Chapter 702: Test (2)

“Hey, hey … No matter how unlucky I am, something like this shouldn’t have happened …” Feng bujue’s first reaction was,”could it be that this lamp has malfunctioned at this time?” His second reaction was,”or perhaps … The moment I turned off the lights, the battery inside just ran out?”

“Uh … Ah …”

Brother Jue was still wondering why the table lamp was not working when The Ghost Inside the cocoon was already groaning … And tearing the cocoon open.

Feng bujue, who heard the movement, turned around and retreated to the metal door. As he observed the evil spirit’s movements through the camera, he elbowed the door twice.”Hey! Section Chief Gu! The situation didn’t seem right! Is there any further hint?”

He waited for a few seconds, but no one responded …

“This guy is really gone …” This time, Feng bujue was covered in cold sweat.


At this moment, the sound of cloth being torn apart was heard.

Feng bujue turned to look and realized that the ghost had completely torn the cocoon apart and was hanging upside down.

His appearance was terrifying. His head was like a dried corpse, and his skull was cracked. Stinky corpse oil was dripping from the gap in his head … His torso was shaped like a pea, showing a bloated and fat body, and his four limbs were thin and bony, as thin as firewood.

“Hmm…This style is quite avant-garde.” Feng bujue held the camera in one hand and aimed it at the target. His other hand grabbed the lamp … And was ready to use it to hit the man.

“Hehehe …” When the evil spirit saw brother Jue, it laughed maliciously. After a few laughs, he flipped and jumped to the ground. Then, he walked toward Feng bujue.

“Bah! Bah! Bah! Bah!” When the evil spirit was two meters away from him, Feng bujue made the first attempt to spit at the man.

This bite was also a coincidence … It just happened to fly into the gap in the head of the evil spirit.

“What?” The evil spirit was obviously stunned. Two seconds later, he actually spoke,”what are you doing?”

“It can actually talk …” Feng bujue mumbled in a mocking tone.

“Nonsense.” The evil spirit replied,”ghosts used to be humans. Naturally, they can speak.” He paused and asked again,”I’m asking you a question. What are you doing?”

“I … Wanted to try and see if my saliva can destroy you.” Feng bujue replied.

“Oh …” The evil spirit continued,”then, try it. How does it feel?”

“Based on my observation … It doesn’t seem to work.” Feng bujue replied.

“Not only that, it’s disgusting, you know?” The evil spirit continued in a stern voice.

“Um … I’m sorry,” Brother Jue thought about it and felt that he was indeed in the wrong, so he apologized. However, he immediately asked another question,”by the way … Since you can speak, I want to confirm with you … Can virgin boy’s urine exorcise ghosts?”

When the evil spirit heard that, it actually took two steps back and sized brother Jue up before replying,””Um … No, I can ‘t.”

“Alright,” he said. Feng bujue shrugged with a disappointed expression.

“Also … I can tell you clearly.” The evil spirit continued,”it’s basically impossible for someone like you who has not even activated your spiritual consciousness to survive my hands.”

“Oh? Can you explain it in detail?” Feng bujue still did not give up on trying to get information from the man.

“I’m not free!” However, the evil ghost did not buy it. As he spoke, he had already come forward again.”Anyway, you’ll naturally know when I extract your soul and fill my Dharmakaya.”

“Muahahahahahahahahahaha!” Seeing that, Feng bujue quickly recited the mantra and picked up the table lamp to swing at the evil spirit.

After a few months of training (he had already explained the training method to V1), Feng bujue’s body had changed significantly. Even though his basic physical fitness was not as good as a professional athlete, he was no longer a weak otaku.

Even though he was only holding a lamp, it was still a hard object … If it hit someone’s head, it was possible that they would die on the spot.

“Hmph …” However, facing brother Jue’s attack, brother malevolent spirit only responded with a cold smile.


As expected, brother Jue’s all-out attack … Missed. Because he used so much force and didn’t hit the expected force, he suddenly staggered and fell forward … And the camera in his other hand also fell to the ground.

“I can’t … Touch her?” when Feng bujue realized that he could not touch her, it was already too late.

However, brother Jue, who had lost his balance, did not fall to the ground. His body was leaning forward, so the evil spirit caught him with one hand, and it was on Xi Jue’s neck.

“Cough, cough, cough …” The force from his throat made brother Jue’s face turn from red to purple.

The next second, the evil spirit took a big step forward, grabbed Feng bujue’s neck, and raised him above his head, pressing him against the wall.””You’re quite bold, but it’s a pity … You don’t have enough morality and you don’t have spiritual sense. It’s your fate to break into my ghost realm …”

“Why can he touch me, but I can’t touch him …” Even under such circumstances, Feng bujue’s brain did not stop thinking.”And this guy’s grip is way too strong … This can not go on.” My consciousness is starting to blur … Using force to escape is obviously not going to work … I have to say something quickly … Something that will make him waver … I have to come up with a reason for him to put me down … Feng bujue … Think quickly … Before my brain stops working due to the lack of oxygen … Hurry up … No…. I can’t even speak … I …

… Will I die?”

At that moment, Feng bujue entered an extreme state. This was something he had never experienced before (in the real world)… The feeling of near death.

“What’s going on?” Suddenly, brother Jue’s eyes saw something.”I … I saw …”

Just a few seconds ago, his vision was still pitch black. Even if there was still a little bit of light in the room, he would not be able to see the spirit body without the camera …

However, at this moment, he could clearly see everything in the darkness …

A wall full of runes, a torn Chrysalis, corpse oil dripping on the ground, and … The evil ghost in front of him.

“Pa! Pa!”

Brother Jue somehow managed to gather his strength again. He picked up the table lamp (he had been holding it in his hand) and threw it at the side of the evil spirit’s face.

“Ah …” This time, the evil spirit was hit hard. He cried out in pain and instinctively released the hand that was pinching him.

Feng bujue was finally free from the man’s grasp. When his feet touched the ground, blood rushed up to his head, and it made him feel dizzy and almost fall.

But … He did not fall down. After a series of short gasps and coughs, he successfully stabilized his body.

“You …” The evil spirit, who had retreated three meters away, had a slight change in expression.”So you have spiritual consciousness …”

“Ha …” Feng bujue laughed, and that evil, crazy, and chilling smile returned to his face.”Even though I still don’t know what spiritual sense is, I know … At this moment, I can already see my surroundings clearly, and I can touch you.”

“Oh? So he just awakened … The evil spirit thought to itself.

With that in mind, he regained some of his confidence and smiled evilly at brother Jue.””Hehe … Do you really think that you can defeat me just because you can see me and touch me?”

“Based on my observation, your strength is indeed stronger than the average human.” Feng bujue replied calmly,”but in terms of speed, I still have the advantage. Moreover … Your body doesn’t look like the type that’s suitable for combat. I’m sure that in the ghost realm … You’re just a small fish that can only kill people without spiritual sense. ”

“Hmph! Little brat … How dare you speak such arrogant words!” Brother Jue had clearly hit the nail on the head, so the ghost was furious. He roared and pounced at brother Jue.

“A small fry is a small fry …” Feng bujue’s face was as dark as water. He leaned over calmly, moved … And in a flash, he was beside the man.”With just a little provocation, he immediately made this stupid attack that can be seen through with a single glance …”

In that split second, brother Jue pushed with his hands and tripped with his feet, using the evil spirit’s own strength to push it to the ground.

“Preposterous …” After the evil spirit fell flat on its face, it was even more furious. It immediately rolled half a circle on the ground, preparing to sit up and fight another 300 rounds with the other party.

But unexpectedly …

He had just turned his face around, but before he could even bend down, a metal folding chair came flying at his face.

Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa!

“Damn it … How dare you pinch me! You’re looking for death! “B * stard …” Feng bujue grabbed the back of the chair with both hands and attacked the spirit with a high frequency and force. With every hit, he would mumble a curse that echoed with the slapping sound.

“You … This … Ah …” The evil spirit couldn’t get up after being hit. It didn’t take long for it to adopt a curled-up posture, holding its head and screaming repeatedly.

On Feng bujue’s side … Even though he saw that his opponent was showing weakness, he did not show any signs of stopping and continued to fight.

Creak creak

At this moment, the metal door of the room was pushed open from the outside, and the light from the corridor shone in.

“Alright, come out if you’re done.” Gu Chen’s figure reappeared at the door.

With his appearance, the cold feeling in the room suddenly disappeared … And the evil ghost also disappeared under the light.

“Hah … Hah …” Feng bujue saw this and put down the chair to catch his breath. After he caught his breath, he glared at Gu Chen and said,”you’re here just in time …”

Before he could finish his sentence, he picked up the chair again and strode towards Gu Chen, who was standing at the door.

However … The next second, Feng bujue saw a flash of red.

Then, they heard “ding ding dang dang …” Sounds.

When he came back to his senses, the metal folding chair in his hand had turned into dozens of finger-long iron pipes and parts, falling to the ground. Upon closer inspection … One could also see that the edges of these fragments were all very neat, as if they had been cut by a sharp blade …

“Come, let’s talk somewhere else.” Gu Chen’s expression and tone … Were as if nothing had happened. He continued,”follow me.” With that, he put his hands into his pockets and turned around.

“Er …” Feng bujue was stunned for five seconds, and the two steel pipes in his hands fell to the ground.”Fine …” Then he followed after her. (To be continued.)