Chapter 732: Chapter 1 Mao sanlang and Kotaro, make your appearance!

This script is based on the plot of “famous detective” in “comic RI he”. It is not a coincidence that Lei Tong is here.


After the two of them chatted for a few minutes, they decided to queue up for a normal team dungeon as a warm up.

Then, Xiao Tan transferred the captain’s authority to brother Jue and went to the storage room to do some preparation work before the scenario was moved in.

Feng bujue used this time to store the Echo armor in the warehouse before returning to the log-in lobby.

After they were both ready, brother Jue clicked on the touch screen and joined the queue.

Feng bujue, level 49


[Wang Tanzhi, level 46]

[Please select the game mode that your team would like to join.]

“You have chosen team survival mode (normal). Please confirm.”

[Confirmed. A random number of team members has been generated: Two people.]

[Your team has been added to the queue.]

“Matching complete, coordinating neural connection, generating scenario …”

“Loading, please wait.”

When the system said that, brother Jue and Xiao Tan lost control of their bodies and entered the first-person perspective.

“Welcome to Thriller Paradise, huhuhu …” Two seconds later, a perverted male voice opened the conversation. After that, he even laughed evilly three times.

“Download Complete. You are currently playing team survival mode (normal).”

“A scenario introduction is provided in this mode, and there is a chance of a side or hidden mission and a special world-building appearing.

“Reward for clearing the scenario: a random learnable Skill Card.

“The scenario introduction is about to play. The game will start immediately after the play.

“Hmm … It looks like it’s going to be a normal expansion,” Feng bujue mumbled.”It all depends on the reward …”

The scenario had just started, and he was already considering what he could get after clearing the scenario. Obviously, for the current brother Jue, a normal difficulty team dungeon … Was basically no pressure.

[There are demons in the courtyard.]

[All the companions that I can rely on are dead.]

“Hey … What’s going on …” Before the opening cinematics came out, two lines of Japanese lyrics rang in his ears. Furthermore, the melody and content of the song were familiar, and this gave Feng bujue a bad feeling.

[I dedicated my youth to volleyball.]


[Everyone’s looking dead!]

I think I know what song this is … Feng bujue thought to himself. This song that makes one’s balls hurt, isn’t it the OP of the first season of the Japanese comic, Hirata Yuki’s comic, that was serialized on Shueisha’s monthly boys JUMP in January 2000, famous for its ridiculous plot and fast pace?

[You and I …]

[We’re not friends.]

[My friend is your friend.]

[That’s what it looks like in general~]

[So don’t get carried away!]

“You even changed the last line …” Brother Jue read it out loud.”Hmm … Of course, that’s not the point. The point is … What’s with this opening?”

Before he could recover from the song, the introductory cinematic officially started.

The style of the cinematics … Reminded him of another scenario (or rather, a sandbox) that he had passed before.

“Compared to South Park … This is a different kind of novelty,” Feng bujue commented as he looked at the out-of-shape drawing.”Compared to the original version of One Punch Man … It’s almost on par …”

[A famous detective?] A question without a head or an end opened the prologue of the introduction.

[HI~] in the next second, a pink, human-like rabbit appeared in the picture. It had hands, legs, and was wearing clothes, but its hands and head still retained animal characteristics. She was wearing a green sleeveless top, a dark pink skirt, and yellow shoes. She was standing on a light green lawn and waving at the camera. Behind her was a background that looked like a child’s doodle. There were houses, trees, mountains, and the blue sky and white clouds that looked like stickers.

[Tumei-chan from animal primary school’s fourth grade class one (the ‘Chan’ here is the pronunciation of a nickname added after a female’s name in Japanese. Men are usually addressed with ‘Jun Mo ku’ or ‘sang’. It may be used many times in this script, so it is noted here) is a famous detective far and wide. [Once an incident happens, he will show off his skills with his proud reasoning. As long as he encounters any criminal behavior … Regardless of whether it’s true or not, he will report it to the police. He’s a man with a heart of stone.]

“It’s here … It’s still here …” Feng bujue’s urge to complain was awakened.”After listening to the theme song, I was wondering what kind of setting it would be … But it turned out to be an animal primary school … I can already foresee the level of pain in the balls of this scenario. It might be the legendary ‘egg-crack’ level …”

Leaving aside what the ‘egg-crack level’ that Feng bujue was talking about aside, the narration continued.

[Today is the first day of the new semester.]

[The first thing the teacher announced after walking up to the podium was that a transfer student would be transferred to Year 4 class 1.]

Along with the voice, the cinematics also switched to the classroom. It was a very ordinary-looking primary school classroom filled with anthropomorphic animals. They were all cats, dogs, pigs, elephants, and other students. It didn’t look out of place at all …

“Ah … The transfer student is assistant Penguin from the South Pole primary school, right?” Feng bujue read out loud as he looked at the image.

Based on his memory of the animation, brother Jue told him the plot.

But … He had miscalculated.

[There are two transfer students this time.]

“Ha?” Feng bujue was stunned.”Two people? Wait … Don’t tell me …”

[They are Kuro Saburo and Koutarou Jinquan.]

“God …” Feng bujue did not believe in God. He merely used the name of the God as an exclamation.

At this point, a human-like cat and a human-like Falcon entered the classroom.

[Students, this is Mao Saburo and houtarou, who have transferred from beast primary school. Let’s get along well from now on.] The teacher said.

“Why is it that I’m already F * cking thinking of quitting before the scenario even starts …” Due to the excessive complaints, Feng bujue’s balls were starting to hurt (even though he had not regained control of his body, so he could not feel any pain at all).

[“I’m Cat Saburo. I’m good at reasoning. I was called a famous detective in my previous school.”]

[“I’m Koutarou, also a member of the deduction society. I’m Mao Saburo’s partner.”]

“The two transfer students introduced themselves in a very bold way. The whole class looked at them curiously.”

“However, at this moment, in the last row of the classroom, a sharp gaze was fixed on them, and the owner of that gaze was none other than the beautiful rabbit.”

“They … They say detective! This is bad! UMEI-chan!” Xiong Ji, who was sitting on the right side of tu Mei, widened his eyes. He lowered his voice and said to her,”a strong opponent is here!” This time, there were two of them! It’s even worse than when he learned it from the Penguin transfer assistant!”

“F * ck me … Are you still in school?” when the camera panned to Xiong Ji, Feng bujue was shocked.”Isn’t the law in this universe a little too loose … I’m really speechless that you’re still able to get out after being arrested so many times …”

(Note: in the “famous detective rabbit story”, the criminal of all the incidents is Xiong Ji. Xiong Ji’s criminal behavior was extremely obvious, and he almost confessed without being beaten. The ending of every story was basically Xiong Ji being arrested.

[How interesting.] However, the beautiful rabbit smiled.”I really want to see their reasoning ability.”

At that point, the introductory cinematic ended, and Feng bujue and Wang Tanzhi regained their mobility in one second. However, the game characters that they were controlling were not Feng bujue or Wang Tanzhi, but ‘Mao Saburo’ and’ Kotaro ‘.

“The main mission has been triggered.”

This time, the main storyline came quickly. It was refreshed as soon as the introduction ended. Brother Jue immediately opened the mission panel and … He was completely shocked.

[Use Chapter 33 to complete the script.]

“D … D … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … F … That was Feng bujue’s first reaction.

Then, the system audio once again rang in his and Xiao Tan’s ears.”

[The pressure of full-time attendance, the exhaustion of drafts.

The turning point of life, the distortion of inspiration.

On this day, the legendary detective who had been sealed in the dark was awakened again …

[He and his assistant will write a new legend.]