Chapter 727: Dave’s World (end)

After saying that, Feng bujue waited for another ten seconds like he was waiting for someone to respond to him.

But the only response he got was … Silence.

“Ha …” Brother Jue laughed drily and walked to the table. He knocked on the table.”Hey, hey … Are you done playing dead? How long are you going to lie on the table?”

“Hehehe …” The next second, a wretched laugh sounded.”You found out …”

Along with the laughter, one of the thirteen corpses … Suddenly moved.

Two seconds later, the “fat man” sat up straight and pulled off his “head”.

Of course, he didn’t pull off his real head, but a full hood.

“With your skills … You should be able to take part in Face Off, right?” Feng bujue read aloud to Woody, whose face was covered in blood.

“Hehehe … If that program crew allows me to hollow out an adult close to 400 pounds from the inside and turn him into a ‘coat’… I will consider it.” Woody laughed and said a scary line.

“Do you want me to wait for you for a few minutes … After you take off this ‘jacket’…” Feng bujue raised his hands and made a quotation mark.”…We’ll talk again.”

“No, I’m fine like this.” “It’s quite warm,” Wu Di replied.

“Fine …” Feng bujue did not want to continue this conversation.”Then why don’t you tell me why I haven’t solved the world-building?”

“Hehehe … Of course, it’s because … There are a few key details that you haven’t mentioned.” Woody replied,”in short, you should first explain the pattern of the instruction code and let the system listen.”

“Isn’t it just the power of 13 …” Brother Jue narrowed his eyes.”The clue is hidden in their address … The street number represents the power of 13, and the house number represents the last digit. [No. 3 First Street], which is 13 to the first power, after removing the last digit of 3, you get the command code 1;[No. 9 second Street] was 13 to the second power, 169. Removing the last digit of 9, the command code was 16. And so on, you can obtain all the instruction codes. ” He tilted his head and glanced at Woody.”And among all the thirteen recipients, there was an abnormal person … His address is obviously wrong. The others ‘unit numbers were 1,3,7, and 9. He was the only one … Who lived in unit 10. However, his instruction code still follows the above rules …”

“Hehehe … You guessed it right. I’ve already killed the fourth recipient and changed his receiving address.” Wu Di laughed.

“Are you trying to make things difficult for me?” Feng bujue said.

“Yes, I am.” Woody admitted it as if nothing had happened.”I think the pattern of this puzzle is too simple, so I created an abnormal ending to confuse your thoughts.”

“Then, I really have to congratulate you … On your success …” Brother Jue mumbled unhappily.

“Hehehe … Your performance was not bad.” Woody said,”after searching half of the instruction code, I cracked the pattern.”

“Does this count as … No difficulty, just create some difficulty … And then praise me.” Feng bujue’s lips twitched.

“It counts.” Woody actually admitted it again.”By the way … There’s a reason why I chose the fourth person …”

“Because the mission is called ‘the last dinner’?” Before the man could finish, brother Jue said,”

“Hehehe … You can see through this too?” The smile on Woody’s face grew wider. His smile was already very wretched, and now his face was covered in blood, making him look like a perverted murderer.

“It’s not that hard to come up with …” Feng bujue replied.”I heard you mention something about Judas ‘coin pouch, and I feel like you’re quite familiar with him. (In da Vinci’s drawing of the Last Supper, Judas sat in the fourth seat from the left …) So …”

“He…Very good. You’re quick in thinking, almost as fast as Gu Chen.” Wu Di laughed.

“Wait … You know the Section Chief of Department 9?” Feng bujue raised his voice when he heard the name ‘Gu Chen’.

“It’s a long story …” Woody replied.”We’ll talk about this later …” As he spoke, he calmly picked up the blood-stained food on the table and began to eat.”The system prompt hasn’t come yet. Quick, say something.”

“Hmm … Then I’m only left with the content of the ‘test’.” Feng bujue touched his chin and mumbled.

“When you ‘opened your eyes for the second time’, didn’t one of the staff add the memory unlocking solution to your system?” Woody chewed on the sh * t in his mouth and said,”just read the setting.”

“Oh … So that’s what we’re missing …” Feng bujue continued in a relaxed tone.”It’s probably … The year 2122 in this universe, the population of earth has seriously exceeded the limit that this planet can afford. In the face of such a situation, while the governments of various countries implemented family planning, they also launched a ‘population right to survival’ act. As long as they were 16 years old and above, they had to take the ‘survival test’ once a year until they retired. And the test was … Under the premise of temporarily losing his long-term memory, he would enter his own consciousness projection world and obtain the recognition of his own ‘excellent collective consciousness (in Dave’s case, it was the ghost postman)’.

If the test failed, he would be identified as ‘a person who has the tendency to waste social resources’. “These people … Will either have to pay a high ‘population burden tax’ and wait for the test next year, or they will be deprived of their ‘right to live’ and be pulled out to die …”

At this point, Feng bujue changed his tone.””By the way … At the beginning of the script, Dave had three two-dollar bills, four five-dollar bills, and three 20-dollar bills on him. Plus seven 25-cent coins, that’s exactly 8775 cents. Now that I think about it … It’s undoubtedly a hint about ‘consciousness projection’.”

“World-building unlocked. Player: Feng bujue, 2000 skill points rewarded.

[Hidden quest completed]

Finally, after brother Jue finished explaining everything, the system notification came.

“It’s finally done,” brother Jue said.”Eh? “Wait …” Half a second later, he felt that something was wrong.”Why hasn’t the main mission been completed?”

“Hehehe … Because I’ve changed the main mission.” Wu Di immediately replied.

“Ha?” Hearing that, Feng bujue quickly glanced at the quest pane.

The original main storyline [gained the recognition of the ghost postman and became the new postman of the town of aotaku]. He did not know when it had become …[Received Woody’s approval and left the script.]

“Hehehe …” Woody wiped his blood-stained mouth with a napkin and said with a smile,”don’t panic … I just want to talk to you about something. Come … Sit down and talk slowly.” (To be continued.)