Chapter 726: Dave’s World (21)

“It wasn’t until just now that I realized something.” Feng bujue slowly walked toward the long table.”Everyone …” He looked at the thirteen fat men who were sitting side by side at the table.”…The envelope that you would rather die than accept is an ‘invitation’, right?”

At that moment, the thirteen people looked at brother Jue, who was closing in on them, with a helpless and fearful gaze. They did not say a word.

“I can totally understand you.” Feng bujue stood before the table and smiled.”Put yourself in my shoes. If I were you, I would also reject it.”

After saying that, he paused for a few seconds, then spread his arms and made a ‘please’ gesture as if he was the host of the banquet.””But since you’re already here, why don’t you enjoy your last meal?”

When the fat men heard this, they looked at each other. Very quickly, they all revealed sorrowful expressions, picked up their utensils, and began to eat …

“Hidden mission completed.” At this moment, the system’s voice sounded.

Feng bujue glanced at the mission panel and confirmed that the ‘try to participate in the last dinner’ option had been ticked.

“Haha …” Brother Jue laughed.”That’s right. Eat slowly, and after you’re done, we’ll be on our way.”

“It seems that you have seen through the ‘truth’.” Mr. M said.

“Hmph … I’m ashamed. This time, I wasn’t able to see through the whole truth.” “I only found out about everything that happened here with the help of ‘a certain person’,” Feng bujue said. As he spoke, he turned around and said to the six NPCs behind him,”I also know … Your identities.”

When he said this, his gaze swept across the faces of the six people. However, the NPCs did not react. They just stood there silently, as if waiting for him to continue.

“First of all, you …” Two seconds later, Feng bujue’s eyes moved to the mysterious woman.”You, you are Dave ‘s’ survival instinct ‘. It’s reasonable for you to appear as his mother. Because in the depths of a person’s heart, the people they feel most trusted and most secure with are usually their parents. ” At this point, brother Jue had already used third person to address Dave. It was clear that he no longer cared about the form and content of his words.”The instructions you gave me were all based on the two points of ‘survival and safety’. So, when I first came to this town, you asked me to leave.”When I lost the way to leave, you told me clearly that if I stayed in town … I would either become a postman or …” He turned to glance at the fat men behind him,”become … Them.”

After saying all that in one breath, brother Jue walked up to narson and said,””And you, director Nelson … You are no doubt the symbol of ‘authority and rules’ in Dave’s heart. Most people have an image of you in their minds … When we are lazy, you will spur us on. When we are tempted, you will warn us. “You’re like a strict teacher who abides by the rules, asking us to be punctual, firm, thrifty, and honest …” He paused for a moment, then continued,”now it seems that … Everything printed in the work manual is the truth. The ghost postman doesn’t need the help and sympathy of others. Everything he does is voluntary … Obviously, he’s your proudest student.” He looked directly into narson’s eyes and said,”unlike ‘survival instinct’, your mission is not to consider my safety. Instead, your mission is to push me forward and make me …”

Feng bujue held onto that sentence and moved a few steps to the side to stand before the ghost postman.”…This.”

“I think …” At that moment, the ghost postman, or rather … The other Dave … Looked at brother Jue with a joyful expression.”…You will become me very soon.”

“Yes, you …” Brother Jue nodded with a smile.”You represent ‘hard work’,’nobility’,’silent dedication’,’no regrets’, and so on … You are the image Dave dreams of himself, and you are the target of my test.” He paced around and said,”the various qualities you’ve shown before have indeed explained this very well …” He shrugged and continued,”…People’s ideal self is like this … Unable to see, unable to catch up, unable to retain. Even if it’s close at hand, it’s still not within reach. ”

Before he could finish, Feng bujue had already walked to the front of the shooter and young.””As for the two of you …” He tilted his head and touched the back of his neck.”Hehe … It ‘s’ unrealistic fantasy ‘and’ adventurous spirit ‘, right?”

“You can also call it the ability to fantasize …” Yang continued expressionlessly.

“Or self-awareness and mental state beyond common sense,” the Archer added.

“I say … The two of you …” Feng bujue glared at them with his dead fish eyes and replied,”I’ve purposely used the word ‘chuuni’ more tactfully, so can the two of you please stop trying to push your luck?”

“Hey, don’t forget, we’re a part of you.” The Archer replied.

“In addition, you should have noticed …” Yang added.”Your Chuunibyou consciousness has two forms, one is the cold type, and the other is the arrogant type.”

“It’s Dave’s Chuunibyou consciousness that has two … Sigh … Never mind, never mind …” Feng bujue wanted to correct them, but then he realized that it was none of his business, so he waved his hand and ended the conversation with the two gods of the escort fruit industry. He walked to the last ‘person’.

“Let’s talk about you … Mr. M. ” Feng bujue looked at the slightly chubby old man and said in a low voice,”you appeared as Dave’s childhood neighbor,’Mr. Marvin’, but you did not use the name ‘Marvin’ directly. The reason is … You want to use the term ‘Mr. M’ to hint to me. ” He walked around him and said,”after we met, you listed a lot of things about Dave and said lines like ‘I’ve known you since you could remember’. Therefore, your identity is now in the ‘memory’.”

“It’s completely correct,” Mr. M responded approvingly.

“Your identity is the only one that I have guessed before I ‘opened my eyes for the second time’.” Feng bujue did not mind the compliment and continued,”your appearance was crucial … The concept of ‘concretized memory’ has enlightened me and immediately led me to many new inferences …”

When brother Jue said this, he suddenly raised his phone.”The contact list of this phone and the hotel … There are four names that are exactly the same. At first, I thought it was just a coincidence. After all, English names are more repetitive. “But after meeting you, I thought about it a little and understood …” He tapped his temple twice with his left index finger.”The whole town of aotaku is the product of Dave ‘s’ consciousness projection ‘. The names on the hotel register were all people he knew. As for the numbers in the contact list, they were all familiar numbers that he could memorize. In short … Everything in the town is just a memory fragment. ”

He suddenly thought of something and added,””Oh, right, inoch is one of them.” He laughed.”Of course, inoch is probably not Dave’s friend. He’s just someone Dave met when he came to the test. Because inoch’s test chamber happened to be next to Dave ‘s, Dave’s brain also projected this relatively fresh impression. ”

“Pa pa pa pa …”

When brother Jue’s story ended, the six of them started to clap, and they all had smiles on their faces.


“Very outstanding.”

“You didn’t disappoint me.”

“Good job.”

“Not bad, kid.”

“Well done.”

Their praises were sincere, but there was an indescribable sense of strangeness in them. Perhaps it was because they all had flaws in their personalities … After all, these six were only a part of one person’s consciousness, and they did not have a complete personality.

“Then …” When the applause stopped, Feng bujue turned around again and walked to the long table.”Next, it’s time to get down to business.”

The thirteen fat men reacted in unison. They all began to shiver and the food in their hands fell to the ground.

“Perfunctory, undisciplined, despicable, hypocritical, outwardly strong but inwardly weak, extravagant, lazy, and unmotivated …” Brother Jue walked from one end of the long table to the other and mumbled,”even I feel ashamed because you are the main consciousness of the human race …” He scratched his head and made a helpless expression.”If a person’s consciousness is conjured into a small town, the biggest population will be you, a bunch of OTAKU.”

“It’s undeniable that … As long as the conditions allow, most people are more willing to sit back and enjoy the fruits of others ‘labor rather than being pioneers or striver. ” He raised an arm and gestured to his side.”Fortunately, they still exist in people’s hearts …”

As he spoke, Feng bujue had already reached the end of the long table.””Alright, everyone, it’s time to go.”

His words seemed to be an order that could not be disobeyed. As soon as he finished speaking, the 13 “Fat Dave” neatly and quickly picked up their respective knives and cut their throats.

They had all died in the same way, face down on the table …

The bright red blood dyed the White tablecloth red and quickly flowed, dripping onto the marble floor, making a crackling sound.

“Humph …” Feng bujue looked at the dead bodies on the table and sneered.

Then, he turned to look at the other side of the hall, only to find that the six NPCs standing in the distance had disappeared.

After ten seconds, Feng bujue suddenly said,””Isn’t this cracking the world view?”

At this moment, he was the only living person left in the hall, but his tone … Didn’t sound like he was talking to himself …