Chapter 723: Dave’s World (18)

The night was getting darker.

At 7:28, the town of aotaku was still foggy, but the difference from the daytime was that the streetlights were already on.

The air that was getting colder and colder caused Feng bujue’s face and hands to go numb. He could only speed up the pace of the bike to maintain the heat in his body.

Although he did not know where the “last dinner” would be held, he could think of a place to go. It was … The post office North of the town square.

First of all, he could go there to report to Nelson; Secondly, narson was currently the only NPC who could communicate with him normally and provide him with some help (there was no way for him to return to marksman and Young’s side, and it would be too late for him to write to the ghost postman. As for Mr. M and that woman with the ethereal voice … They were both elusive and impossible to find). Thirdly, there were not many paths in this town. Unless one deliberately took a detour, otherwise … There was only one route from the hotel to the post office. Inoch must have walked along the same path this morning. If he followed the same route, he might be able to find out what had happened to him.

“The visibility really is getting lower and lower at night …” Brother Jue used the light from the streetlights to continue moving forward.”Hmm … I suddenly feel like the emptiness of the street is not bad … At least I don’t have to worry about running into them … F * ck!”

There were many things that could not be repeated. As the saying goes, whatever you say comes true …

Just as Feng bujue was sighing, a rectangular shadow suddenly appeared in the middle of the road.

The next second, with a series of clattering sounds, the front of the bicycle slammed into the object, and brother Jue flew out of his seat.

As the ‘F * ck this guy’ flew through the air, Feng bujue dragged out a curse, and his voice was filled with depression.

Before he could finish cursing, he had already fallen to the ground.

This time, he fell quite heavily. After brother Jue landed, he was stunned for a full thirty seconds before he caught his breath. He did a cursory examination … His right arm was fractured, his ribs were cracked, and there were bruises and contusions of varying degrees all over his body.

The only good thing was that the road was made of mud, and there were no stones or anything of the sort. If he had fallen on the stone Road or the concrete ground, it might have been more serious, and he might not even be able to get up.

“Pfft …” Feng bujue spat out a mouthful of blood. He sat up and turned around to look.

He quickly recognized that the thing he had hit … Was a hot dog stall.

“Stopping in the middle of the road is quite a struggle!” Feng bujue could not help but yell at the stall.

He did not know if it was the system’s arrangement or if it was just a coincidence, but brother Jue had been running around town for the whole day and had not passed by this place. If he had passed by this place during the day, he would definitely not have bumped into it. The visibility was much better back then, and he wasn’t riding as fast as he was now.

“Wait a minute … This doesn’t look like a cart …” Several seconds later, Feng bujue had a clearer look. It was then that he noticed that the bottom of the hotdog stall was not a wheel but four metal frames that were stuck into the ground.”I was wondering … I’ve already flown so far, but this stall did not even shake. So, it’s fixed to the ground.”

Due to time constraints and limited conditions, Feng bujue only sat on the ground for a minute before he stood up again. His tolerance for pain was amazing, and this degree of injury was not enough to hinder his movement.

After he got up, he put on his satchel with his left hand and picked up the shotgun that he had dropped not far away. He then walked toward the hot dog stall.

The stall had bread, sausages, and all kinds of condiments and sauces needed to make hot dogs, but there was no stall owner.

Feng bujue did not hold back. He placed the gun on the table and used his left hand to grab the bread and sausage and stuff them into his mouth. After stuffing a lump of food into his mouth, he used his left hand again … To pick up the bottles of mustard, tomato sauce, and sweet and spicy sauce, and poured a little of each into his mouth.

The way he ate was not so much fierce … It was more disgusting. Of course, his tolerance for disgusting things was obvious. There was no need to go into the examples of rotten sandwiches and shit swamp …

After eating two hot dogs, brother Jue looked at his status bar and grumbled,”tsk … That’s all the life Points I’ve earned …”

After the fall, his Life Points had dropped below 30%. He had only managed to recover 33% after eating the hot dog. This was undoubtedly a loss … However, the hot dog had helped him recover nearly 500 stamina points, so the fall had not been in vain.

“Eh? What is this?” Just as brother Jue was about to take the gun and leave, he accidentally saw … Something stuck at the edge of the base of the hot dog stand.

After picking up the item, he immediately laughed dryly.

Name: inoch’s wisdom tooth

[Type: Plot related]

[Rarity: trash]

Function: unknown

“Able to bring out of the scenario: no

[Remark: the owner of this tooth is an extremely stingy guy. One morning, he had added too much wasabi while eating a hot dog and ended up losing his teeth. He immediately asked the hotdog stall owner to compensate for his losses, but he was rejected and ridiculed by the stall owner. In a fit of anger, he secretly stole a bottle of salt from the other party’s stall.

“This is an idiot!” After brother Jue read the item description, he cursed.

[Hidden mission completed.] At the same time, the system’s voice sounded in his ears.

Feng bujue opened the quest tab to take a look. The ‘investigate and solve the reason inoch was late’ option … Was crossed out.

“Hey …” Brother Jue’s mouth twitched, and he mumbled to himself,”that works too … The reason he’s late is because he’s an idiot?”

Despite his complaints, he knew the reason inoch was late … It was because she had a conflict with the hot dog stall owner after losing her tooth.

“Fine … No matter what, the mission is completed.” As Feng bujue said that, he threw away the tooth and walked around the hot dog stand.”If the other two missions were as easy as this one, then that would be really easy …”

It was obvious that he was overthinking.

This hidden mission was obviously the simplest of the three. As long as he found the relevant item, read the note, and understood the meaning of the note, he would be considered successful. But the next two weren’t so easy …


Fifteen minutes after leaving the hotdog stand, Feng bujue finally arrived at the post office, panting heavily.

It was already 7:46. There were only 14 minutes left until 8:00.

Since the front wheel of the bike was already deformed, brother Jue had to abandon it. He had been running all the way here.

It was not easy for him either … Not to mention his fractured right hand, he had to bear the pain from his ribs and the swelling all over his body while running, and he also had a heavy grapeshot in his left hand. It was already very fast for them to arrive in fifteen minutes.

“Haha … We don’t have much time left …” When brother Jue entered the post office, he raised his hand to look at his watch.”I hope that the ‘last dinner’ will be held not far from here …”

He rushed up to the second floor and went straight to the director’s office.

“Dong Dong Dong!”

At 7:47 sharp, brother Jue knocked on the door for the second time today.

“Please come in.” Director Nelson immediately responded.

Before he could finish, Feng bujue pushed the door open and walked toward the man’s desk.””Chief, I’ve delivered all the letters.”

“I know,” “I’m very satisfied with your performance,” narson replied.

“I would like to ask you a question.” Feng bujue did not respond to the compliment but quickly added,”do you know where the ‘last dinner’ will be held?”

Now that things had come to this, he didn’t have the time to beat around the bush with this NPC, so he asked what he needed to ask. In any case … If the other party knew the answer, he would definitely understand the question.

“Oh … That …” Narson’s expression and tone didn’t change much as he asked,”what’s the matter?” Do you want to participate?”

“Yes, I am.” Feng bujue replied with a certain tone.

“In that case …” Narson said as he stood up from his chair.

“Then come with us.” All of a sudden, someone finished narson’s sentence and said the second half of his sentence.

Feng bujue heard the voice and turned around …

There was an extra person at the door of the office … It was a woman in a white dress.

She had long hair, and her face was blurry. Her voice was very distinctive, and even if you listened to it from a very close distance, it gave off a distant and ethereal feeling. (To be continued.)