Chapter 700: The test (1)

When the mask was removed, a blinding light shone on Feng bujue’s face, making it difficult for him to open his eyes.

But after a few seconds, he got used to the brightness. Then, he squinted his eyes and began to observe the surrounding environment.

At this moment, he was sitting on a chair in a square room with a length of four meters. All six sides of the room were made of concrete, and all six sides were painted with street graffiti.

There were no windows in the room, and the only exit was a heavy metal door.

In the middle of the room, there were two chairs and a very ordinary wooden table. There was also a dirty lamp on the table. Since he did not see any wires, brother Jue speculated that the lamp had a built-in battery. (In Feng bujue’s era, micro-battery technology was already very mature, and many home appliances used a built-in battery design. Under normal circumstances, a battery pack could last for months to a year, and many manufacturers even provided on-site replacement services).

Other than that, behind Feng bujue … At the corner between the ceiling and the two walls, there was a very obvious surveillance camera. The camera was connected to the only socket in the room. The height of the socket was close to the ceiling. Normally, unless you were as tall as Yao Ming, even if you were standing on the table, it was impossible to touch the electric door or pull out the plug.

Of course, other than that, the most interesting person in the room … Was the person who had removed brother Jue’s mask.

It was a man in his thirties, wearing a Black Casual suit with a white shirt and a black tie.

His appearance could be considered handsome, and he gave off a mature and faint feeling. His eyes revealed a hint of laziness and gloominess, which was also a very charming temperament.

“I’m gu Chen. ” Gu Chen didn’t waste any time and went straight to the point.”I’m going to ask you some questions, so please answer them seriously.” As he spoke, he had already sat down on the chair across the table and casually placed the Black Hood in his hand on the table,

“Ha … Excuse me … Can I refuse?” Feng bujue asked with a smile. At the same time, he tried to break free from the handcuffs, which were still cuffed to him.

“He used a smile to hide his inner thoughts and politely asked a meaningless question … In response to my request.” Gu Chen looked at brother Jue calmly and said,”very good. You do resemble me a little when I was young.” As he spoke, he took out a thermal flask from his pocket, unscrewed the cap (the cap itself could be used as a cup), and poured himself a cup of coffee.

“I say … Big brother, how old are you this year?” Feng bujue said.

“76.” Gu Chen replied without changing his expression.

“Oh …” Feng bujue’s expression was quite interesting.”You’ve taken good care of yourself …”

“This is called a ‘hyper spirit’.” “It has nothing to do with maintenance,” Gu Chen replied.

“It sounds really powerful …” Feng bujue felt like the man was talking to him in a serious way, so he played along.

“It’s alright. Compared to Woody, I’m still far from him. ” Gu Chen replied,”however, it’s still relatively easy to deal with a small fry like sagalia.”

“I was going to ask you about that,” Feng bujue said.”How did you know …”

“I don’t remember … Allowing you to ask questions.” Gu Chen interrupted him,”you’re here to answer the question. You’re not qualified to ask.” I’m chatting with you out of friendliness and interest, so you’d better not push your luck. ”

“Hmm … Alright, alright.” Feng bujue’s eyes flickered.”You can ask, and I will try my best to answer.”

Gu Chen paused for half a second before he said,”Where are we?”

“Ha?” Feng bujue was stunned.

“Didn’t you hear me? Then I’ll ask again. ” “Where … Are we?” Gu Chen repeated in a heavy tone.

“In …” Feng bujue looked around.”An interrogation room?”

“I’m not asking about the environment, I’m asking about the location. ” Gu Chen continued.

“How would I know?” Feng bujue’s eyes widened.”I was cuffed by Bao Qing when I was at home, and I was even wearing a black mask. I was stuffed into your car as soon as I left the building … You were the ones who brought me here the whole way, and you still ask me?”

“Answer my question properly.” Gu Chen said coldly,”how about I push your hairline back by five centimeters?”

“Hey!” When Feng bujue heard the word ‘hairline’, his expression changed. He raised his voice and yelled,”do you not care about human rights? Do you have any humanity?”

“It’s fine if others are telling me this, but is it appropriate for you to talk to me about human rights and humanity?” Gu Chen replied indifferently,”not to mention the many times you overstepped the boundaries of the law and morality when you were underage … I have the right to make you disappear in any way because you secretly investigated the ‘nine subjects’.”

“F * ck! Are you trying to scare me?” Feng bujue did not back down. He yelled back,”I want to see your boss!”

“I’m the Section Chief of Department 9. ” Gu Chen put down his coffee cup and looked into brother Jue’s eyes.”I only have a few bosses, and they are all in City B … I’m the boss here.” He suddenly slammed the table.”Now, answer me quickly. Where are we?! Otherwise, I’ll immediately call a few strong men in and flick you to death!”

” 200 people Avenue, underground.” The next second, Feng bujue said those words like lightning.

“Good!”Gu Chen said in English, and then his expression returned to normal.”Please explain the deduction process.”

“It’s just like that,” Feng bujue answered unwillingly.”The first thing we can rule out is … The address that I found last time. I know that not long after I found that place, you moved and turned that place into a trap-like fake stronghold. “Secondly, I can rule out places that are more than 40 kilometers away from my house because I couldn’t have gone that far in that short period of time … Then, in the remaining range, according to my sense of direction and the frequency of my breathing, I can accurately calculate the time and the speed of my body … Then, I can calculate the traffic lights, up and down slopes, and other factors, and I can get a distance data with an error of less than 50 meters. “Based on my understanding of the map of S city, I came to this conclusion …” He paused for a moment before continuing,”of course, I have also considered such a possibility … You have used some method to make my physical perception of time and space change greatly. If that’s the case, then I really don’t know where I am. ”

“Hmm, not bad. Your scouting ability is very strong, and you’ve thought it through very well.” Gu Chen still looked lazy. He took another sip of his coffee and said,”the point is … You’re good at pretending. You have a bright future.”

“Haha … Thanks for the compliment.” Feng bujue chuckled drily, but he did not feel happy at all.

“Alright, next question.” “How much do you know about the supernatural forces in the human world at this stage?” Gu Chen continued.

“Not much,” Feng bujue replied.

Gu Chen didn’t respond to him, but his silence made him feel even more pressured.

“There really isn’t much …” Feng bujue immediately added.”The relevant literature is too complicated, and there are many different versions. I can’t tell which one is correct.”

“Then how did you kill sagalia today?” Gu Chen asked,”according to Bao Qing and the others ‘feedback, they could still detect the other party’s existence on their way to your house. But when they arrived at your house, they obviously felt the other party’s death.”

“I did hide a formation in the wall (that is, where Arthas left his palm print. Before brother Jue fixed it, he added a more powerful suppression formation inside in case of emergency)… And when I was talking to sagalia, I led it into the effective range of the formation.” “But I didn’t kill him,” Feng bujue replied.”It was a man named Simon (Feng bujue met Simon in the death question and knew his name, but he had no idea who he was) who killed him.”

“Oh … I see.” Gu Chen muttered thoughtfully.

Two seconds later, he stood up from his chair, put away the vacuum flask, and turned to the door.””I’ll ask this much for now. Next … I’ll give you a task. ”

“What?” Feng bujue asked with confusion.

“There’s an evil spirit in this room. ” Gu Chen’s words made Feng bujue gasp.”You can’t see him now, but I can tell you that he will make his move soon after I leave.” As he spoke, he opened the metal door and walked out.”I’ll give you ten minutes. If you can come out alive … We’ll continue talking.”

Before she could finish her sentence, he had already closed the door from the outside. (To be continued.)