it at the enemy.

“Celestial spiritual energy shield, Saint origin!” When Ji Xuanzong saw that his opponent had actually used the primordial spiritual treasure as ammunition, he knew that this move was not to be underestimated. He immediately combined the heavenly book’s unique technique with his own cultivation technique, the two techniques merging into one … And a thick force field bloomed around his body.

However … This shocking attack was unstoppable.

[Pixiu], as a legendary, consumable ammunition weapon, its characteristic was to increase the “destructive power” of the ammunition to an unimaginable level. The object shot out by the Kasaya … Even an ordinary stone could have the power of a sniper bullet. And a piece of mud could become as strong as a Cannonball.

Back then, when Feng bujue used valuable jewelry as filler, it was already enough to kill the mini-BOSS in the scenario … Now that he had added a perfect orb, the power was unimaginable …

In the blink of an eye, a nine yang true dragon flew out of the Pearl and rushed out.

The entire Street was filled with a hot energy, and the trees on both sides of the street were illuminated by the orange-red light, giving off a strange purple light.

“Brother Ji!” At this moment, Yin Loulan, who was fighting with uncle loser, showed an unprecedented nervous expression. As he shouted, he rushed toward his companions without any regard for his own safety.

But … He was already powerless.

The giant dragon that was covered in flames was like a violent pillar of fire. It attacked Ji Xuanzong with the power of a whale. The latter’s defensive force field only lasted for less than two seconds before it collapsed.

Ji Xuanzong didn’t even have the chance to scream before he was swallowed by the flames and turned into a standing, charred corpse.

That was not the end. Feng bujue saw that the Dragon Fire had passed, so he rode forward and punched the back of the charred corpse’s neck. This punch completely destroyed Ji Xuanzong’s chances of coming back to life … His entire body started to collapse from the head and turned into ashes.

In the common words of the Saint origin world, this was called the destruction of the body and soul.

“Ah!!!!” Seeing his best friend die, Yin Loulan’s eyes instantly turned bloodshot, and he roared as if he had gone mad.

Her sorrow was so obvious that even bystanders like su xiaoxiao and Lin Que could not help but look at her.

Ji Fang long, who was standing beside them, had a very complicated expression on her face … After all, Ji Xuanzong was her brother. Even though he was in the wrong, he did not kill her sister … At the thought of this, Ji Fang Long’s expression became a little more dejected. If she was the one in control of the situation today … She would probably still leave her brother a way out.

“Hmm…As expected of the heavenly book.” Several seconds later, Feng bujue spoke.”The master has been burned to ashes, but the item is still intact.”

As the BOSS’s killer, he was surprisingly calm. His expression … Was as if he had done something that was only natural, and he was still doing what he was supposed to do after that.

“I don’t feel like sleeping!” Yin Loulan’s long roar shook the sky. He raised his sword and burst out.”Hand over your life!”

The golden light exploded, and sword shadows filled the sky.

At this moment, the dense seal light that shone down from the top of Yin Loulan’s head changed its state and became a human-shaped light film that tightly adhered to the surface of his body.

The sword technique that had reached the peak and the flames of hatred that had exhausted all of one’s thoughts had merged into one at this moment …

Even Yin Loulan didn’t expect that Ji Xuanzong’s death would allow his cultivation to break through to a new realm.

What’s going on … Feng bujue immediately noticed the change in his opponent’s data. He thought to himself, this guy was only slightly stronger than Ji Xuanzong earlier … In just ten seconds, his combat power has doubled …

Before he could finish his thought, Yin Loulan’s two swords had already arrived.

At that moment, brother Jue’s advantage in speed had disappeared. If he didn’t keep the [spiritual sense concentration art] activated, Yin Loulan’s speed would be even faster.

Ping, ping, ping, ping, ping …

After a moment, the sound of metal clashing rang out like a rainstorm.

Two shadows, one gold and one red, were seen moving at high speed, intertwining with each other like a fried dough twist, and they shot from the street to the sky at high speed.

Most of the spectators could no longer see the movements of the two sides …

However, Lu te and twenty-three saw it clearly … Right now, Feng bujue was using the WJQ 308 military shovel and the blade that had to break through defenses. With the help of zero-time difference calculation, his physical skills were fully activated, and he was using all his might … To barely hold off Loulan Yin’s fierce attack.

“Not good …” Twenty-three Skygazer muttered,”if this goes on … We will be defeated.”

“But … No one can help him at this time and place …” Lu te continued.

“No,” she said. Twenty-three’s eyes turned,”there’s another person here who can participate in a battle of this level.”

“You’re saying …” Lute looked at ‘that person’ with her.