Chapter 730: The staff of Asklepius

At midnight, Feng bujue logged into the game in sleeping mode.

After entering the log-in space, the first thing he did was to open the social column and find the nickname [Xu Huai Shang].

“Very good …” He was very happy to see that the other party was in a “game” state. This saved him the trouble of communicating.

Then, brother Jue entered the mailbox interface through the shortcut option in his friend list and sent Xu Huai Shang a very simple message to say hello to RUO Yu.

After that, he checked his email.

Coincidentally, a notification from the puzzle card exchange arrived. Feng bujue could tell just from the title … That puzzle card riding the sword had already been exchanged.

Five minutes later, he went to the exchange and returned to the storage room.

“Hehehe … Finally …” Feng bujue held the puzzle card loli in his hand and laughed excitedly.”The time to witness a miracle has come …”

His expression, his choice of words, and the items in his hands really made people want to ridicule him …

“A combination of 12 pieces …” Brother Jue took out the card from the box and read it out loud.”The chance of getting legendary equipment is quite high, right?”

Those who were familiar with the plot should know that this kind of self-raising of a FLAG was usually a tragedy, but brother Jue liked it this way …

He first put the other card,[puzzle card tear], into the storage box, and then took out the eleven cards he had accumulated for a long time.

When he had all twelve puzzle cards in his hand, he called out the menu and chose ‘combine’.

[A possible combination sequence has been detected.]

An encouraging system voice entered Feng bujue’s ears, and the synthesis list appeared before his eyes.

Card set name: [twelve zodiacs], consumes [puzzle card [goat *2]-[puzzle card [bull]-[puzzle card [twins],[puzzle card],[puzzle card [Lion]-[puzzle card–[loli]-[puzzle card [balance scale]-[puzzle card [Scorpion],[bow],[puzzle card

[You have chosen to create a deck combination: [ 12 zodiac temples. Please confirm this operation.] Two seconds later, another notification sounded.

Of course, Feng bujue chose ‘confirm’. Therefore, the twelve cards instantly turned into white light and reassembled into a new card in his hand.

The pattern of this card set was very delicate, with the stars in the universe as the background, the Starlight and the sun as the outline, and the image of the twelve constellations in a ring on it.

“The card set has been created. Do you want to exchange it for equipment?”

Even though the system audio came again very quickly, this time, brother Jue did not immediately choose ‘yes’. After all, it was something that he had accumulated for a long time. Emotionally speaking, it was very different from the kind of card sets that were casually formed. Therefore, he looked at the deck of cards for a minute with pride before he reluctantly chose to exchange.

As the card set dissipated, a white light suddenly appeared on the other side of the storage room and then turned into a glass pillar.

Feng bujue turned around and walked over. After a few seconds, he took out the equipment from the pillar.

[Name: Asklepius staff]

[Type: Weapon]

[Rarity: Legendary]

Attack: medium

[Attribute: none]

“Special effect 1: power of evolution (doubles the player’s basic skills and maximum stamina points, and increases the player’s stamina recovery rate to 1000/second. Duration: 3 minutes. Cooldown: 30 minutes.)

[Special effect 2: spirit summoning power (doubles a player’s summoning ability and maximum spiritual energy, and increases the player’s spiritual energy recovery rate to 100/second. Duration: 3 minutes. Cooldown: 30 minutes)]

“Special effect 3: power of immortality (allows a player to revive once in a scenario. Limited to one use in each scenario)

Equipment requirement: medical mastery A, bound after equipping

[Note: a staff with the power of evolution, spirituality, and immortality. It symbolizes the noble will of the god of medicine.]

“It really is legendary level …” Feng bujue’s expression turned cold.”But …” He yelled,”I can’t use it!” He grabbed the Golden staff that was wrapped around the golden snake statue and waved his hands and feet as if he wanted to break it. “You’re calling for sh * t! It’s not easy for me to save up a few months ‘worth of cards!”

She did not know who he was angry with, but … After a few minutes, he calmed down.

“Sigh … Never mind …” Brother Jue mumbled.”Just throw it into the Guild storage. Miss an’s medic mastery is probably not far from Grade A. With this thing … She’ll be one of the top players …”

What he said was the truth. Anyone … As long as they could equip this staff, their ranking on the player’s overall ability ranking would definitely soar.

Other things aside, just the third effect of this staff alone … All the clubs in Thriller Paradise, whether they had a studio background or not, would fight to be your friend.

At this point, there would definitely be people who would say … Since this was a bound item, why did brother Jue not sell it?

It was a good idea.

In all fairness, if Feng bujue really wanted to sell an item like the staff of Asklepius, he would not need to go to the auction house in the game … He would just go to the virtual item trading site and put up a price of one hundred thousand or eight hundred thousand RMB. It would definitely be sold.

Of course, brother Jue had thought of this before … But he did not do so.

The Feng bujue of today was no longer the casual player from four months ago who wanted to’ earn some extra money while gaming to cure his illness ‘.

Whether it was from the knowledge he had or his own abilities, he was no longer an “ordinary person …” His motivation for participating in the game had long since changed.

At the moment, he felt that it was more important to improve his team’s strength in the game than money in real life.


After placing the staff of Asklepius into the Guild storage and sending an email to flower, Feng bujue stayed in his log-in lobby to browse the forum.

Because Xiao Tan, Xiao Ling, and Hua Jian were not online yet, he decided to wait for them for a while. He could also use this time to make up for his absence from the game for half a month.

[Internet-addicted youth died on the street. The car owner was acquitted.] Brother Jue had just opened the forum when he saw a post like this at the top of the home page. Next to it was also marked with the word “hot.”

After reading the title, he clicked into the post …

“Recently, the Supreme Court of xxx city made a final judgment on the case of ‘Bentley running over internet addicted youth’, which was hotly debated on the internet, and declared the owner innocent and released. The defense lawyer proposed that the young man, Li XX, whose online name was “Zhong erchui,” was addicted to the internet for a long time, which led to a mental trance. Therefore, he was judged to be a person without full ability to act. Letting such a person walk on the street was a dereliction of duty by the custodian. “As for the prosecutor’s argument that ‘the Bentley owner bribed the police officers, destroyed the evidence at the scene, and forged the alcohol test proof’, the court has rejected it due to insufficient evidence …”

After Feng bujue finished reading the post, he sighed.””Ah … It’s this kind of annoying social news again … No wonder it became a hot post.”

Brother Jue was already used to such reports. The media these days were more than happy to hype up negative things. The more this kind of news could stir up the netizens ‘class struggle, the more attention it would attract.

In any case … In the end, all that could calm everything down was time. At most, in ten days and a half a month, these enthusiastic replies would still be doing what they had to do …

“Oh? Someone has already maxed out their level?” Brother Jue continued to browse, and soon he saw another title titled [another fastest max level record! The [order Pixiu] once again proved that they were the true Kings.

Regardless of whether order was the so-called “King,” the Internet Water Army they hired was really stupid. This kind of headline was simply shouting to the world: “I just posted and got fifty cents!”

Feng bujue clicked into the post and understood the situation. It turned out that during the half a month he had been using AFK, sky-swallowing Phantom dawn had already reached level 50. The moment it reached the maximum level, all the players in Thriller Paradise received a system notification.

This kid … Ever since he had been abused by Lu te in the tournament for the best, he had learned from the painful experience and restrained his previous casual attitude. He had played seriously for more than a month.

Today, even the proud Shiva of the gods had to admit that in terms of combat power, ghost hunter was the number one in Thriller Paradise. Moreover, this situation would probably not change for a long time in the future.

Of course, while there were people who were convinced, there were also people who were unconvinced … The people from corpse knife were obviously not convinced.

Perhaps no one would believe it … In the field of “leveling up,” order’s biggest competitor was not the gods, nor was it the powerful societies like blades and pugilistic world, but zombie blade …

The reason was simple. The people from corpse saber had all used medicine …

As mentioned before, the medicine they used could suppress the terror points to a certain extent. Even though it was impossible for him to be completely unafraid like brother Jue, compared to players who had not used any potions, he was much better …

Zombie blade’s management was also very clear that in terms of the strength of top players, they were definitely no match for the other Studios. After [zombie blade is King] left, the gap between them became even bigger.

Therefore, the strategy that they came up with was … To make use of their advantage in terror points to let all the top players continue to clear normal single player Dungeons, in order to break the record of being the first player in the entire server to reach the maximum level.

But they didn’t expect that in the end, they still couldn’t catch up with the demon ghost and failed.

How could they not fly into a rage out of humiliation at such an outcome?

As such, on the day that Xiao ghost reached the maximum level, a battle outside of the game had quietly begun ..