Chapter 708: Ghost postman (4)

Feng bujue had a lot of questions …

For example, why didn’t he see a single person from the town entrance all the way here? Or, why were all the shops in town closed? Also, what’s with the ‘invisible bicycle’ on the road? Could that be the so-called “ghost postman”?

Other than that, there was also the identity of the mysterious figure, the reason for the bridge’s collapse, and so on …

None of the many mysteries surrounding this town had been solved, and there was no clue at all.

“Er … I do want to ask …” Feng bujue thought about it for a few seconds before he replied,”why …”

“Dong Dong Dong!”

Just as he was about to ask questions, three knocks on the door interrupted him.

“Ah … I almost forgot,” Narson raised an eyebrow and told Feng bujue,”other than you, I’ve invited another person for the interview today.” After saying this, he immediately raised his voice and shouted in the direction of the door,”please come in.”

A few seconds later, the person outside the door turned the doorknob and pushed the door open.

Feng bujue turned his head to look at the door. He saw … A short man who looked to be around thirty-five years old. He had a head of curly brown hair and a pair of shrewd blue eyes. He was wearing a dark blue suit, his leather shoes were well-polished, and he had a felt hat on his head. Obviously … This interviewee was much more sophisticated than Dave in terms of dressing.

“Um … Hello, Sir, I’m here to …”

Bang, bang, bang, crack.

Before he could finish his sentence, he was shot in the head by a double-barreled shotgun.

A large amount of blood and brain matter splattered on the walls of the corridor, and the body also fell towards the door.

“Worthed.Focker?” Feng bujue cursed in his heart. First, this had happened too suddenly and inexplicably, and second, the gunshot earlier had temporarily caused his right ear to go deaf.

“You! Late! Arrived! La!” After chief Nelson killed the man, he was still shouting at the body several meters away,”bastard!”

So this is what happens if I’m really late … Brother Jue silently turned his head around and looked at narson. He thought to himself, when and where did this guy get his gun from?

“I’m sorry, I hate people who are not punctual, you know that. ” After Nelson killed the man and roared, he put down his gun as if nothing had happened and hid it behind the chair.

Only then did brother Jue realize … The gun had been hidden behind narson’s back all this time, so he could have easily gotten it …

“Ah, where were we?” Narson sat down again and adjusted the collar of his suit.”Oh, right, did I tell you that I hate people who like to ask questions?” he asked.

“Hehehehe …” At that moment, Feng bujue adjusted his facial muscles and successfully put on a retarded smile.”Chief, it’s getting late. I have to go and deliver the letter.” He swept the things on the table into his arms and turned to leave.

“Wait,” Nelson suddenly stopped brother Jue.

Feng bujue’s cold sweat poured down his face. His body was tense as he slowly turned around.”Is there anything else …”

“Of course I do.” As narson spoke, he took out a card from the inner pocket of his suit. He then picked up a pen from the table, wrote something on it, and stamped it with his seal.”You’ll have to bring along this temporary work permit. Otherwise, the townspeople will refuse to accept your letter.”

“Hmm … I understand …” Brother Jue let out a sigh of relief. He walked back to the table and took the card from the man.

[Name: temporary work pass at the post office of otaku town]

[Type: Plot related]

[Rarity: normal]

Function: prove your identity as a ‘postman’

“Able to bring out of the scenario: no

“Remarks: this card is only valid for 24 hours.”

“If you accidentally lose your id, you can come back and find me to help you sign another one.” Nelson said,”but … There’s only one free ticket. Do you understand?”

“I completely understand.” Feng bujue nodded.

“Okay, then … Good luck, Mr. Dave.” After saying this, Nelson lowered his head and started to sort out some paper documents that were spread out on the table.

Obviously, this part of the plot had come to an end.

Feng bujue packed up his things and ran out. However … Before he left, he didn’t forget to close the door behind him.

After he closed the door, brother Jue pounced on the headless body without a second word.

(At this moment, if you’re thinking about Wanwan’s words,”do it while it’s hot,” please consult a psychiatrist or call the police.)

“He’s an adult man … And he didn’t bring his wallet with him when he was out?” Feng bujue used an unusually skilled technique to flip through the man’s pockets and then mocked,”you are Alan. Haber (a fictional character in “two and a half heroes”. For various reasons, he was very poor, and because of his poverty, he became stingy and gradually lost his integrity. In order not to pay the bill, he would deliberately not bring his wallet when he went out for dates. Is it?”

In the end, he only found three things on the man: A Seasoning Bottle filled with salt (it looked like it was stolen from a restaurant), a five-dollar bill, and a very short wooden pencil.

“In a way … I kind of pity this guy …” Feng bujue stood up and read after he finished searching the body.”From his appearance, he doesn’t look that poor …” He put the few items into his pocket and then turned to look at the slightly burnt felt hat that was covered in blood.”Sigh … I think I’ll pass …”

The hat did look good, and it was definitely more expensive than all the other belongings on this man’s body combined. It should be something he used to keep up appearances. Unfortunately … It was not worth a penny now.

“Hmm … I can’t find anything that can prove his identity …” Feng bujue thought as he walked down the corridor.”I can’t confirm if he’s a resident of this town or an outsider …” He walked down the stairs and quickly returned to the lobby on the first floor of the post office.”If he’s not a resident of aotaku town, then here’s the problem … The bridge is broken, so how did he get in?” His mind was like a spider web, constantly deducing various possibilities.”Excluding the low probability hypothesis such as parachuting, there are probably two situations … First, this town actually has more than one path that connects to the outside world. Second, he entered the town earlier than me, but for some reason … He was ten minutes late. ”

While he was thinking, he had already found the exit to the back door of the post office and walked over.

“The person who gave me the hint said that if the bridge is broken, I can’t get out …” He continued to think.”I’ll assume that she’s telling the truth, but … Based on the second scenario, how did the man in the felt hat come to aotaku town?” And how long ago did he come here? If he also drove over from the bridge this morning and arrived earlier than me, then on the way here … Even if I didn’t see him in person, I should have seen his car …”

When he thought about that, brother Jue had already walked out of the back door of the post office.

The backyard of the post office was a huge bicycle shed. At this moment, there was only one bicycle parked in the shed.

“If we take all the choices with a higher probability, it means … The man in the felt hat is not a local, he did not enter the town from another entrance, and he did not come this morning …” Feng bujue mumbled as he walked to the bicycle.”The conclusion is … He arrived in town yesterday or earlier to prepare for today’s interview. But this morning, something happened to him … Which caused him to be late by a few minutes. ”

“Phew …” He unlocked the bicycle and exhaled.”Maybe … He stayed in the hotel last night.” When he woke up this morning, he realized that his wallet was missing. He couldn’t find it even after searching for a long time … His car keys were also in his wallet … He knew that he was running out of time, so he could only run over, but in the end … He was still late. ”

After coming up with this seemingly reasonable deduction, he stopped thinking about the clue about the man in the felt hat and left a message in his mind palace,”if the conditions allow, go to the hotel and investigate. Maybe we can find clues about his identity or a normal car.”

After that, brother Jue’s attention moved to the few items in his hands.

First, the thirteen letters …

[Name: letter to the town of otaku]

[Type: Plot related]

[Rarity: normal]

Function: unknown

“Able to bring out of the scenario: no

[Remark: most of the information on this envelope is unclear, and there is no stamp on the letter. The only thing that could be identified was the recipient’s address: [ 3, First Street, town of aotaku, state of Maine.]

This explanation came from the letter at the top of the stack of letters. The contents of the other 12 letters were basically the same. The only difference was the address in the remarks (actually, it was fine to not look at the item description because it was also written on the envelope).

In order to avoid the suspicion that they were just words, the descriptions of the twelve letters were not listed one by one, but the different parts of the address were listed.

The second letter read,[2nd Street, No. 9.]

The third letter read,[3rd Street, No. 7.]

The fourth letter read,[No. 10, Fourth Street.]

The fifth letter read,[third, Fifth Street.]

The sixth letter read,[No. 9, Sixth Street.]

The seventh letter read,[7th Street, No. 7.]

The eighth letter read,[No. 1, Eighth Street.]

The ninth Letter read,[No. 3, Ninth Street.]

The tenth letter read,[9th Street.]

The 11th letter read,[7th Street.]

12th letter, 12th Street, No. 1.

Thirteenth letter,[No. 3, 13th Street.]

“Ha … Maine, huh …” After Feng bujue finished reading the addresses in the thirteen letters, his first reaction was to complain.”This script uses Stephen. King (most of his stories happened in Maine)’s memory …”

As he spoke, he had already sealed the stack of letters into the satchel in his bicycle pocket. Then, he took out the mini-map and used three minutes to completely engrave it in his mind.

Finally, he picked up the work manual that director Nelson gave him and put it in front of his eyes.

[Name: otaku town postman job manual]

[Type: Plot related]

[Rarity: normal]

[Function: records the Code of Conduct of the town of otaku’s postman, as well as some necessary knowledge.]

“Able to bring out of the scenario: no

[Remark: I’m not one to haggle over every trifle, my request is simple: Punctuality and determination.

Norman. [Nelson]

“Ha … You are indeed not one to haggle over every little thing …” Feng bujue looked at the item description and laughed.”You are a crazy old man who kills without even blinking …”

As he spoke, he got on the bicycle. With one hand controlling the front of the car and the other holding the work manual, he rode the car out of the backyard of the post office.

Brother Jue was someone who liked to multi-task, so he thought … He could ride the bike while reading the manual … That way, he could combine the time he needed to travel and the time he needed to read the settings. There was nothing on the streets of this town anyway. He just had to look at the road from the corner of his eye and not ride into the ditches …

“Ha … It’s so F * cking cold to be riding a bike without gloves in winter …” After Feng bujue rode the bike to the street, he took a few deep breaths of the moist air. He felt refreshed and cold. So … He decided to sing a song to warm himself up. “The first fog of 2002~it came later than usual~”