Chapter 731: I WANNA BE A BELT

In terms of the overall strength of the studio, regulation was definitely much stronger than zombie blade, but when it came to playing tricks, zombie blade was very familiar with it.

After sky-devouring Phantom dawn achieved the feat of being the first person to reach the maximum level, it only took zombie blade half a day to come up with a countermeasure. The “Internet Water Army” under their command (the Internet Water Army is employed by the Internet public relations company to post, reply, and create momentum for others) immediately went out after receiving the action plan. They immediately launched all kinds of malicious remarks and attacks on order and ghost hunter himself with innuendo …

All of a sudden, all sorts of baseless and even inexplicable rumors spread on all the forums related to Thriller Paradise, leading to all kinds of replies.

Doubt, speculation, provocation, defaming without reason … As the saying goes,”there are all kinds of birds in a big forest.” The internet was a very good window to let us see the various states of the world. It also allowed us to see the IQ, quality, character, and personality of many people …

Of course … The Internet Water Army could only deceive a small number of people for a short period of time. Anyone with a discerning eye could tell who the mastermind behind these fake reviewers was with a single glance … As long as one had a certain level of intelligence and awareness, they would have the ability to distinguish right from wrong.

In less than two days, the Internet Water Army sent by corpse knife had been completely annihilated because they could not reply to their own posts … No matter how they quibbled, they would only be embarrassing themselves.

This battle outside the game could be said to have ended quickly. Corpse blade’s last blow didn’t even hurt order’s skin and bones. Instead, it was him who was given the cold shoulder.

“Ah … So many things have happened in the past two weeks …” Feng bujue complained after reading the post.”If zombie blade’s Internet Water Army is cheap and cute, then regulation’s Internet Water Army is dumb and cute …”

Then, he flipped through hundreds of pages of the Forum’s records and almost scanned through all the posts (titles) in the previous ten days. He also browsed some of the hot topics and the posts that he was interested in.

For example,”the correct way to use the puzzle cards”,”how to train to level 40 in a month”,”wake up, rich shooting dogs”, and “everyone! Please do not underestimate the growth-type equipment and skills!” All the posts with sharp views became popular and widely discussed.

Obviously, as time went by, the players ‘understanding of Thriller Paradise had matured. Nowadays, be it character attributes, equipment, skills, masteries, sorcery weapons, or even Soul Intent … There were already people discussing them. Many of the points of view were quite correct and brilliant.

“There are quite a lot of smart people …” Feng bujue spent two hours browsing the forum and suddenly felt that he had fallen behind.”There are some weird arguments that even I have not considered before … Hmm … I really have to come to the forum more often in the future.”


Two hours later (only 12 minutes had passed in the real world), the members of underworld frontline were still offline.

Therefore, brother Jue returned to the thriller box and started to browse through the ‘growth’ equipment and skills.

Earlier, RUO Yu’s Saint Ascension and bright jade technique had already given Feng bujue some inspiration. But today, after reading a post on the forum, he immediately made up his mind to buy a powerful growth-type item.

The user ID of the post was [Bloody Rose]. She used herself as an example and explained in detail the advantages that growth-type equipment would bring in the later stages. It could be said that she was reasonable and convincing.

Speaking of which … She seemed to be a professional player of “red Sakura,” which meant that she was a colleague of Xu Huai Shang. Before entering Thriller Paradise, she was just a second-tier blue-collar player. But recently, as her level increased, her strength had already risen to the top, and she was relying on the help of those growth-type items.

“Ah … There are so many things here recently that I can’t finish reading them all …” Feng bujue walked into the thriller box and opened the familiar interface, but what awaited him … Was a massive amount of data that was more than ten thousand pages long.

These … Were just skills. There might be tens of thousands of pages for equipment and items. Moreover, the data was updated in real time and was changing at all times.

“There’s no other way … Let’s screen. ” Brother Jue hesitated for a few seconds before deciding to use the filter function that came with the system.

He filtered out all the items that he couldn’t use and the ones that were too cheap, only looking at the items that were “Above 10000 skill points.”

After half an hour, he finally locked onto an item.


[Type: Armor]

[Rarity: excellent]

[Defense: weak]

[Attribute: none]

[Special effect: this equipment will increase its defense by a little bit every time it is attacked.]

Equipment requirement: Waist 32 yards and below (bound after picking up)

[Remark: every death means a new beginning and every new beginning means a new death. [When your blood splatters on every corner, the pain will be as natural as breathing.]

An unknown name, an unknown equipment condition, an unknown remark … Such an unknown equipment with an unbelievable price of 12000 skill points.

Feng bujue only had 12134 skill points. If he bought this, he would only have one point left.

However, brother Jue bought the item without hesitation … It was not because he was ‘rich and willful’, but because he felt that it was worth it.

Most people would ignore and forget about it after seeing the item’s description and price. But brother Jue was different. He would think about … Why this thing was so expensive?

The system was fair, and the price given by the system was more reliable than any player’s subjective assessment. Therefore, this item couldn’t have been marked at the wrong price … There must be a hidden mystery.

After reading the description a few times, Feng bujue understood … The special effect of ‘every time the equipment is attacked, the defense of the equipment will be increased by a little’ was the problem.

This special effect had no’ duration ‘,’ cooldown ‘, or’ upper limit ‘. If one thought about it carefully, they would realize that … This was a very terrifying thing.

Di di di di di

A few seconds after brother Jue bought the item, he heard two beeps. He looked at the game menu and saw that it was a message and a party invitation from Xiao Tan.

“Ah … Perfect.” As brother Jue mumbled to himself, he turned around and walked toward the log-in space.

On his way back to the elevator, he replaced the Echo armor with the [I WANNA Bea BELT](both items were belts). The latter could be considered an old piece of equipment that had accompanied brother Jue for a long time. At this point, it could be considered to have passed away … All that was left was to enter the grinder.

“Hey, Xiao Tan, long time no see. How have you been?” Feng bujue came to the touch screen and answered the call.

“Er … It hasn’t been that long, it’s only been two weeks …” Xiao Tan replied.”The recent change … Is that I’m living with Xiao Ling now …”

“What?” Feng bujue’s voice went high.

“We’ve been dating for quite a long time. She suggested that we live together, so I agreed. ” Xiao Tan added.

“You beast.” Feng bujue replied.

“Hey…She was the one who suggested it, okay?” Xiao Tan lowered his voice to say,”plus … Don’t you and sister Yu know about our little thing?”

“I don’t know anything, so you don’t have to explain it to me. I’m a pure person, and I don’t want to listen to your dirty daily life.” Feng bujue replied shamelessly.

This was how friendship between men worked. All of their blessings and joy were contained in their trash talk …

“Okay …” With the tacit understanding between Xiao Tan and brother Jue, he knew that the other was just joking.”Then, let’s talk about something else … Flower Jian is busy today and won’t be online. Ling said that she’s not feeling well and needs to sleep early, so I came to lie in the game cabin alone.”

“Where do you usually lie down?” Feng bujue added.

“Don’t mind the details,” Xiao Tan replied awkwardly.”In any case, it’s just the two of us tonight. We don’t have to wait for them.”