Chapter 725: Dave’s World (20)

December 25th, 2102.

In a small town in the state of Maine.

In the morning, a nine-year-old boy woke up from his dream and stretched his back.

He rubbed his eyes and glanced at the alarm clock by the bed. Then, he jumped out of bed and ran downstairs in his pajamas.

“Wow!” A minute later, the little boy’s excited yells rang out in the living room on the first floor.

“Mom … Mom …” A few minutes later, he ran upstairs happily into his mother’s room, jumped onto the bed, and said excitedly,”look what Santa Claus gave me!”

The mother on the bed smiled and replied with sleepy eyes,””Hehe … It seems like you’re a postman now, my little candy.”

The little boy grinned and adjusted the Postman’s hat on his head. He saluted his mother. “I’m willing to serve you!”

The mother reached out and pinched the child’s face.””Alright, Mr. Postman. Quickly go back to your room and put on your clothes. Be careful not to catch a cold.”

“Yes! A lady. ” The little boy responded loudly and skipped out.

A warm smile appeared on the mother’s face as she watched the child leave.

However, a few seconds later, she seemed to have thought of something, and her expression suddenly became a little sad. And her gaze instinctively turned to the bedside table …

On the cabinet, there was a photo frame. The photo in the photo frame was not too old. In the photo, there was a handsome father, a beautiful mother, and an adorable little boy.

“Mommy, when is daddy coming home?” On Christmas two years ago, the little boy had asked his mother this.

But his mother just hugged him and cried, unable to even say a word.

On Christmas Eve that year, after the little boy’s father got off work at the post office, he rode his bicycle to the shopping center to buy a toy for his child. However, on his way back … A car accident took his life.

From then on, only the mother and son were left in the family.


“Put on your hat. Yes, just like that.”

At 8:30 in the morning, after making sure that her son was dressed, the mother held the little boy’s hand and left the house with him.

“Hey, Mr. Marvin, Good Morning.”

“Merry Christmas, Mrs. Dave. Hey, look, whose little postman is this?”

Their neighbors were an elderly black couple, and they would usually greet each other when they saw each other.

“Hello, Mr. Ford.”

“Eh? Oh … Hello, Mrs. Dave. ”

His other neighbor, Ford, was a fat man. The whole neighborhood knew that he was a single otaku, and people usually only saw him when he went out to take out the garbage.

“Mom, why does Mr. Ford always look so listless?” After they walked out of the street, little Dave looked up and asked his mother.

“Because he’s always in a place where he doesn’t see the sun, eating junk food, and doing nothing serious.” His mother replied.

“Doesn’t he need to work?” Little Dave asked curiously.

“Mr. Ford has inherited a large fortune from a distant relative, so he doesn’t have to work.” His mother replied.

“Oh, he’s a lucky man, mom.” Little Dave said.

“Yes, he’s very lucky …” Her mother mumbled and stopped.

After thinking for a few seconds, she squatted down so that her eyes were level with her son ‘s. She then said with a stern expression,””Listen, Dave, you have to be like Daddy, a hardworking person. Don’t envy people like Mr. Ford. You have to understand … Not everyone is that lucky. ”

“Yes, I will, mom.” Young Dave nodded and replied, not fully understanding.


At nineo’ clock in the morning, they arrived at the park in town.

Many adults were already sitting on the long benches next to the children’s playground. Some stalls selling snacks, drinks, and toys had also been set up.

Little Dave quickly joined the other children and went to the side to play.

Mrs. Dave, on the other hand, sat down on the bench and started chatting with the other Housewives.

Half an hour later, an old man came to her side and greeted her,””Hi, Wendy, long time no see.”

“Oh, hello, chief Nelson.”

“I was over there the whole time and saw you, so I came over to say hello. Merry Christmas, Wendy. ”

“Merry Christmas, Mr. Nelson. By the way, how has your wife been?”

“Not bad. She’s at home preparing a party with the children, so I had to bring my granddaughter to the park to play.”

“Hehe … I thought you liked kids.”

“Yes, I like them, but I can’t do anything to them.” He shrugged and replied. A few seconds later, he seemed to have seen something.” Is that a street performance?”

“Um … Oh, yes.” Mrs. Dave followed the other party’s gaze and saw the two performers in the distance.”That ‘s’ Archer and young. ‘They’re volunteers in the community and often perform in the park and the old people’s home. The children love them.”

“Oh?” Narson seemed to be interested.”I’ll also go and take a look …”

They quickly came to the side of a small truck and stood behind a group of naughty children with the other parents.

The audience in the front row was obviously looking forward to the performance. As soon as marksman and young set up the stage, the children had already gathered around and sat down with their arms around their knees. This naturally included narson’s granddaughter and little Dave.

“Alright, children. The performance is about to start.”

After they were ready to stop, the two lead actors jumped onto the simple stage next to the truck. The two of them … One was a big bearded man dressed as a Western Cowboy, and the other was a bald man in a shirt and a Suit Vest.

“Children, today, we’re going to perform … An extremely thrilling … Amazing … Apple-shooting with a dart!”

Although it didn’t sound like a very interesting performance, it was still good for the children … The children were also very happy to give applause and laughter.


Gulululu …

The sound of liquid flowing rang in Feng bujue’s ears again.

At the same time, the memory fragments from earlier also entered his mind …

[Warning, subject number 8775 is awakening … Warning, subject number 8775’s brain is producing a pulse response. The source is unknown. Please adjust immediately …] The mechanical voice sounded again.

“It hurts so much …” This time, brother Jue gritted his teeth and opened his eyes.”Tsk … I still can’t speak.” Fine … As long as I can see and think …”

As he pondered, he turned his eyes, trying to observe the surrounding environment as much as possible.

“I see … So I’m also soaking in the liquid …” He soon realized that he was also wearing a light-colored one-piece tight suit and floating in a glass container filled with liquid. His condition … Was the same as the inoch he saw the last time he “opened his eyes”(if he was also called inoch in this world).

“His nose, lungs, and ears are all filled with the unknown substance, but he does not feel uncomfortable or suffocated. When I opened my eyes, my eyeballs felt a little sore, but they got used to it after a few seconds. It’s easier than opening my eyes underwater …”Feng bujue’s eyes moved quickly, and his mind was like lightning.” No matter what this liquid is, it can’t be a technological product that should have existed in this universe since 2002 … Could it be … A setting of the matrix? He quickly denied this thought.”No, the calluses on my hands are still there. A body that has been in the tank all year round would not have such things …”

[Warning, the brain of the tester is overclocked. The test data has exceeded the normal value. The forced termination procedure will be initiated in 20 seconds.]

“What kind of test is this? Mental state? His brain function?” Feng bujue listened to the system’s voice and tried to figure out his current situation.

“Anton! You bastard! Why is number 8775 awake again?”

“Sir, Anton went to the bathroom.”


“Uh … He said he ate something dirty for lunch.”

“Alright, you don’t have to explain for him. Quickly go to the control panel and settle things. That guy Anton … I’ll deal with him later …”

“Yes, sir,”

The two people talking outside the liquid container were the same as last time. From their conversation, they should be the staff in charge of this “test” and had a superior-subordinate relationship.

“Phew … Man, you sure know how to give me trouble …” A few seconds later, a blurry shadow came before the container that Feng bujue was in and mumbled to himself in a low voice,”your test value is almost up to the mark, and you keep waking up … Hmm …” He paused for a moment and then laughed coldly.”Humph … Forget it, I’ll help you out and give you some ‘extra’… Please pass it quickly and stop causing more trouble for me …”

When he heard that, Feng bujue really wanted to go out from the container and give the NPC a hug. Although he did not fully understand the meaning of the other party’s words, he already understood…This NPC in front of him whose name and appearance were unknown was the man who could really help him see through the “truth.”

Those who existed on the level of ‘nothingness’ could only give ‘nothingness’ as an answer. Those who existed in ‘reality’ could give them ‘reality’.

[Increasing the concentration of the solution. Adding a special solvent … Forced termination sequence has been turned off. Preparing for emergency pulse. Five, four, three, two, one …]


The moment he received the ‘pulse’, Feng bujue heard a familiar voice. He pondered for a moment … And suddenly felt that this sound was the same as the ghost Postman’s riding.

At the same time, another wave of memory fragments flashed in front of her eyes …


“Puah!” A mouthful of blood was spat out by brother Jue onto the marble floor.

When his consciousness returned to the gorgeous Hall, he was still in the same position as when he had smashed the phone to the ground.

The time here … Seemed to have never flowed.

“Have you found the answer?” The six people that surrounded Feng bujue once again said the same thing in unison.

“Humph …” Brother Jue’s lips curled into a cold smile. He slowly stood up and walked to the long table at the far end of the hall.”I think … It’s almost time for dinner.” (To be continued.)