Chapter 712: Ghost postman (8)

After leaving 7th Third Street, Feng bujue did not rush to the Northguard graveyard. Instead, he headed to the address of the fourth recipient.

He was a very organized person and would not easily mess up his own plans.

According to the route he had set in advance, the most reasonable and time-saving plan was to take a trip to the cemetery after delivering the ninth Letter.

Therefore … Although he couldn’t send out the third letter, he was still prepared to stick to the original route. He would make a decision after collecting more information …


Ten minutes later,[No. 10, 4th Street.]

Brother Jue stopped in front of a familiar house, walked through a familiar grass patch, and stood on a familiar porch. He knocked on a familiar door.

“Pa, pa, pa!”

“Open the door! Speed up!” Feng bujue shouted as he clapped.

Soon, familiar footsteps came from upstairs. The door was opened a crack, and a familiar voice came from the shadow behind the door.””Who are you looking for?”

“Postman, deliver letters.” Feng bujue replied with those two words at a very fast speed. He then showed his identification and continued,”do you accept it?”

“No…” Fatty No. 4 only managed to utter a single syllable.

Brother Jue interrupted the man rudely,”How many digits is your instruction code?”

“Uh …” The other party hesitated for half a second before replying,”four … Four digits …”

“Is the first one the number one?” On the way here, Feng bujue had an idea. He wanted to use the recipient ‘s’ answer every question ‘to use a specific method of asking questions to get the actual value of the command code.

Unfortunately … Such an action would naturally not succeed … The system would not allow such a tactless trick.

“I can’t answer this question.” The tone of the fat man No. 4’s words did have the feeling of a game NPC.

“Oh …” Feng bujue was not too surprised because he knew that this method would most likely fail. He was just trying to ask,”then … Is this number bigger or smaller than 5555?”

“I can’t answer this question.” No. 4 used the same tone and voice as before to repeat the same answer.

“Is this an odd or even number? Is it a prime number? Is it a lucky number?” Feng bujue asked three more questions in one go.

“I can’t answer any of these questions.” Fatty No. 4 had no comment.

“Alright,” he said. Feng bujue appeared very calm. At that moment, he was certain that the recipients could only reveal the ‘type’ of the command code (numbers and not letters or anything else) and the ‘number’.

“Is there anything else you need? If you don’t have anything to say, then hurry up and leave. ” Two seconds later, No. 4 could not wait to ask him to leave.

“Before I leave, I would like to ask …” Brother Jue used the same method he used on fatty No. 2 to stop the man from closing the door.”Are you a clone?”

“What are you saying? I don’t understand. ” Fatty number four replied.

“Oh?” Feng bujue’s eyes flickered, and he thought,””It’s not that I can’t answer this time … I just don’t understand …”

“If you don’t know the code, I won’t accept the letter. Please go back.” Five seconds later, No. 4 saw that the door wouldn’t close, so he said the same thing and went upstairs.

This time, brother Jue did not try to break in. He quickly returned to his bicycle and headed to the fifth address.

“Hmm … I more or less understand.” He sped up the pace of his peddling, and also accelerated the pace of his thinking.”The responses of these recipients to the question are …’Can answer’,’can not answer’, and ‘can not understand or give feedback’.” He muttered to himself,”from the results of the test, the information that I can ‘answer’ is the most basic clue that I need to solve the puzzle. As for those who were too direct or tried to find out the answer, they were all classified as ‘can not be answered’. As for ‘unable to understand or provide feedback’, it means that … From the setting of the scenario, these NPCs can not provide the clues and answers to the corresponding questions. ”

When he thought of this, his expression became serious. “It’s more complicated than I thought … Anyway, it’s better to test it again when we get to the next address to confirm it.”


To make a long story short, at 11:30 A. M., Feng bujue had finished searching for the addresses in the first nine letters.

Other than the first and second recipients who accepted the letters, the third to the ninth recipients did not accept the letters.

However, brother Jue still managed to confirm his previous hypothesis from them and asked for their command code.

Starting from the one on the 3rd Street, to the “No. 9 fatty” on the 9th Street, the command codes of these seven people were: There were three-digit numbers, four-digit numbers, five-digit numbers, six-digit numbers, seven-digit numbers, eight-digit numbers, and ten-digit numbers.

“Okay … It’s about time to contact my ‘ghost’ colleague.” After leaving the house at third Ninth Street, Feng bujue hopped onto the bicycle and lifted his head to read.”According to the map … On the way to the cemetery, we will pass by a shop. I should be able to get the paper needed to send the letter there …”

Along the way, he had found out the details of the letter he had written to the ghost postman. The letter to the ghost postman didn’t need an envelope or stamp. As long as it followed the correct letter format, it could be sent directly by writing the content on a piece of white paper. However, the paper used to write a letter had to be clean, the writing had to be neat, and the wording had to be polite and accurate.

Of course, even if the sender strictly followed these requirements … Whether the ghost postman would return after receiving the letter, and how long it would take … Was also unknown.

“In any case, I already have a pen to write a letter …” Feng bujue mumbled as he rode the bike.”If the store is open for business, I can also buy some food and drink to replenish my energy. Even if it’s not open for business, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a piece of paper …”

Just as brother Jue was deep in thought, suddenly …

“Clang, clang, clang, clang, clang, clang …” That familiar voice came from the fog again.

“Again?” Brother Jue’s eyes quickly caught the tracks on the ground. He knew that his ‘colleague’ was about to pass by again.

“Sigh … I’ll make way for you.” Feng bujue mumbled in his heart. He turned the car around and rode to the side of the road.

He had thought that the ghost postman would be like when he first met him, passing by silently, but unexpectedly …


With the sound of a gust of wind, a roll of newspaper appeared out of nowhere and landed accurately in brother Jue’s bicycle pocket.

From the way the newspaper was flying … It seemed to have been thrown by the ghost postman when he passed by brother Jue. (To be continued.)