Chapter 729: Even the cats can’t stand it

August 4th, for Feng bujue, this was a very complicated day.

Whether it was a coincidence or a scheme, he got a free luxury game cabin but lost his own room …

He didn’t know if he was lucky or unlucky, but he was living under the same roof as a great beauty, but he was no match for her …

That night, he sat in front of the computer, opened a document, and typed the first line: “the furthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, but the distance between you in the bedroom and me in the living room.”

After he finished typing, he proudly saved the sentence, probably preparing to write it in his novel.

“I want to take a shower.” At 9:30 pm, RUO Yu walked out of her bedroom and greeted brother Jue, who was sitting in the living room.

“Oh.” Feng bujue answered casually. His eyes moved away from the computer screen for two seconds to look at RUO Yu.

RUO Yu had changed into a loose short-sleeved T-shirt, a pair of cotton shorts, and slippers. Looking at his dressing … He really treated this place as his home and was very casual.

“I’ve brought some toiletries,” RUO Yu carried a basin filled with items to the bathroom. As she walked, she said,”apart from a towel, a toothbrush, and a bathrobe … You can use the rest if you want.”

“I have my own shampoo and soap.” Feng bujue’s eyes quickly returned to the screen.”There’s no need.”

“I know,” RUO Yu turned around and said,”I only suggested this because I saw that the ones you were using were too inferior.” After that, she entered the bathroom, closed the door, and bolted it from the inside.

“Tsk …” Feng bujue tilted his head and mumbled,”it’s fine as long as it’s clean and comfortable. Why do you have to be so particular about it …”

“A woman’s body needs to be carefully maintained and taken care of, meow~” Arthas, who was sitting on the sofa, interrupted again.”How can we be like you … Using those inferior goods all year round, meow~”

“Oh … Is this the reason why you used my ID to order top-tier conditioner online?” he asked. Feng bujue turned to glare at Arthas.

“I’m already being polite by not asking you to send me to get my nails done, meow. ” Arthas replied calmly.

“You know … The price of that bottle of stuff is enough for me to buy a year’s worth of shampoo and soap.” Brother Jue continued,”if I wasn’t afraid of getting a skin disease, I would have tried some …”

“It’s not that the things I buy are too good. It’s that the things you use are too bad …” Arthas’s tone changed slightly when he said this. He wanted to say something but stopped.

Two seconds later, she sighed and said,”sigh … Let’s not talk about it anymore. You’re always like this.” There are some things … That you might never realize, and it’s useless no matter how smart you are. ”

“Ha?” Feng bujue was stunned for a second.”What do you mean? What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing, I was just saying, meow …” Arthas said and turned his head away.”I want to sleep for a while more. Don’t bother me, meow.”

Feng bujue stared at the cat for a few seconds before shrugging and mumbling,”This is strange …”Then, he turned his attention back to the computer.

Actually, what Arthas wanted to say to brother Jue was,’you’re usually too harsh on yourself, but you’re very kind to your friends.’

However … In the end, she did not say it out loud.

Her mission was only to monitor and protect this human. If she established a bond of friendship or even kinship with him, it would be extremely disadvantageous to her mission. So … She shouldn’t be the one to say these words.


Twenty minutes later, RUO Yu walked out of the bathroom.

She had a towel wrapped around her head and was wearing a bathrobe. The moment she stepped out of the door, she looked at brother Jue and said,”Bujue, are you going to log into the game later?”

“Yes,” Feng bujue replied without even raising his head.”I have to spend the night in the gaming hub anyway. Normally, brother Jue plays games for the first half of the night, leaves the gaming hub for a toilet break, and then goes back to bed. It would be a waste not to log in.”

“Oh, okay. Then help me pass a message to Xu Huai Shang, tell her that I have something to do today and can’t go through the script with her. ” With that, RUO Yu turned around and headed for the bedroom.

“Eh?” Feng bujue turned to RUO Yu.”When did the two of you start hanging out?”

“After leaving the sandbox, we added each other as friends.” RUO Yu replied,”in the half a month that you were AFK, we played a few scenarios together, and I felt that we got along quite well.”

“Uh … Then why do you want me to pass on the message?” Feng bujue asked again, and he looked nervous.”I don’t get along with her …”

“Because you’ve added her as a friend.” RUO Yu continued,”besides, you’re right in front of me. Do I need to contact someone else?”

“Oh … I see.” Feng bujue seemed to heave a sigh of relief.”I understand. When do you want me to bring the message?”

“No rush.” RUO Yu continued,”she has to complete the studio’s quota before she can move around freely. That’s why we agreed to meet at two in the morning.” She paused for a moment.”You just have to log in before twoo’ clock … If it’s convenient, you can contact her. If not, you can send her an email. She’s already set up a ‘friend mail reminder (V1.10 version of the social system’s new function)’ in her login space, so she’ll definitely receive a message. ”

“I understand.” Feng bujue replied,”I’ll be asleep in an hour at most, and I’ll be online at midnight.”

“Then …” RUO Yu suddenly slowed down.”I’ll go back to my room …”

“Well, you should rest early too. You still have something to do tomorrow morning.” Feng bujue replied.

“Good night …”

“Good night,” she said.

A few seconds later, the bedroom door closed.

Silence returned to the living room, and only the sound of the fan of the computer case could be heard.

“God …” Arthas wagged his tail and broke the short silence.”I was watching from the side…I was worried for you …”

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about …” Feng bujue narrowed his eyes.

Arthas ignored brother Jue’s excuse and continued,””Since you both want to spend more time with each other, why do you have to go your separate ways?”

“I don’t think I have anything to say for the time being … Are we going to sit face to face and stare at each other?” Feng bujue asked.

“Can’t I?” Arthas retorted,”who said that the two of you can’t sit together and stare at each other?”

“Don’t you think that’s a little stupid?” brother Jue replied without any confidence.

“Hmph … Silly?” Arthas continued in a sad tone,”you are a ‘human’, Feng bujue. You were born ‘stupid’… There are only a few people in this world … Who are not stupid, and they … Are the most pitiful ones …”