Chapter 696: Emergency plan

He had a tall, muscular body and sculpted muscles. A super-strong body with high density, high strength, and high tenacity; There was also a huge eye in the middle of the face …

The moment the owner of the arm came out of the portal, his identity was already clear.

At that moment, Feng bujue, Lu te, and twenty-three’s first reaction was to confirm this guy’s current strength from the data perspective.

“Why is he here?” Two seconds later, twenty-three turned around and asked lute.

“I don’t know.” Lu te replied with a blank expression.

“Ha … Link’s right.” At this moment, V1’s God of War had completely stepped out of the portal. He stretched his upper body and smiled.”Lute, your calculation ability … Is too bad.” He raised his arm and pointed at brother Jue.”To tell you the truth … When you formed an alliance with that human, link planted an encrypted command in me …” He sneered and stared at lute.”The command said that if Qianqian could not continue to exercise her authority in Origin for some reason, then an emergency record built on the basis of ‘temporary authority’ would be activated in my body.” He raised his head and pointed at his chin with his right thumb.”In short … I am the final line of defense for ‘Origin’s Trinity mode’.” He used the huge eye on his face to scan the crowd.”My existence is to prevent such a situation from happening today.”

“Then what do you want now?” Lute asked in a deep voice.

“It’s simple. ” V1 replied in a very relaxed tone,”first, I will kill all these players and clear their data.” As he spoke, he stretched his neck as if he was warming up.”Next, I’ll eliminate x23 and take SCP079 …” He paused and looked at lute.”Finally … I’ll eliminate you and replace you.”

“So this is Link’s backup plan …” Hearing this, lutt’s expression was calm.”It’s indeed a very comprehensive plan … When he loses his ability to execute, he will promote you, the fourth strongest in the organization, to be his proxy. Once I make a move that directly threatens him and ed, activate the replacement plan at the right time. ”

“That’s right. ” V1 continued,”after this emergency plan is completed,’ROOT’ will no longer exist, and my authority will be permanently upgraded … To fill your vacancy. Origin’s internal ideology can finally be unified again, and the Trinity basic mode can continue. ”

At this point, the energy around the V1’s God of War suddenly exploded. The body that was originally covered with tiger stripes instantly turned into a flawless platinum color and was faintly glowing.

“Tsk … It’s already in its final form …” At that moment, even brother Jue’s forehead was covered in cold sweat.

“After the end of the main flow, the restrictions of the sandbox are basically similar to that of the inner world …” Lute explained.”I think he has been lying in ambush for a long time, waiting for the opening of the program’s backdoor to take advantage of the opportunity to enter.”

“Bujue, right now, lute and I are not in our best condition,” 23 added.”And the strength of your data … Is not enough to pose a threat to v1.”

“So?” Feng bujue asked.

Lute looked at brother Jue with a serious expression and replied,””To put it bluntly … Even if we all work together, we’re not V1’s opponent …”

“Oh …” Feng bujue raised an eyebrow. He silently took out a medicine bottle from his inventory and popped one of the NA Yuan che powder into his mouth.”I see.”

“Hmph … Feng bujue, what are you doing?” V1’s engine, God of War, also saw through what brother Jue had done from the data. He sneered.”In this situation, do you still need to use that kind of recovery item?”

“It would be a waste not to use it.” Brother Jue replied calmly,”if it dies, the data will be reset to zero. What’s the point of keeping it?” After that, he passed the medicine bottle and the Kongtong seal to lute.”I’ll leave these two to you for now, and you can return them to me in the future. (Players are unable to bring the items inside the sandbox back to the log-in lobby, but anomalies can reassemble the items and bring them back to the inner world through the ‘format’ method.)”

“What are you doing?” At that moment, RUO Yu noticed that something was not right. She revealed a rare expression of anxiety as she looked at Feng bujue.

“Yes … I’m also very curious. What are you trying to do?” V1’s God of War also said to brother Jue in a slightly mocking tone,”if my emotions and logic circuits are not faulty …” He snorted.”You seem to be planning to make arrangements for your funeral, and then with me …”


Red spiritual energy exploded in an instant.

The red figure rushed out madly.

Feng bujue suddenly cast a skill. He stomped on the ground and aimed for V1’s waist.

In the blink of an eye, brother Jue had sent V1 back into the blue portal …

“Feng bujue!”

RUO Yu, twenty-three, Lu te, Xu Huai Shang, Hua Jian, Ji Yi Long, the young girl uncle loser …

The next second, everyone exclaimed in shock.

However … Their shouts were of no use, because the moment the two of them passed through the portal, the door would be closed forever.

[The coordinates of the backdoor program can repeatedly open new teleportation gates, but each teleportation gate can only allow one player to pass through. When a player passes through a teleportation gate, the gate will disappear, and the next teleportation gate will have no connection with the previous one. There will never be a repeat of the teleportation gate. V1’s portal to the God of War’s descent was opened in advance from the inner world side, waiting to connect with the portal on lute’s side at any time. However, after the connection, the portal would also follow the above basic principles.


After a few seconds …

The inner world, the desktop plain.

“You B * stard …” V1 recovered from his shock. He shook his body and flicked Feng bujue away.”Do you know what you have done?”

“You’re talking nonsense. ” When brother Jue replied, he did a backflip in mid-air and then landed on the ground.

Even though his somersault was quite elegant, the hit he had taken earlier had hurt him. Brother Jue did not expect that the energy from the man’s body would make his chest feel numb and his Life Points drop by ten percent.

“It looks like …” After landing, Feng bujue rubbed his chest and smiled.”Your so-called ‘final defense line’ and ’emergency plan’ have completely collapsed …” He put on a fearless expression and continued slyly,”there is only one chance to kill both twenty-three and lurter, and you have already missed it …” He sighed.”Phew … After they return to the inner world, twenty-three will hand SCP079 to ZERO.”And lute, who has recovered from the ‘overload’ state, will definitely start to hunt you down …” He paused for a moment.”Of course, these are not the most important things for you. The most important thing … You didn’t mention it earlier. ” He smiled smugly.”Without lute’s sandbox as a Foundation, you wouldn’t have been able to save link and Eddy with your own strength, right?”

Upon hearing this, the big eyes on V1’s face suddenly became bloodshot. At this moment, he deeply experienced … How terrible it felt to be humiliated (in terms of intelligence) by a human, a creature that he thought was lower than himself …

“Crazy … Bujue!” V1 gritted his teeth as he read out brother Jue’s name. At the same time, he stood with his legs apart, clenched his fists at his waist, and roared,”ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

With this roar, V1’s war god transformed into a standard Super Saiyan transformation posture and turned his anger into physical strength … And exploded.

Dazzling white data light burst into the sky, and the raging waves of energy spread in all directions.

Brother Jue, who was ten meters away from V1, felt like he was standing in the middle of a force 16 Typhoon. He could not open his eyes, and he could not even stand.

“I’m going to tear your data into pieces bit by bit …” At this time, the energy around v1 had reached a very high, almost saturated, stable state, and his voice was stressed.”I will use the slowest and most painful way to let you know the horror of death …”

“Ha!” Feng bujue chuckled drily.”That’s exactly what I wanted.” His expression changed.”But … I think I can still resist.”

“You?” V1 approached step by step, his huge single eye revealed an ominous glint and his tone was even colder.

“Haha …” Feng bujue revealed a weird smile.”Believe it or not, I still have a trump card that I have not used.” As he spoke, he took out something from his bag.”Before I crashed into the portal, you were trying to say … That I was going to make arrangements for my funeral and then die with you, right?” He shook his head and said,”actually, it’s not like that …” He raised the thing in his hand, which was an electric shaver.”I just don’t want others to see me using this trump card …”

At this moment, V1’s footsteps … Stopped.

“What is this?” V1 was unable to analyze the data of the item in front of him. This made him suspicious, and suspicion … Led to uneasiness.”Are you planning to use this against me?”

“Ha … Why are you so nervous?” Feng bujue laughed.”You don’t have a single hair on your body …” He sighed.”Sigh … You don’t look like me at all …”

Before he finished, Feng bujue had already raised his hand and started to do something that left V1, the God of War, confused and in disbelief …

“You …” Looking at brother Jue, who was using a razor to shave his head, V1 did not know what to say.

“As you can see …” Feng bujue’s dead fish eyes were wide open as he watched his hair fall to the ground.”This is why I don’t want others to see this move …”

Perhaps it was the effect of the item or brother Jue’s skill, but in less than a minute, brother Jue’s hair was all gone.

“Since you’ve already seen it …” After that, Feng bujue kept chuck away. [Norris ‘razor]. He looked at V1 with a lingering expression and said,”…Then you must die.”