Chapter 739: The shocking truth, Kotaro’s precise reasoning!

“It’s you … Yuan Ji!” Wang Tanzhi pointed at the witness and said with conviction.

“Ha?” Yuan Ji was stunned.

“What … What?” Xiong Ji was also stunned.”It’s actually you … Yuan Jijun!”

Hey Hey … Your reaction of forgetting that you are the murderer is quite sharp … Feng bujue looked at Xiong Ji and thought to himself. Only at this moment did he feel that … Xiong Ji’s nonsensical behavior had some effect.

“What did I do?” Aouji, who was clearly innocent, was nervous because of this inexplicable accusation, and his expression really looked like he had committed a crime.

“Humph …” Xiao Tan scoffed and kept her in suspense.”Actually … The truth is right before our eyes …”

“Oh, I’d like to hear it too,” Tu Mei looked at Xiao Tan with anticipation.

Inokosuke said expressionlessly,””Please explain in detail, Kotaro.”

Two seconds later, Wang Tanzhi raised his wing and pointed.””You guys, look …”

Everyone followed his wings and saw a skylight above the wall of the warehouse.

“The Penguin assistant’s head and the blood-stained knife … Appeared right below this skylight at the same time. That’s the best evidence.” Xiao Tan added.

“Oh … I see!” At that moment, Feng bujue added, as if he had just been enlightened.

Brother Jue was amazing … When he heard this, he had already guessed what Xiao Tan was going to say.

“This is … What happened …” Then, Xiao Tan started to narrate.”In the afternoon, ameyoshi made up a random reason … And called the Penguin assistant to the small alley between the sports equipment Warehouse and the school’s outer wall. While the Penguin assistant was caught off guard, Yuan Ji suddenly pulled out his knife. Although the Penguin assistant screamed before he died, he still couldn’t escape … In the end, his head was cut off by Aoki. ”

“Hey … Wait a minute … The one with blood on his hand is obviously Xiong Ji!” Yuan Ji interrupted him excitedly,”my hand is …”

“Don’t interrupt!” “I was just about to say that …” He paused and continued,”after you kill someone, you know, someone will come after hearing the scream, so you have to throw away the weapon immediately.

“And so … You turned around and ran towards the back of the sports equipment Warehouse. However … You didn’t expect Xiong Ji Jun to be nearby at that time. He heard assistant Penguin’s scream and immediately came from the direction of the warehouse and appeared at the other end of the alley. ”

“Oh, oh,” Feng bujue praised internally as he listened, even I’m almost convinced by this immersive story!

“Your previous testimony…Obviously had a flaw.” Xiao Tan’s story continued.”You said you ‘saw a black shadow. He had a knife in his left hand and a black thing in his right. He ran out from the other end of the alley, and you’ immediately chased after him ‘… Hmph …” He scoffed.”Don’t you think that’s weird?” A normal person would have been scared out of their wits when they saw such a bloody murder scene, but you … In a situation where you made a mistake, you did not hesitate to chase after the knife-wielding murderer? Is this reasonable?”

“Hmm … Now that you mention it.” Tu Mei rubbed her chin and said,”that makes sense!”

“I … I I … Ji ji ji …” Yuan Ji scratched his ears and cheeks. He was sweating profusely, but he did not know how to explain.

“The real situation should be …” Xiao Tan continued.”Xiong Ji, who rushed to the scene, saw the Penguin assistant lying in a pool of blood. In his shock, he instinctively went forward to take a look, and then he accidentally got blood on his hands and the soles of his shoes. “A few seconds later, he swept his gaze and suddenly discovered … At the other end of the alley, there was a shadow holding a sharp knife and a head …” He stared at Yuan Ji and said,”… That’s you, Yuan Ji.”

“Is … Is that so …” Even Xiong Ji himself seemed to believe it as he continued the conversation numbly.

“Everyone knows Xiong Ji’s character. Even though he is a pervert, he is not very courageous. Moreover, he is a weakling.” Xiao Tan continued.”When he saw that the murderer was still nearby, he naturally turned around and ran.” He paused for half a second and his eyes moved slightly.”And you … Yuan Ji, you know that under that situation, the success rate of catching up to Xiong Ji and killing him to silence him was not high. “So, you should just ignore him and turn around to leave the alley from the other end …” After saying that, he raised his wing again and pointed at the window above,”outside this window is the back of the warehouse. ‘You threw the Penguin’s head and weapon in through that window. After that, you went to the sink behind the warehouse and washed the blood off your hands. ”

Hearing this, even officer inokosuke nodded.””Oh … Is this what ‘evidence’ means …”

Xiao Tan nodded at the officer and then turned to Aoki.””After that, you’ll walk through the alley and appear at the other end of the sports Warehouse. Meet up with the crowd that has rushed over after hearing the commotion and pretend to be the first witness. He snorted coldly.”Hmph … You’re indeed very cautious. When you passed through the alley, you even deliberately avoided the blood around the body. But don’t you think …’Walking through such a narrow alley without stepping on a single drop of blood’ itself … Is an abnormality? I would like to ask … In the face of such a bloody murder scene, other than the murderer, who else would be so calm and meticulous?”

“That’s right!” At this time, Feng bujue suddenly finished Xiao Tan’s sentence. He looked at Yuan Ji and said,”and the real ‘first witness’ Xiong Ji, after being scared away by you … He was already running away in a panic. He ran out of the alley and turned into the sports equipment Warehouse. ” He raised his paw and pointed at Xiong Ji.”He came in from the main door and ran straight in. Unexpectedly … Just as he ran to the wall, he saw a bloody Penguin head and a knife falling from the window. Seeing this, he must have been shocked and ran out to meet us outside. ”

Brother Jue was indeed a good teammate. His timely assistance explained the bloody footprints on the warehouse floor and fixed the last flaw in Xiao Tan’s theory.

“Well …” Police officer inokusuke let go of kumaji and walked to Aoki.”Do you have anything else to say?” he asked.

“Ji Ji … I … This …” Yuan Ji’s forehead was covered in sweat as he sat on the ground. He was so wronged that he couldn’t even say a proper word.

“Amazing, Koutarou.” Tu Mei looked at Xiao Tan and said,”in this deduction contest … I lost. I didn’t think you would be able to find the real murderer so easily.”

“Ha … Ha ha …” Xiao Tan wiped the sweat from his hair.”You … You’re too kind.”

Five minutes later, officer inokami was escorted into the police car …

Xiong Ji, tu Mei, brother Jue, and Xiao Tan watched as the police car slowly drove away, and each of them revealed a meaningful expression.

“Brother Jue … I was wrong …” Wang Tanzhi turned around and whispered to Feng bujue,”this [beep beep beep] is harder than normal reasoning …”

He, who was very well-mannered, also inadvertently cursed.

“I’ll probably die from exhaustion,” Feng bujue said.

“He’s not just half-dead … His blood vessels are about to burst. ” Xiao Tan replied,”the next case … No, I’ll leave all the other cases to you …” He said with a serious expression,”if this happens a few more times, even if my intelligence can handle it, my moral bottom line is about to be broken …”

“It’s just a monkey. ” Feng bujue said nonchalantly,”at most, he will be sent to the health center. What else can he do?”

“Yes … It’s your attitude.” Xiao Tan continued,”it’s not that your bottom line is very low, but you don’t know what your bottom line is. You can mock the tragedy you created as if nothing happened, and when necessary, you can even use someone else’s urn to pickle vegetables. This spirit is something that I can only dream of.”

Hearing that, Feng bujue was silent for two seconds before he said,””Have you seen any catonics about cats and birds?”

“Er …” Xiao Tan thought about it. “Brother cui and dumb big cat?”

“If I’m the scriptwriter, it’ll be” Mao San Lang’s cooking theory classroom. “” Feng bujue said.

“I understand …” Xiao Tan swallowed and did not say anything else.

At the same time, the change of scene … Arrived. (To be continued.) ”