Chapter 709: Ghost postman (5)

Feng bujue hummed a song, and after riding for less than twenty meters, he flipped open the Otaku town postman job manual with one hand.

And then … Thank God, his singing stopped.

“This manual was created by Norman. If you have any questions, please come to my office to talk to me in private. ” Feng bujue read out the sentence that was printed on the first page of the manual. He laughed drily and flipped the page.

[As you can see, this manual itself is very thin. In order to save on printing costs, I removed the table of contents.] This was the content on the second page.

“Hey! This line of nonsense took up an entire page! If we change this to the table of contents … What’s the difference in cost?” Feng bujue grumbled as he flipped to the third page.

On this page, there was indeed a lot of substantial content. The title at the top read,[postman guidelines]

First, the town’s postmen must carry the relevant documents when working. If they deliver without a license, they will bear the consequences. Second, punctuality is our basic rule. Please be sure to deliver the letters and parcels before the deadline, or you will bear the consequences. Third, determination was very important. No matter how dangerous the situation was, he could not waver. He had to let the recipient accept the letter, or he would bear the consequences. “Number four: the bicycle is our companion. We have to treat them like family. If you cause any serious damage to the bicycle at the post office, you will bear the consequences …

“Bear the consequences … Bear the consequences … Bear the consequences …” Feng bujue scanned through the messages, and they were all written in the same sentence.”I’m sure the meaning behind these words is not ‘shoot you with a gun’…” He changed his mind.”Speaking of which … When I went into the post office, other than narson, I didn’t see any other employees. Could it be … He killed all the employees …””Wait … It’s not just the post office … There’s no one in the streets and alleys of this town …”

Just as brother Jue’s mind was running wild, he heard the sound of a bell from behind him.

“Again?” With the previous experience, Feng bujue naturally knew where the ringtone came from. He immediately turned toward the sound, and as expected, he saw a bicycle tire mark that was approaching him.

“Hey! How are you, brother?” Brother Jue put the manual away and grabbed the handle with both hands. After some adjustments, he came to the side of the “invisible bicycle” and walked parallel to it. “Can you hear me?” He tried to communicate with The Invisible Rider.

However … What happened in the next second shocked Feng bujue.

At that moment, Feng bujue felt a white light flash before his eyes, and then, there was a creak in his ears.

By the time he came back to his senses, he had already fallen to the ground with his car, and his body was emitting a faint burnt smell …

“What’s the situation?” Brother Jue sat up with a blank face. He wanted to find the man’s position again, but by then, the tire mark was already far away. He could not even hear the sound of the bicycle chain.

He looked at the game menu again and found that his Life Points had dropped by 50%… The only thing worth rejoicing about was that there were no longer any wounds or debuffs.

“I greeted him, but he shocked me with an electric baton?” Feng bujue was dumbfounded.”Just talking to him will trigger the attack?”

He sat for a minute, and after making sure that his body was fine, he stood up again.””What’s the background of this guy …” He dusted off the dirt on his body and picked up his bicycle.”If he’s the ghost postman, then my main quest doesn’t seem to be easy to complete …”

With that thought in mind, something flashed across Feng bujue’s eyes.”Eh? “Could it be …” He took out the work manual from his pocket again, flipped through a few pages, and then laughed.”Ha! There really is one!”

The chapter that brother Jue had flipped to was titled [about the ghost postman].

One, you’re not allowed to talk about the ghost postman. Three, don’t talk about the ghost postman!

These were the first three messages in this chapter …

“Hey Hey … How many times do I have to play fight Club before I’m satisfied …” Feng bujue scanned through the three lines and continued to read.

Fourth, the ghost postman was the legendary employee of the post office of the town of otaku. He had maintained a record of no absences from work, no refunds, and no delays for fifteen consecutive years.

“Because he is a spirit?” Feng bujue narrowed his eyes and mumbled.

5. The ghost postman was always in a hurry.

“Hmm…I can tell.” Feng bujue’s behavior of reading the manual and complaining at the same time was also a show of determination.

6. Because the ghost postman is always in a hurry, please do not disturb him, or you will bear the consequences.

“The consequence is to lose half of your HP after saying hello …” Brother Jue said as he flipped the page.

7. If you want to communicate with the ghost postman, please write the content on a piece of paper and send it to the abandoned mailbox next to the cemetery in the north of town in the form of a letter.

“F * ck … How did you guys know about this? Is this the conclusion after being electrocuted countless times?” Feng bujue asked,”eh? “Wait a minute … This book was written by narson, so he should know something …” His expression changed slightly as he continued,”but this old man’s marksmanship is pretty good, and he’s also quite ruthless. I feel like it’s going to be a little difficult to get information from him …”

Eight, a special reminder that the ghost postman ‘s’ soul shock ‘can not be isolated by insulators. If you want to wear a set of insulated clothes to challenge him, I suggest you save it.

“Very good … I can save on that.” Feng bujue had indeed come up with such a plan, but after he read the eighth Plan, the plan disappeared.

Jiu, remember, the ghost postman doesn’t need your help or sympathy. Everything he does is voluntary. Those who have any objections to this, you can come to the director’s office to find me.

“What?” Brother Jue instantly smelled a conspiracy in the ninth … And the last one.”This … Sounds like you’re trying to hide something from me …”

His mind worked quickly again, and he ran through the nine (actually seven) descriptions of the ghost postman several times in his mind. Very quickly … He came up with a plan.

Of course, now was not the time to carry out this plan. Brother Jue’s top priority right now … Was still to deliver the letter.

“This is getting more and more interesting …” When Feng bujue said that, it usually meant that … He had already obtained some key information.

“Let me think … The direction of First Street …” He put away the work manual, picked up the satchel from the ground, and slung it over his body. Then he got on the bicycle again.”Hmm … That way …”


Half an hour later, Feng bujue had used up half of his stamina points, and he finally arrived at the door to No. 3 First Street.

He didn’t choose to use the post office as the center and send the mail from the nearest to the furthest. Instead, he sent it in order of address. Although it would take more time, this route would allow him to “conveniently” explore a few more interesting places.

“Is this the place?” Feng bujue looked at the two-story house before him and mumbled,”the house looks pretty good, but there isn’t even a mailbox in front of the house.”

In fact … Even if this family had an email, it would be useless. Stuffing the letter into the mailbox wasn’t considered completing the quest. The progress of the mission would only be changed if he handed it to the recipient personally and made the recipient express that he was willing to accept it.

“Sigh … I have no choice but to knock on the door.” Brother Jue sighed, parked his bike, and walked through the front yard to the porch.

“Pa, pa, pa!”

After knocking on the door three times, he said loudly,””Is anyone there?”

After a short silence, there was some movement on the second floor of the house. Then … There was the sound of a fat man walking down the stairs in slippers.

Some people might say,”you can tell fat from the sound of footsteps?

All I can say is … Brother Jue can tell.


A moment later, the door opened a crack. As the person in the room did not pull off the chain lock behind the door, the door could only be opened so wide.

“Who are you looking for?” The lights were off in the house. The owner of the house stood in the darkness behind the door and asked in a weak voice.

“I don’t know,” Feng bujue replied. He really didn’t know … Because other than the addresses on these envelopes, the rest of the contents were all vague.

“Then get lost!” The homeowner’s reaction was straightforward. He cursed and slammed the door.

Pa pa pa pa pa pa!

Brother Jue immediately knocked on the door five more times.

“What do you want?” The owner of the house opened the door a crack and shouted impatiently.

“I’m from the post office. ” Feng bujue took out his simple temporary work pass and waved it in front of the door. That tone, that posture, it was as if he was saying “I’m from the FBI”…

“So?” The homeowner’s attitude softened a little, and he tried to ask a question.

“Are you the only one living here?” Feng bujue also asked a question.

“Does it have anything to do with you?” The owner asked.

“It’s fine if you don’t answer. ” Feng bujue replied calmly and handed the envelope over.”What if you’re the only one living here? this is for you. If there’s someone else living with you, please help me pass it on. ” He paused for a moment.”Anyway, I’ve already sent the letter to the place. How you deal with it is your business.” He extended the envelope a little further.”Take it. What are you standing there for?”

“No… I don’t want to.” At this moment, the landlord’s tone suddenly became strange.”Leave … I won’t accept this letter.”

His words were very concerning … He didn’t say “you’ve sent it to the wrong place,” but “I won’t accept it.” In other words … He admitted that the letter was sent to the right place, but … He didn’t want it.

“Ha?” Feng bujue did not expect such a reaction. He glared at the shadow behind the door.”Are you crazy? It’s just a letter, not a bomb. Why not accept it?”

The owner of the house was silent for a few seconds, then … He replied in a low voice,””Open it and see for yourself …”