Chapter 704: The luxurious gaming cabin

In late July, Feng bujue suddenly stopped logging into the game with the excuse of ‘writing in isolation’.

His sudden and abnormal behavior naturally caused a huge reaction in his circle of friends …

Fortunately, he did not have many friends …

Xiao Tan was the easiest to fool. Just like the song, he believed the lie that was repeated twice.

An Yueqin was easy to deal with. After all, she had not known brother Jue for a long time. As long as Feng bujue kept the quality and submitted the work on time … The editor would have nothing to say.

As for Bao Qing … His relationship with brother Jue was very delicate. When the two of them met alone, the atmosphere was like an underground meeting. And when they communicated in a crowded environment, it always felt like they were showing off their acting skills …

Finally, let’s talk about RUO Yu and little Ling.

The two of them … Were obviously not that easy to fool.

However, brother Jue soon realized that he did not need to lie to them. This was because not long after he obtained spiritual consciousness, he discovered that … Li Ruoyu and Gu Xiaoling both had spiritual consciousness.

Feng bujue understood that since he could sense the other’s power, the other would be able to sense his as well. Therefore, he didn’t raise any questions, nor did he give any explanation. This meant that … The matter of spiritual sense, everyone should have a tacit understanding and no one should mention it; It’s up to you to decide when to reveal it.


8th month, 4th day, 8am.

As usual, Feng bujue went out for a ten-kilometer run and then returned home.

“Phew …” After pushing the door open and entering the house, he heaved a long sigh of relief and closed the door.

“Well … My physical progress has been rapid recently … If this goes on, I can go out and fight for justice …” He muttered as he changed his shoes and walked to the bathroom habitually.

Three seconds later, just as he turned the corner of the living room, he caught a glimpse of something …

“Hey …” His first reaction was to turn to Arthas on the sofa and ask,”what happened to my gaming pod …”

The reason brother Jue asked that question was because … In the half an hour he had been out for a run, the original gaming pod in his house had been replaced by a larger and more sophisticated one.

“This is Woody’s idea.” Arthas stuck out his tongue and licked his lips.”I’ve gotten rid of the original cat for you. I’ve replaced it with a new one.”

“Shouldn’t you at least ask me before you do it?” Feng bujue mumbled.

“There’s nothing to ask. ” Arthas replied,”I won’t spend a single cent. I’ll change the standard cabin to the luxury cabin.” Moreover, it’s a one-stop transportation, replacement, and installation service. You have no reason to refuse. ” She paused for a moment.”Because I know you’re a person who doesn’t like trouble, so I specially settled it quickly when you went out for a run, meow.”

“Based on what you’ve said, I have to praise you for your service and give you a good review …” Feng bujue narrowed his eyes.

“There’s no need for that. ” Arthas rubbed his face with his claws and said,”I gave you the luxury cabin so that you can play better and perform better in the game.” She raised her paw and pointed at the game cabin.”As the saying goes … To do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. You’re almost level 50, so it’s only right that I give you some hardware support, meow. ”

“Haha …” Feng bujue chuckled.”Actually, Woody is just trying to remind me that I haven’t been online in a long time, right?”

“Yes,” Arthas replied,”and he already predicted that you would say that with a smile, so he asked me to pass on this message to you after you finished. Even though you are talented, you are not born in the right place … With your special qualities, when you are learning the escaping armor heavenly book, you must not be rash, or there is a risk of you going mad.

In the past half a month, you’ve grown stronger day by day. Now you should slow down the progress, only then can you proceed step by step.

So, I suggest that you take a three-day break and train your in-game level to 50.

Hehehe …”

“Why do you even have to repeat ‘hehehe’?” Feng bujue asked.

“He said I wanted to be ‘word-for-word’, so I did as he said,” Arthas replied.”Okay, I’ve delivered the message. I’m going back to sleep. Don’t bother me, haha … Meow Meow …” She yawned as she spoke, curling up her body and tail.


Half an hour passed by quickly.

Feng bujue took a shower and ate a self-made nutritious breakfast. Then, he jumped into the gaming hub.

In all fairness, he was still very happy to get a free new cabin. After all, the interior of the luxury cabin was more spacious and more comfortable to lie in. It also came with an expensive air filtration system, humidity control system, and temperature control system.

In addition … He hadn’t been online for a long time. To a professional author who loved to play … Oh no… To a professional author who loved to collect material, the game itself was very attractive.

“Welcome to our company’s product. Scanning has begun. Please wait a moment.”

[Scan completed, citizen ID confirmed: SH13***313, name: [Feng bujue][access device: NL2055 luxury single-person gaming pod, no external hardware detected][[Cardiopulmonary function is at normal value. Neural connection program is ready. Please choose the type of connection.]

“Access type is non-sleep mode. Adjusting … Adjustment complete. Please confirm to load the game or return to the upper option.”

“Program activated. Loading in ten seconds …”

After a familiar voice message, Feng bujue entered the log-in lobby that he had not seen for a long time.

As usual, he opened his in-game email first.

As he had not logged in for a long time, his mailbox had accumulated a large number of emails. Thankfully, brother Jue was already used to this. He handled all the letters that had been sent over the past half a month with ease.

“Okay … Let me see …” Then, Feng bujue opened the social tab.”Hmm … It’s a working day, and there are quite a lot of people online …”

What he said was actually nonsense. Most of his friends list were professional players. Their job was to play games, so it was understandable that they would be online in the morning on weekdays.

“Hmm … I’m the only one online at underworld frontline.” Brother Jue then said,”alright …”

At this moment, he suddenly realized that … He was the one who did not do his job properly, so … He decided to play a Nightmare Mode alone to calm down.

Considering that brother Jue’s character’s attributes had not changed much since the last scenario, he did not need to go into detail to avoid the possibility of it being just a title.

All in all … After familiarly operating the touch screen for a while, he entered the solo survival mode (nightmare) queue …